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Wa State led by Tax Log Pang is a custom civilisation mod by EmeraldRange, with contributions from Zharques, Loxolad and others.

This mod requires Brave New World.


The Wa are an ethnic group in modern day Myanmar and China in northeastern Shan State and southwestern Yunnan Province. The Wa are indigenous to the region and remained largely out of the control of the centralized states in the areas. Today, the United Wa State Army governs a good portion of the Wa people in the area as one of the largest non-state armies in the world.

The Waic peoples of the area are Austroasiatic language-speaking who have been in the area for recorded history and beyond. In the early 9th century during the various Nanzhao raids and the subsequent Mranma settlement of the Pyu realms, the Waic people had separated culturally into Waic and Palaungic groups. The later were Wa who had converted towards the various forms of Buddhism present in Myanmar.

The Shan states around the Wa also called them the wild Wa and considered them a barbaric cannibalistic headhunting people. The Wa's original animist relgious beliefs were believed to be be centred around ritual blood sacrifices centred around the water buffalo and spirit healers called Tax Cao Chai.. The Wa would often go on war raids where they kept the heads of slain enemies as a trophy. According to local legends gathered by these anthropologists, the practice of cutting a human head was intended as a ritual sacrifice to improve the fertility of the rice fields.

However, later research and fieldwork with the Wa in the 20th and 21st century showed that many of these beliefs were a result of intentional misunderstandings. The Wa did, in fact, cut off heads and display them in grotesque displays entering their territories. However, this practice was not out of respect for the power of a human head, but out of mockery of the dead. The display of human heads and raids were out of deterrence. The Wa had quickly realized that by taking advantage of the preconceptions they could keep other societies at bay.

United Wa State Army[]

The location of the Wa regions on the Burma-China border also led to the conflicts leading to the modern UWSA. The invasion of the KMT remnants fomented civil war within Myanmar and the increased strength of the Communist Party of Burma. Through opium cultivation, the CPB disrupted the traditional life and brought many Wa into the fight and into the modern era with new infrastructure

n 1989, ethnic Wa soldiers, among other groups, split from the Communist Party of Burma in a mutiny. The split group joined with another existing Wa ethnic armies to form the United Wa State Army focused on the autonomy of the Wa people. Due to the ties between the CPB and the PRC, the UWSA is supported by China, who gives the army more support than it does to the Myanmar central government.

The UWSA was largely on good terms with the central government keeping up ceasefire. The UWSA built up a lot of its weaponstock and continued to increase its presence in the area by engaging in conflict with other opium warlords like the Mong Tai Army. The UWSA joined several ceasefire agreement talks. The 2009 Kokang incident was one of the largest outbreaks of fighting between the UWSA and central government. Despite better relations than most, the UWSA did not join in the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement in 2013. Instead, the UWSA and China established a different seven-member alliance called the Federal Political Negotiation and Consultative Committee. In the modern war, the UWSA remain netural but have been speculated to be supporting friendly groups in the Brotherhood alliances and other China-friendly groups.

Tax Log Pang[]

Bao Youxiang, or Tax Log Pang in the Wa language, was the crucial through-thread for the UWSA from their split from the Communist Party of Burma and towards the modern Wa State. The communistic leadership style of the UWSA makes it difficult to properly understand the exact roles of each person. However, as the honorary General Secretary and military commander of the UWSA, Tax Log Pang has had an outsided effect as the de facto leader of the Wa.

Tax Log Pang joined the armed wing of the Communist Party of Burma (CPB) in 1969 and started out as a battalion commander for his home village of Kumna, but gradually became the leader of a brigade operating near the Myanmar–Thailand border. Like many Wa villagers in the area at the time, Tax saw the CPB as a source of modern weaponry, combat training, and friendship rather than of ideological freedoms. In 1989, the leadership of the CPB was challenged by several party members, resulting in an internal rebellion that ended with the disbandment of the armed wing of the CPB and the establishment of various new factions, including the United Wa State Army, which Tax Log Pang would eventually lead.

After the fall of the armed wing of the CPB, Tax joined the United Wa State Party (UWSP), and its armed wing, the United Wa State Army (UWSA). In 1995, Tax Log Pang was elected general secretary of the UWSP and commander-in-chief of the UWSA, after Zhao Nyi-Lai, the first and preceding general secretary, suffered a stroke. In 2005, Tax Log Pang's health deteriorated and Bao Youyi, his elder brother, replaced him. Tax Log Pang has been the de facto president of Wa State since 1995, an autonomous entity in northern Shan State that runs independently from Myanmar.

