The Renaissance Era Revised, also known as RER, is a mod revise the military unit system of renaissance era, with new units, technologies, and new graphics. The main goal of the mod is to provide players a more historical-feeling renaissance warfare gameplay. RER is fully compatible with Pouakai's Enlightenment Era


Icon Tech Requires / Leads To Unlocks
Renaissance Era
RER large weapons.png
Large Weapons Steel
  • Landsknecht
  • Two-handed Swordsman
Pike and Shot, Metallugry
RER Pike shot.png
Pike and Shot

Large Weapons, Gunpowder

  • Tercio
Rifling, Military Science (without EE)

Flintlock (with EE)



Icon Unit Type Technology Notes
RER reiter.png
Reiter Mounted Metallugry Technically is the UNIT_LANCER
Tercio Gunpowder Pike and Shot New unit model
RER musketman.png
Musketman Ranged Gunpowder New unit icon and unit model
RER 2hander.png
Two-handed Swordsman Melee Large Weapons
RER free company.png
Free Company Melee Civil Service

Mercenary Army (Social Policy)

Landsknecht Melee Large Weapons

Mercenary Army (Social Policy)

Changes to standard units:

  • Crossbowman (and all its uniques): Upgrades to Musketman, but still Obsolete at Industrialization (Flintlock with EE)
  • Musketman: New unit icon and unit model. Is a ranged unit now, upgrades to Gatling Gun (Skirmisher with EE)
  • Longswordsman: Upgrades to Two-handed Swordsman
  • Lancer: Removed (*Technically, Reiter is the UNIT_LANCER)
  • Landsknecht: New unit flag icon, unlock at Large Weapons
  • Pikeman: New unit model

Changes to unique units:

  • All unique Lancers now replace Reiter
  • Tercio is no more a UU of Spain

Spain's new unique unit is the Rodeleros. 

RER Rodeleros.png
Rodeleros (Two-handed Swordsman)

  • -
  • -


Wonder Requirements Effects Notes

Art by Sukritact

Gripsholm Castle
Unlocked at Pike and Shot. City must be built next to Fresh Water. Costs 400 Production.png Production. +1 Population in all Cities. +2 Food.png Food on Lakes. +2 CultureIcon.png Culture, +1 Greatperson.png Great Artist Point. Original mod from More Wonders


(Only available with JFD's and Pouakai's Mercenaries )

Contract Rank Units Effects Requirements
Free Company Capital.png Capital.png Capital.png
  • 1-3 Free Company
  • Steals Gold.png  Gold equal to 100% of the damage inflicted on a city
  • Medieval Era
Black Bands Capital.png Capital.png Capital.png
  • 1-3 Landskknecht
  • Steals Gold.png  Gold equal to 100% of the damage inflicted on a city
  • Renaissance Era


-Compatible with all JFD's gameplay mods, and have special support for JFD's Mercenary
-Compatible Pouakai's Enlightenment Era
-Not compatible with overhaul mods
-To new civilizations mods, RER should be able to run with them. However, as RER change the style of Musketman, Landsknecht and Lancer(though it is removed, technically, Reiter is the UNIT_LANCER), if any UU in new civilizations replace those units, may cause some balance issues. And authors may find that some UU would be more historical-properly if they replace new units in RER. It is impossible for me to solve those problems, the only way to solve them is new civilizations mods' author add support to RER.

To modders:
The mod id of RER is: 66f38ce9-fc7b-448d-a7db-949d105b9b9f

You can detect whether RER is enable with the SQL code below:



If you need any further mod support information, please contact me on CFC, I would provide you as more as I can.

Full Credits List

Direct Download
Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v.4
Last Updated: 2016/9/28

  • Zwei833: Main author
  • Whoward69: coding assistance
  • Enginseer: Coding assistance
  • JFD: Coding assistance, Civilopedias (from ItRD), unit flag icon (from Mercenary)
  • taube: Unit flag icons (from GAIA mod)
  • Nutty: Unit retexture
  • DJSHenninger: icon backgrounds
  • sukritact: Original author of Gripsholm Wonder
  • Pouakai: Original author of Gripsholm Wonder
  • Bakuel: unit graphics
  • Hoop Thrower: research
  • Chrisy15: suggestions and debugs
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