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Yettishar led by Yaqub Beg is a custom civilization mod by Grant, with contributions from Arilasqueto and others..

This mod requires Brave New World. It was released as part of the Crossroads of the World event.



Yettishar, commonly known as Kashgaria, was a short-lived Sunni Muslim Turkic state that existed in Xinjiang between 1865 and 1877 during the Dungan Revolt against the Qing dynasty. The seven cities were Kashgar, Khotan, Yarkand, Yengisar, Aksu, Kucha and Korla. In 1873, the state was recognized by the Ottoman Empire as a vassal. On 18 December 1877, the army of the Qing entered Kashgar bringing the state to an end.

Yaqub Beg[]

Muhammad Yaqub Bek was a Khoqandi ruler of Yettishar (Kashgaria) during his invasion of Xinjiang from 1865 to 1877. He held the title of Atalik Ghazi ("Champion Father").

As a result of the Dungan Revolt (1862–77), by 1864, the Chinese held only the citadels of Kashgar and a few other places. The Kyrgyz, or Kazakh Sadic Beg, entered Kashgar but was unable to take the citadel and was sent to Tashkent as a Khoja to become ruler. Burzug Khan, the only surviving son of Jahangir Khoja, left Tashkent with six men. He was joined by Yakub Beg, left Kokand with 68 men, and crossed the border of China in January 1865. Sadic Beg, defeated by Yakub Beg, was driven beyond the mountains. Yakub went southeast to Yarkand, the largest town in the region, and was driven out by an army from Kucha. He next besieged the Chinese at Yangi Hissar for 40 days and massacred the garrison. Sadic Beg reappeared, was defeated, and talked into becoming an ally. Invaders from Badakshan were also talked into an alliance. A Dungan force from Kucha and eastward arrived at Maralbeshi and was defeated with 1,000 of the Dungans joining Yakub Beg. Yarkand had decided to submit to Burzug Khan and his great vizier. In September 1865, the second in command and 3,000 men surrendered, converted to Islam, and joined Yakub Beg. The commander refused and blew himself up along with his family; the commanders of Yarkand and Kulja had done the same. An army of rebels from Kokand arrived and joined Yakub.

Later in the year, Burzug Khan and Yakub went to Yarkand to deal with a disturbance. The Dungan faction suborned Yakub's Dungans and he was reduced to a few hundred men. Burzug drew off to a separate camp, Yakub defeated the Dungans, Burzug Khan fled to Kashgar and declared Yakub a traitor. The religious leaders supported Yakub, and Burzug was seized in his palace. He was confined for 18 months, exiled to Tibet, and later found his way to Kokand. In little more than a year, Yakub had become master of Kashgar, Yarkand, and Maralbashi, areas stretching roughly from the western end of the Tarim Basin to as far as the Yarkand River. The Tarim Basin was conquered by Beg acting as a Khoqandi foreigner and not as a local.

The Khan of Kokand had some claim over Barzug Khan as a subject, but did nothing in practice. Yaqub entered into relations and signed treaties with the Russian Empire and Great Britain, but failed in trying to get their support for his invasion. Yaqub Beg was given the title of "Athalik Ghazi, Champion Father of the Faithful" by the Amir of Bokhara in 1866. The Ottoman Sultan also granted him the title of Amir.

Yaqub Beg's rule was unpopular among the natives, with one of the local Kashgaris, a warrior and a chieftain's son, commenting: "During the Chinese rule there was everything; there is nothing now." Trade also declined. Yakub was disliked by his Turkic Muslim subjects, burdening them with heavy taxes and subjecting them to a harsh interpretation of Islamic Sharia law. Korean historian Kim Hodong points out the fact that his disastrous and inexact commands failed the locals and they, in turn, welcomed the return of Chinese troops. Qing dynasty general Zuo Zongtang wrote that "The Andijanis are tyrannical to their people; government troops should comfort them with benevolence. The Andijanis are greedy in extorting from the people; government troops should rectify this by being generous."

Dawn of Man[]

Oh, blessed by Allah, Champion Father of the Faithful, overlord of the desert! You were a father to your people, and a fearless and ruthless fighter for jihad. Rising to fortune as a minor deputty of the governor of Khojent, you fought against the all-powerful Russian state, taking your resistance to the high alitudes where freedom under God existed still. When the flames of revolt erupted in China's eastern quarter, the faithful of the land launching a war of vengeance against the alien Qing administration, you seized the moment and won over the Tarim Basin to the banner of Khokand. It was not long before your ambitious became greater still, enacting sharia law, engaging in trade with Britain, becoming a close ally of the Ottoman Caliphate, and even reconciling with the Tsar. You were the bloodthirsy emir, the tyrant of Tartary whose presence filled the streets with fear and awe. Even now, in a world long removed from the passions of the gunpowder age, your image adorns the walls of fighters of jihad, misguided and guided alike.


Leaderscreen by Grant

Athalik Ghazi! The faithful are once again under the bloody hand of the Chinese state. Others have tried in your footsteps, but only you have the power to break their chains and lift their hands towards Allah. Can you reload your rifle and prove that jihad can be waged from a barrel of a gun? Can you, once again, become master of the Seven Cities? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of Time?

Introduction: "A messenger, then! This isn't the best time to be passing each other letters, I'm afraid. My enemies won't slaughter themselves."

Defeat: "You have defeated me, but if you think faithful are defeated you are a fool. The banner of Shari'a will be the death of you!"

Unique Attributes[]

Yettishar (Yaqub Beg)

Art by Grant

Jihad by Way of Gunpowder

Cities gain a +1% Production Land Unit Production bonus for every follower of your Majority Religion Religion in the Capital. Whilst at war, gain a Greatperson Great General in one of your cities for every enemy city converted to your religion.


Art by Grant

Taifukchi Gunner (Rifleman)
  • +2 Moves Movement in Desert.
  • If near to a ranged gunpowder unit, the unit may withdraw before melee attacks.

Art by Grant

Urda (Courthouse)
  • Requires a Barracks.
  • May be constructed in conquered and converted cities.
  • Followers of your Religion eligion increase the speed of newly spawned Generals and gunpowder units.
  • Cities with an Urda receive a gunpowder unit from allying city-states with the same Religion eligion.
City List
  1. Kashgar
  2. Yarkant
  3. Aksu
  4. Turpan
  5. Uqturpan
  6. Kucha
  7. Ürümqi
  8. Karasahr
  9. Korla
  10. Karghalik
  11. Tashkorgan
  12. Hotan
  13. Maralbashi
  14. Keriya
  15. Yangi Hissar
  16. Poskam
  17. Karkilik
  18. Kelpin
  19. Qarqan
  20. Toksun
  21. Bügür
  22. Faizabad
  23. Sirikul
  24. Guma
  25. Artux
  26. Niya
  27. Kokyar
  28. Sanju
  29. Qira
  30. Seriqbuya
  31. Ayziret
  32. Yopurga
  33. Karakax
  34. Barchuk
  35. Aykol
Spy List
  • Jahangir
  • Malla
  • Wali Khan
  • Husyan
  • Buzurg
  • Niyaz
  • Bianhu
  • Yulbar
  • Haydar
  • Alimqul



Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 2
Last Updated: 14 August 2022


  • Music: Eastern Poem by Suleiman Yudakov (Peace Theme), Rise of Nations 2 OST (War Theme
  • Lua snippets, utilities: TophatPaladin, DuskJockey, JFD, Chrisy_15
  • UU Model: Arilasqueto
  • Art, code, lua: Grant
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