Today, he plays a larger role as the General Secretary of the United Wa State Party as a diplomat. His skilled diplomacy leading the UWSA allowed the Wa to become the largest army in Myanmar by accruing strength instead of engaging in constant warfare. Instead, his overture towards the Chinese government lets the UWSA enjoy a unique status gaining weapons and support from China. With Myanmar, his involvement in various talks and amicable personal terms with many high-ranking Burmese generals eventually led to the Wa being one of a few groups receiving official autonomy status as the Wa Special Administrative Division. While the Wa and Tax Log Pang recognize the Myanmar government's sovreignty over them, they remain one of the truly de facto independent states within Myanmar where the laws and money of Myanmar hold no weight.

Dawn of Man[]

Hail, General Secretary Tax Log Pang. Your struggle has been a long one; the seventh son of a Wa chieftain, you joined a number of military and paramilitary groups including the Communist Party of Burma, using them as sources of modern weaponry, combat training, and camaraderie. After the communist army waned in power, you founded the United Wa State Army, and was elected commander in chief, becoming de facto president of Wa State in 1995. You now lead one of the most powerful non-state entities in the world, controlling a vast military loyal to you, equipped with Chinese technology smuggled across the border and with resources and tourism to back Wa's economic development.


Leaderscreen by EmeraldRange

Shrewd Bao Youxiang, you must play the powers who may seek to oppose you against one another. You must rely on the self-interestedness of others to build up your own strength and keep your people independent. Can you manipulate others into doing your bidding and stop the encroachment of others onto your lands? Will you build a civilization that can stand the test of time?

Introduction: "Welcome to Wa State, comrade. I am Bao Youxiang, and I'm sure you will see our de facto independence if you come with me here."

Defeat: "The young eat the old. It's the natural cycle. It was only my folly that I let it come to this."

Attacked: "Foolish to attack me. You have enough enemies already and bringing me into the fight only agitates my friends."

Unique Attributes[]

Wa (Tax Log Pang)
WaLeader Icon

Art by EmeraldRange

Pawn of Two, King of Both

Every Traderoute Trade Route with a declared Friend provides +5% Production Unit Production in all cities of both. Gain Science Science and Gold Gold when gifting Units to Friends.


Art by EmeraldRange

Tax Cao Chai (Scout)
  • Heals adjacent friendly units by 5HP when on tiles producing more than 2 Food Food.
  • Killing an enemy unit permenantly debuffs adjacent enemy units by -30% Strength Strength when attacking.
  • Provides +1 CultureIcon Culture when in foreign territory, increasing to +1 CultureIcon Culture, +1 Gold Gold in territories of declared Friends.

Art by EmeraldRange

Fei-Nu 6 (Bazooka)
  • Stronger when Defending and significantly cheaper to produce.
  • +20% Strength Combat bonus to your units adjacent at the start of your turn.
  • Acts as an anti-air unit with 100% Interception and an additional +150% Strength Combat Strength when attacking Helicopters.
  • Boosts the Happy Happiness and Production Production of adjacent cities.
  • A gifted Fei-Nu 6 rushes the Production Production in your capital by 4 turns.
City List
  1. Panghsang
  2. Mongpawk
  3. Wan Hoong
  4. Mongmao
  5. Mongping
  6. Kunma
  7. Nam Deeg
  8. Guomingshan
  9. Mong Neng
  10. Noung Kied
  11. Mouig Raix
  12. Songlong
  13. Ho Tawng
  14. Nax Gao
  15. Nam Pad
  16. Pangyang
  17. Guanghong
  18. Qeng Miang
  19. Nam Hkam Wu
  20. Yaong Leen
  21. Donglong
  22. Man Pad
  23. Huix Ox
  24. Nax Vi
  25. Gon Mae
  26. Weng Kao
  27. Glong Ba
  28. Wangleng
  29. Ting Aw
  30. Da Ai
  31. Yaong Kraox
  32. Ximeng
  33. Xuelin
  34. Cangyuan
  35. Gengma
Spy List
  1. Ai Brag
  2. Nyi Naom
  3. Soi Goum
  4. Sai Riex
  5. Sam Miong
  6. Yiex Naom
  7. Ei Hrax
  8. Og Raong
  9. Ui S'rom
  10. Am O



Peace Theme War Theme
"Meung Vax Laig Daux Been Kharox"; "Aux muih Meung Vax ("I love Wa State") - National Anthem of Wa State (Mandarin version 「我爱佤邦」)"

Mod Support[]

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Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

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Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 25 December 2022


  • EmeraldRange: Art, Design, Code, Lua, Texts, UU Texture
  • Zharques: Texts
  • Loxolad: DoM voice
  • Firaxis: UU2 model
  • zwei83: UU1 model
  • DarthKyofu: Leaderscene Help
  • Francesca: Lua Help
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