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Production Cost 75
Unlocked at Masonry

The Walls is a building available in the Ancient Era.

Game Info[]

  • +5 Strength City Strength
  • +50 City Health


Ever since people have gathered together in groups - towns, cities, whatever - other people have wanted to steal their stuff. From earliest history people have constructed defensive works of mud, wood or stone to keep their enemies away from their food, wealth, and women and children. By medieval times walled villages and cities dotted the European countryside, some accompanied by elaborate moats and ditches. Some of these elaborate works are still visible today. The city of York, England, has extensive walls which date back to Roman times.

Unique Building Replacements[]

Icon Building Civilization Yields
Broch The Picts (Oengus)
  • Grants a random, unique Promotion to melee units
Burh Wessex (Egbert)
  • Generates Gold gold from unrest in puppet cities.
  • Grants a burst of Goldenage golden age points upon building.
Cadmea Thebes (Epaminondas) (DuskJockey)
  • Yields +1 Gold for each City-State ally.
Enkang The Maasai (Mbatian)
  • -?% Production Production cost
  • Unlocked at Agriculture
Moravia Fort
Gord Great Moravia (Svatopluk)
  • Spawns a Fort which claims neutral tiles around it.
  • Entering a war allows you to build an extra Gord.
Oppidum Gallia (Vercingetorix) (LastSword)
  • +1 Citizen
  • +1 Happy Happiness
  • +2.5 Strength City Strength when not on a Hill
Pecogo The Zapotecs (Cosijoeza)
  • +1 Science Science and Happy Happiness
  • During Golden Ages, +1 FaithIcon Faith from Hills
  • 2 Maintenance
Qela Kurdistan (Mustafa Barzani)
  • +1 Food Food for every 2 worked Hills.
  • Carries over 25% of Food Food when a Citizen Citizen is born.
  • +1 Production Production for every Mountain in this city's borders, along with +1 Tourism Tourism after Archaeology.
IconPNG Ringfort
Ringfort The Gaels (Niall)
  • Contains a Greatwork Great Work of Writing slot; when the slot is filled, grants +10 XP to newly trained units in its city
  • Carries over 10% of Food Food when a Citizen is born
MC Sanseong 256
Sanseong Goguryeo (Gwanggaeto)
  • Passively constructed in captured cities.
  • Claims all workable tiles when completed.
Systia Hall
Syssitia Hall Sparta (Leonidas) (MC)
  • Provides no Strength City Strength or Health
  • +15 experience towards new units trained in the city it was built.
  • +2 CultureIcon Culture
Szekely Gate Hungary (György Dózsa)
  • Civilian Units bought with Gold Gold in this city provide +30% Strength Combat Strength to stacked Combat Units.
Walls of Babylon Babylon (Nebuchadnezzar II)
  • +1 additional Strength City Strength (total 6).[1]
  • +50 additional City Health (total 100).[1]
  • May be built twice in a city.[2]
  • Each time it is constructed, claims additional tiles for the city.[2]
Zimbabwe Zimbabwe (Nyatsimba Mutota) (LastSword)
  • +33% of its city's Gold Gold output contributes to border expansion
  • Automatically claim nearby plots when starting a Traderoute Trade Route from this city


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