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Water Mill
Building Requirements City must border a River
Production Cost 75
Maintenance 2
Unlocked at The Wheel

The Water Mill is a building available in the Ancient Era.

Game Info[]

Building a Water Mill requires a River adjacent to the city.

  • +2 Food Food
  • +1 Production Production

With Social Policies / Tenets:

  • Urbanization (Freedom): +1 Happy Happiness


A water mill is a building which uses water power to turn grain into flour. In a mill, grain is poured between two stones, one of which is turning slowly. As it moves between the stones the grain is ground into tiny pieces (flour). Many early mills employed animal or human labor to turn the grinding stone, but in a water mill water provided that power, freeing human and animal labor which could be employed elsewhere to greater profit. Later on steam or electricity would power mills far more reliably and efficiently, but water mills were great labor-saving devices of their day.

Unique Building Replacements[]


Icon Building Civilization Yields
Anaktora Minoa (Minos) (LastSword)
  • Can also be built on the Coast
  • +1 Production Production per four sea tiles owned by the City
  • +2 Tourism Tourism applied to Civs with whom you have less than 25% Cultural Influence
Baray The Khmer (Suryavarman II) (LastSword)
  • 10% of Food Food is carried over after a new Citizen Citizen is born
  • Can be built in Cities not on a River, if they have at least 8 Population
Buffalo Pound The Blackfoot (Crowfoot)
  • Requires Plains instead of a River
  • +1 Food Food and Production Production from Bison
  • Reveals a nearby source of Bison when built
  • No base yields
  • Half maintenance cost
Karen UB
Buphaw Karen (Saw Ba U Gyi)
  • Does not require a river.
  • +1 CultureIcon Culture, +1 FaithIcon Faith on food yielding resources in the city.
  • Passively heals Karen units on any farm within 3 tiles of the city, regardless of who owns the tile or the city.
Earth Lodge Three Affiliated Tribes (Four Bears)
  • +1 additional Food Food (total +3)
  • +1 additional Production Production (total +2)
  • 5% of Food Food is carried over after a new Citizen Citizen is born per Traderoute Trade Route to and from the City
Floating Gardens The Aztecs (Montezuma)
  • +15% Food Food
  • +2 Food Food from Lake tiles
  • Half maintenance cost
Khortytska Sich Ukraine (Levytsky)
  • City must border a River
  • Adds +2 Production production and+2Food food.
  • Gives +15 experience to all your units
  • +15 Strength defense to units stationned in it
  • +15% Greatperson in creation of Great Peoples
Ma'arib Dam Saba (Karib'il Watar)
  • City must border a River.
  • Provides +2 Production Production and +100% Food Food is carried over after a new Citizen Citizen is born, decreasing by 10% for every Citizen Citizen in the City until it reaches 0.
Nilometer Egypt (Ramesses II)

(with Egypt (Hatshepsut) installed)

  • +1 Gold Gold on Flood Plains
  • No maintenance
Payew Igorot (Aliguyon)
  • Requires an adjacent Mountain instead of Fresh Water.
  • Has a slot for an Engineer specialist, increasing to two if the City is working at least three Mountain tiles.
Puquios Nazca (Cahuachi)
  • City acts as a source of fresh water
  • Does not require Rivers
Rice Terrace Nepal (Prithvi Narayan)
  • Unlocked at Agriculture
  • -1 Gold Maintenance Cost
  • Can also be built in Cities within two tiles of a Mountain.
Sabaean Dam The Sabaeans (Makeda)
  • Does not require Rivers
  • +3 Food Food
  • Higher Gold maintenance cost
Thisaw The Yokuts (Estanislao)
  • May be built with any Fresh Water.
  • Contains a slot for a Scientist Specialist.
  • +1 Science Science.
  • Worked Lake, Oasis, and Marsh tiles yield +1 Science Science and +1 Production Production.
Vata Ndongo (Nzinga)
  • -1 maintenance cost
  • +5% Gold Gold from Trade City Connections if it shares a River with the Capital Capital.
  • Automatically creates Farms on unimproved Jungle adjacent to the City's River.
Watergate Schleswig-Holstein (Frederich I)
  • Requires fresh water
  • Provides a Merchant specialist slot
  • Increases city Strength defence by five for every specialist in the city (up to 50)


Icon Building Civilization Yields
Fountain Court Radiant Garden (Ansem)
  • +1 Local Happy Happiness for each Greatperson Great Person expended in or near the city (max +5)
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