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Wiradjuri led by Windradyne[1] is a custom civilisation adapted from LastSword's Australia (Windradyne) by SeroSedSerio and Miles5280s.

This mod requires Brave New World or Gods and Kings.



The Wiradjuri were and are the largest aborginal nation in modern NSW occupying much of the central western plains, including areas around the major rivers of the Kalari (Lachlan), Murrumbidjeri (Murrumbidgee), and Wambool (Macquarie). In the late 18th century during the colonisation of Australia by the British, Wiradjuri traditional land quickly became the subject of conflict due to high farming potential and proximity to Sydney. The following years of conflict, land dispossession, and the kidnapping of children did much to damage Wiradjuri culture and identity but thankfully failed to kill it, with many recent initiatives to preserve Wiradjuri customs and language proving successful.


Windradyne was born sometime around 1800 and lived in the upper Macquarie river region. He was a key leader in the ‘Bathurst Wars’, a series of conflicts in 1824 resulting from disagreements, misunderstandings, and further wants of revenge between the Wiradjuri and the encroaching settlers. The conflicts caused martial law in the region for about 4 months, during which a reward for Windradyne’s capture was offered. After martial law was lifted on the 11th of December 1824, Windradyne, leading a group of Wiradjuri, attended the governor’s annual feast on the 28th with the word ‘Peace’ written in his hat. This officially ended the Bathurst Wars with a death toll of about 100 Wiradjuri (said to include some of Windradyne’s family) and 20 British deaths, though many further conflicts did occur between colonists and Aboriginal nations for many years to come. Windradyne died on the 21st of March 1829 from injuries and infection sustained during a fight with other Wiradjuri, dying either in hospital, or having discharged himself, at his friend George Suttor’s station, where his mob (Australian English for a small group of family and friends) had set up residence and where he is now buried.

Dawn of Man[]

"Welcome, Windradyne, champion of the Wiradjuri people. The Wiradjuri are the largest Aboriginal group of modern New South Wales, dwelling in the land of the three rivers: the Wambool, the Kalari, and the Murrumbidjeri. When the white colonists came and threatened the Wiradjuri way of life, it was you, Windradyne, who led the effort to resist them in what was known as the Bathurst War. And when the time came to sue for peace with the white men, it was you who led the way once again, respected by your kin and the settlers alike.

Oh, Windradyne, great warrior and leader: your people need you once more in this neverending race to glory. Will you lead them through peace and war? Will you stand proudly against any who would oppose you? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?"


Leader Scene by SeroSedSerio, Face by Lastsword

Introduction: "If you come in peace, we shall receive you in peace. Welcome to the lands of the Wiradjuri"

Introduction: "Yamandhu marang mudyi? Are you well, friend? I think we can hunt together, if you respect our way of life."

Defeat: "For so long, I have had to keep running. I have come to the edge of the land, where the water begins, and I know now that I am defeated. At least let me return to my people in death."

Defeat: "I have grown far too weary of war, with so many lives lost in acts of revenge. It is time for me to rest."



Scout plenty and early to discover many new Natural Wonders, which provide unique bonuses as well as Happiness and strong tile yields. The Barra-wi-dyany is a sturdier Archer which has the potential to cover more ground, so use them for Scouting too. The Marara's Pantheon effects give random bonuses, but the +2 Happiness in every City is useful. Liberty is recommended to secure all the Natural Wonders early.

Unique Attributes[]

Wiradjuri (Windradyne)

Art by SeroSedSerio


Can see additional Natural Wonders.


Art by LastSword

Barra-wi-dyany (Archer)
  • +2 Combat Strength.
  • Small chance of gaining additional Movement Points.

Art by SeroSedSerio

Marara (Circus)
  • Provides the benefit of a new random Pantheon Belief each turn.
  • Does not require Horse or Ivory - instead, requires the City to follow a Pantheon or Religion.
Unique Natural Wonders Tile Yield Additional Effect
Kengal 2 Production Production, 1 Science Science, 3 FaithIcon Faith. Doubles religious pressure emanating from City if it's within City's borders.
Ghannabulla 2 Production Production, 3 CultureIcon Culture. All cities acquire 3 new Plots if discovered as neutral territory.
Walangduray 2 Food Food, 4 CultureIcon Culture. Grants 50 CultureIcon Culture if discovered as neutral territory.
Cowal 2 Food Food, 2 Gold Gold, 2 Science Science, 2 FaithIcon Faith. Grants +1 Citizen in all Cities if discovered as neutral territory.
Eunonyhareenyha 3 Production Production, 2 Gold Gold. Additional +5 Science Science after researching Archaelogy.
Wulambiyan 3 Production Production, 1 Science Science, 1 CultureIcon Culture, 1 FaithIcon Faith. Free Promotion for adjacent units: Mudhiga (-5% penalty to adjacent enemies).
Marrambidya 4 Production Production, 1 Science Science. Increases City Health by 100 if it's within City's borders.
Cudegeligo 4 Food Food, 1 Science Science, 1 FaithIcon Faith. Grants 5% FaithIcon Faith discount if it's within your borders.
Nangar 1 CultureIcon Culture, 1 Production Production, 1 Science Science. Increases City's CultureIcon Culture, Production Production and Science Science by 10% if it's within City's borders.
Drunong Drung 1 Production Production, 3 Gold Gold. Increases length of Goldenage Golden Ages by 25% if it's within your borders.

As with standard Natural Wonders, each discovered raises Global Happiness by 1, and is affected by the One With Nature Pantheon. Unlike regular Natural Wonders, they can be traversed through.

City List
  1. Wahluu
  2. Moothi
  3. Loowee
  4. Gulgong
  5. Wagga Wagga
  6. Bumgambrawatha
  7. Yarrawudda
  8. Narrungdera
  9. Minyanbal
  10. Gudhamangdhuray
  11. Mungabareena
  12. Maiyingu Marragu
  13. Walla Walla
  14. Doomut
  15. Eugowra
  16. Maynggu Ganai
  17. Djirrildhuray
  18. Wallerawang
  19. Koonadan
  20. Koorawatha
Spy List
  • Gobbagumbalin
  • Pomingalarna
  • Stan
  • Linda
  • Yarri
  • Jacky Jacky
  • Mum Shirl
  • Ballandella
  • Turandurey
  • Moolbong


Peace Theme War Theme

Wiradjuri - Peace


Wradjuri - War

"Badu Ngahdi Mudyigaang Guwaany" by Ub Ubbo Exchange ft. Parkes Wiradjuri Language Group. "A Tribute for Ron" by Parkes Wiradjuri Language Group ft. Ron Wardrop.

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

Google Drive (v2)

Latest Version: BNW v. 1
Last Updated: 11th Aug 2020


  • Ub Ubbo Exchange: Peace Theme.
  • Parkes Wiradjuri Language Group: War Theme.
  • hangman: Barra-wi-dyany Model[2].
  • LastSword: Art, all Code.
  • SeroSedSerio: Art, Text.
  • Miles5280s: Text.

Notes and References[]

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