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The Xinjiang Clique, led by Sheng Shicai, is a custom civilization mod by More Civilisations, with contributions from RawSasquatch, DarthKyofu, Zharques, JakeWalrusWhale and Grant.

This mod requires Brave New World. It was released as part of the Crossroads of the World Event.



Xinjiang historically consisted of two main geographically, historically, and ethnically distinct regions with different historical names: Dzungaria north of the Tianshan Mountains; and the Tarim Basin south of the Tianshan Mountains, currently mainly inhabited by the Uyghurs. They were renamed Xinjiang in 1884, meaning new frontier, when both regions were conquered by the Manchu Qing dynasty after the Dungan revolt. The Xinjiang clique was a military faction that ruled Xinjiang during China's warlord era. Unlike other cliques, its leaders were from outside the province.

Sheng Shicai[]

Sheng Shicai was a Chinese warlord who ruled Xinjiang from 1933 to 1944. Sheng's rise to power started with a coup d'état in 1933 when he was appointed the duban or Military Governor of Xinjiang. His rule over Xinjiang is marked by close cooperation with the Soviet Union, allowing the Soviets trade monopoly and exploitation of resources, which effectively made a small part of Xinjiang a Soviet puppet state. The Soviet era ended in 1942, when Sheng approached the Nationalist Chinese government, but still retained much power over the province. He was dismissed from post in 1944 and named Minister of Agriculture and Forestry. At the end of the Chinese Civil War, Sheng fled mainland China to Taiwan with the rest of Kuomintang.

Dawn of Man[]

Hail, Sheng Shicai, Duban of Xinjiang, political survivor. Born in Manchuria, you served in the Northern Expedition and eventually made your way to Xinjiang to serve Jin Shuren. But as the Kumul Rebellion raged, you made a play to become ruler of the region. This type of Machiavellian scheming was to define your regime, constantly playing off the stronger powers in the Soviet Union, the Chinese Nationalists, and the Chinese Communists, off against one another as you tried to keep Xinjiang in your grasp. Notably, your nationality policy, and the idea there were fourteen different separate nationalities in Xinjiang, a policy which led to great popularity for you. However, while you switched sides and clung to power, you did not lack your own ideology, as you implemented the Six Great Policies and the adoption of a Soviet-inspired flag for Xinjiang. But eventually, all your scheming came to an end, and you died in a comfortable exile on the island of Taiwan, joining the Chinese Nationalists for good.

MC Xinjiang Leaderscene

Art by DarthKyofu

Oh cunning Sheng Shicai, there are new games to play and new powers to deceive. The ideologies of communism and nationalism may have evolved, but the base need to survive remains the same. Can you keep Xinjiang independent in a new era of power politics? Will you build a civilization that can stand the test of time?

Introduction: "Welcome to Xinjiang. Are you a Communist, a Nationalist, or a Russian? I can never keep any of you straight in my head."

Defeat: "I suppose it was inevitable really. If you'll let me collect my 135 truckloads of gold, antelope horns, and opium, I'll be on my way to become Minister of Agriculture and Forestry."

Defeat: "I've been betrayed? How ironic."

Unique Attributes[]

Xinjiang (Sheng Shicai)

Art by RawSasquatch

Six Great Policies

Garrisoned units provide +1 CultureIcon Culture for each Social Policy Tree opened. Completing a Social Policy Tree causes enemy cities within five tiles of your empire to temporarily enter Resistance Resistance.


Art by RawSasquatch

Naturalised Army (Cavalry)
  • Once unlocked, provided for free in the Capital Capital upon Declaring War on or Declaring Friendship with another Civilization.
  • +33% Strength Combat Strength vs Wounded Units while at war with a civilisation you formerly had a Declaration of Friendship with.

Art by RawSasquatch

Frontier Supervision Office (Police Station)
  • Steals a Citizen Citizen from enemy cities within five tiles whenever they enter Resistance Resistance or their owner enters Anarchy.
  • 5% of Food is carried over after a new Citizen Citizen is born for every opened but incomplete Social Policy Tree.
City List
  1. Dihua
  2. Hotan
  3. Aksu
  4. Kashi
  5. Shache
  6. Hami
  7. Turpan
  8. Kalamay
  9. Simuhana
  10. Yining
  11. Yili
  12. Kuche
  13. Tacheng
  14. Ruoqiang
  15. Kurla
  16. Luolan
  17. Changji
  18. Aleitai
  19. Shihezi
  20. Yangqi
  21. Chenghua
  22. Artushi
  23. Yingchisha
  24. Bayingolin
  25. Bole
  26. Wujiaqu
  27. Wusu
  28. Shuanghe
  29. Beitun
  30. Alar
  31. Tiemenguan City
  32. Fukang
  33. Wensu
  34. Zepu
  35. Xingxingxia
Spy List
  • Xongnan
  • Ishaq
  • Yufang
  • Geregin
  • Shaoliang
  • Zemin
  • Songling
  • Tanqiu
  • Yecheng
  • Jieru


Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 2
Last Updated: 23 August 2022


  • Senshi: Design
  • RawSasquatch: Art
  • Darth: Art
  • JakeWalrusWhale: Code
  • Zharques: Text
  • Pouakai: Design, Code
  • Grant: Code
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