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The Work Boat is a Civilian unit available from the Ancient Era.


The sea can provide much to a civilization. This can range from protein in the form of seafood to energy - from whale or from oil. For all of human history, courageous men and women have been going to sea in boats to harvest the sea's bounty. Doubtless they will continue to do so until the end of time, "when the sea shall give up her dead."


The Work Boat is a naval unit, which means that it can only be constructed in coastal cities. It can be used to improve water resources such as Fish, Whales, Pearls, and Oil. The Work Boat is consumed when it constructs the improvement, so improving multiple water resources will require multiple Work Boats.

Work Boats can't enter ocean hexes until Astronomy is discovered. Work Boats cannot engage in combat and are immediately destroyed if an enemy enters their tile, so defend them if there's danger nearby.

Unique Unit Replacements[]

Icon Unit Civilization Abilities.
Currach Dal Riata (Aedan mac Gabrain)
  • Adjacent embarked units begin with +1 Movement.
  • May build Fishing Boats and Offshore Platforms without being expended, and yields Great Artist points when doing so.
Unitflag esquaiah
The Chinook (Comcomly)
  • Has 4 Strength Combat Strength and 7 Ranged Strength
  • Prevents sources of Salmon and Orca from migrating away when stationed on them
  • May repair any pillaged coastal improvements
Unitflag fisher
Caral (Qhapaq)
  • Also replaces the Worker
  • May improve both land and sea tiles (does not consume)
  • May embark immediately
  • +2 Moves Movement when embarked
  • May build Fishing Boats prior to researching Sailing (Still requires Sailing to trade these resources)
Grindadráp The Faroe Islands (Tróndur í Gøtu)
  • More expensive than the Work Boat it replaces
  • Takes several turns to complete Improvements
  • Not expended in when building Improvements
  • When improving a Resource on the edge of Faroese territory, all neutral adjacent tiles are claimed.
Janggolan Bali (Mahendradatta)
  • Yields +1 Food Food, FaithIcon Faith when stationed over a Resource.
  • May retreat when attacked.
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