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The Yaghan led by Masémikensh is a custom civilization mod by Grant, with contributions from Senshi.

This mod requires Brave New World.


The Yaghan[]

The Yaghan are one of the indigenous peoples of the Southern Cone, who are regarded as the southernmost peoples in the world. Their traditional territory includes the islands south of Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego, extending their presence into Cape Horn. They have been there for more than 10,000 years.

In the 19th century, they were known as Fuegians by the English-speaking world, but the term is now avoided as it can refer to any of the several indigenous peoples of Tierra del Fuego. (For instance, the Selk'nam inhabited the northeastern part of Tierra del Fuego.) Some are reputed to still speak the Yaghan language (also known as Yámana), which is considered to be a language isolate; however, most speak Spanish. As of 2017, Cristina Calderón, who lives in Chile territory, is known as the last full-blooded Yaghan and last native speaker of the Yaghan language.

The Yaghan were traditionally nomads and hunter-gatherers. They traveled by canoes between islands to collect food: the men hunted sea lions, while the women dove to collect shellfish.

Yaghans share a series of similarities with the more northern tribes of Chonos and Alacalufe. These are a traditional canoe-faring hunther-gatherers lifestyle as well as shared physical traits such as being of short stature, being long-headed and having a "low face". Despite these similarities, their languages were completely different.


Masémikensh was a shaman and a teacher of the Yamana in one of their last settlements, in Puerto Mejillones, or Assif to the Yaghan. He worked with the úshipin or foreigner Martin Gusinde, a Spanish priest and writer who had come to understand their heathen way of life, not to destroy it. In Assif, Masémikensh was known to conduct the Yaghan ceremony of Cheijaus, a rite of initiation where young Yamana understood their status in their community and learned the expectations surrounding marriage, love and honor. A true school of customs, norms and knowledge necessary for the survival of the community the Chiejaus taught a fundamental principle to the life of Yaghan canoeists: "We, men and women, must first of all be good and useful to the community". Every five years, Chiejaus was performed, to which the young adolescents went.

Recorded in 1923, this was the last teaching and the last Cheijaus that was celebrated in Yaghan history, as a few years later, all of the Yaghan were either to die off from starvation or disease, or to be moved to a penal settlement in the Falklands.

Dawn of Man[]

"Your teachings reverb across the islands, great teacher Masémikensh, for your people know that your exile will soon be over. For thousands of years, your people lived a lifesyle unlike any other, thiriving and building a rich tradition in the harshest of conditions, crafting canoes to traverse webs of islands and valleys in search of fish, kelp and sea lions, building a nomadic existence that endured while others blossomed and withered. Driven to the uttermost part of the earth by your neighbours, you found a way to find favour once again with the creator. But it was not to last, as with the arrival of the foreigners calling themselves civilized and Christian, disease and misery swept your noble families, decimating the Yaghan until there was only you, and a few hundred others. However, you saw that while you were alive yet, you could find a common bond with the Christians and found a way to spread the ancient rites of the Yaghan through teachings. Your most loyal follower, a man called Martin Gusinde, gave your teachings a voice for the whole world to hear. Your death was the end the Yaghan as a people, and today, only a few remain.


Leaderscreen by Grant

But these ways are changing, great teacher. As the grip of European culture loosens, your descendents are founding new communities and spreading your word once more. They revere you not only as a symbol of the past but as pathway to the future. Will you heed the call of Watauinewa and return to your ancestral lands? Will you teach the rites of the Yaghan to a world eager for change? Can you build a civilization that can stand the Test of Time?"

Introduction: "Welcome, úshipin, to the lands of the Yamana. Watauinewa greets you with caution, for they know that strangers to our land have brought nothing but ruin."

Defeat: "I have been defeated in body, but not in spirit. Even it comes down to the last woman or man, the Yamana will live on."

Unique Attributes[]

Yaghan (Masémikensh)

Art by Grant

Uttermost Part of the Earth

Civilian Units suffer no terrain penalties while on Tundra and Snow, and store some of the nearest city's Food Food when a citizen is born (max 50%). Embarked units may improve tiles in neutral territory if adjacent to Hills.


Art by Grant

Anan (Trireme)
  • -3 Strength Strength.
  • Produced faster from forest tiles around the city.
  • Performs a weak ranged attack before melee combat if stacked with an embarked unit.

Art by Grant

Yekamush (Great Prophet)
  • May heal a city when adjacent up to three times.
  • When embarked or on a coastal tile, nearby Whale resources passively migrate towards the unit.
City List
  1. Wulaia
  2. Paiakoala
  3. Lapataia
  4. Ukika
  5. Shunuko
  6. Yachkusin
  7. Ushuwaia
  8. Yendegaia
  9. Acigami
  10. Lewaia
  11. Shunushu
  12. Tuwujilumbiauaia
  13. Shumakush
  14. Yecapasela
  15. Awaiakirrh
  16. Jaujashaga
  17. Amashuaia
  18. Acatushun
  19. Tekenika
  20. Afluruwaia
  21. Acacaia
  22. Shumacush
  23. Asahuaia
  24. Heskaia
  25. Caioataca
  26. Packewaia
  27. Ukaikawaia
  28. Binushmuka
  29. Hakenyeshka
  30. Nementlaia
  31. Wapisatumanakulum
  32. Yakaiualiche
  33. Lasifashaj
  34. Yekadahby
  35. Lanushuaia
  36. Whiyinwaia
  37. Uarunka
  38. Muluaia
  39. Antamula
  40. Imiwaia
  41. Aniawaia
  42. Tuschapalan
  43. Harriyawaia
  44. Mischiuen
  45. Inhugoyen
  46. Hannaracush
  47. Chuanisin
  48. Ukatush
  49. Hashmurn
Spy List
  • Okoko
  • Orundellico
  • Yokcushly
  • Acualisnan
  • Cushinjiz
  • Tispinjiz
  • Sailapaiyinij
  • Yekaifwaianjiz
  • Athlinata
  • Otatosh
  • Yekadahby



Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

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Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 16 January 2020


  • Creator, SQL, XML, Lua, Art: Grant
  • Music: Jelle Proost (Peace), Kenos (War)
  • Civ Alpha: Senshi

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