Civilization V Customisation Wiki
Specialists 1 Engineer
Building Requirements Not on a Hill
Production Cost 250
Maintenance 2
Unlocked at Economics

The Windmill is a building available in the Renaissance Era.

Game Info[]

Building a Windmill requires a city not built on Hills.

  • +2 Production Production
  • +10% Production Production towards Buildings
  • Has 1 slot for an Engineer Specialist


Windmills are buildings which use the energy from wind to perform a variety of tasks. Historically, they've been used to power mills for grinding grain, but they have also been employed to run sawmills and to pump water for wells. Wind-powered machines have been in existence for at least 2000 years. The earliest known is a wind organ, constructed by Heron of Alexandria in the first century, AD. Wind-powered mills for grinding grain were probably invented in Central Asia sometime around the eighth century AD.

Unique Building Replacements[]

Icon Building Civilization Yields
Bishop's Storehouse Deseret (Brigham Young)
  • Does not require flat terrain
  • No Engineer specialist slot
  • +2 Food Food
  • +2 Happy Happiness
Coffee House Austria (Maria Theresa)
  • Without Charles V's Holy Roman Empire:
    • +5% Production Production (instead of +10% towards buildings)
    • +25% Greatperson Great Person generation
  • With Charles V's Holy Roman Empire:
    • Grants a random Writer, Artist, or Musician specialist upon completion
    • +1 Happy Happiness
Contractor Brazil (Lula)
  • Available at Industrialization
  • Doesn't have terrain restrictions
  • Has a Merchant Specialist
  • +5% Production Production towards buildings in cities receiving a Traderoute Trade Route from this city.
  • Internal cities receive +2 Happy Happiness while this route is active
  • International cities provide you Gold Gold whenever they complete a building, and a small amount of Influence Influence if a Citystate City State.
Folwark Poland (Casimir IV)
  • No Gold Maintenance Cost
  • +3 Gold Gold
  • +3 Food Food
  • +1 additional Production Production
Great Wheel The Manx (Illiam Dhone)
  • No terrain requirements
  • Has 2 slots for Engineer Specialists
  • +1 Production from mined resources
Henequen Mill Mexico (Porfirio Diaz)
  • +10% Production Production when constructing Buildings.
  • Costlier in Gold maintenance than the Windmill
  • Contains an extra Specialist.
  • Increases the Citizen Population of this City once it's connected by Railroad.
  • City must not be built on Hills.
Spinning Mule United Kingdom (George III)
  • No terrain requirements
  • Gains Production Production for each City-State Ally, instead of 10% towards buildings
  • +1 Gold Gold and Production Production on Sheep, Silk and Cotton
  • When five are built, may choose an Ideology
Watch Workshop Switzerland (Henri Dufour) (LastSword)
  • Does not require flat land
  • -40% Production Production Cost (150 v. 250)
  • +100% Production Production of Wealth and Research
  • No +10% Production Production towards Buildings
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