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Castle Valla
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Eastern Orthodoxy
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Seafaring, Philosophical

Valla led by Azura is a civilization by Mathetes tou Megalou Alexandrou. It is based on the Fire Emblem series, more specifically Fire Emblem Fates.


Dawn of Man[]

The people of Valla look up to you, graceful songstress Azura! You are the ruler of the Valla Kingdom once led by the Invisible Dragon Anankos. Valla is a land of strange geography, and beautiful and otherworldly because of it, fit for someone such as you. You were one of the royalty of the Nohrian kingdom kidnapped by the Hoshido forces in their attempt at an hostage exchange for Corrin. When Corrin chose one of the kingdoms in the grand conflict, you have offered your life so that Corrin could complete the mission, and in the true path, you have helped stop the conflict between the great nations and help fight a common foe. While records are not written about your exploits, those who fought beside you will forever remember your contribution to the cause.

Azura, the people of Valla wishes to forget the terrible madness in the time of Anankos and wishes for a new, bright era. They will follow you to build a brave new world that they were denied when the madness of the dragon struck. Will you bring greatness to a nation which was plunged into the maw of madness? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?

Unique Trait and Components[]

Valla (Azura)

Songstress of the Lake[]

Mathalx Azura Icon

Art Source: Intelligent Systems

Free Songstress Unit when Drama and Poetry is researched. Adopting a social policy grants a small boost of Food Food to all cities which is increased depending on the number of Greatwork Great Works the city possesses.


Mathalx Songstress Icon

Art Source: Intelligent Systems

(Replaces the Great General)

  • Retains the Great General bonuses, and gets the Great Admiral abilities as well.
  • May refresh the movement points of adjacent units and give them +1 Attack for the turn. Other Songstresses and Divas are not affected.
  • Can upgrade to Divas after Acoustics. Divas are combat units.
  • Can be purchased with gold after Drama and Poetry is researched, which has a cooldown.


Mathalx Odeion Icon

Art Source: Nintendraw

(Replaces the Opera House)

  • Unlocked at Drama and Poetry.
  • Cost reduced to 125.
  • Causes worked Lake tiles to yield 1 more Food Food, Production Production and CultureIcon Culture.
City List
  1. Gyges
  2. Cyrkensia
  3. Athenaion
  4. Mouseion
  5. Herodeion
  6. Megaron Mousikes
  7. Bolshoi
  8. Theatron Milesion
  9. Scala
  10. Globe
  11. Apollo
  12. Dionysia
  13. Theatron Dionysiou Eleuthereos
  14. Amphiaireion Oropou
  15. Theatron Larisses
  16. Zea
Spy List
  1. Thespis
  2. Phrynikos
  3. Pratinas
  4. Menandros
  5. Melpomene
  6. Thalia
  7. Corrin
  8. Corrin
  9. Shigure
  10. Kana
  11. Van Darkholme
Dialogue List
  • First Greetings
    • Well met, stranger. You are most welcome to the humble lands of Valla. I am Azura, its leader and songstress.
    • Ah, it is great to face another civilization. I am Azura, the caretaker of the people of Valla.
    • Oh, a newcomer. I suppose a salutation is obligatory. I am Azura, the songstress of the lake, and I watch over the Vallite nation.
  • Defeat
    • So this is... how it ends...
    • It's over... You have won...
    • I wish I could continue fighting... but my wounds are too grievous... and I have failed my people. Corrin... Please carry on...
  • Special First Greetings
    • The tales of your arts have not gone unnoticed, great Van Darkholme, the master of the dungeons that fulfills the deep, dark fantasies of many! I am Azura of the Lakes: my art may be different from yours but I do hope that we can make the world a more beautiful place.
    • Hail to you, the master Gem Knight Taric! Your art is legendary and it is a profound honor to see you in person. I am Azura, the Songstress of the Lakes. Perhaps we can share our ideas some other time?


Mathalx Valla Icon

Valla is a versatile civilization which can aim for any victory, although it synergizes with Science Victory the least. Valla has similarities to the Gay civilizations, namely Nigrafantasia and Grand Pink Arad as Valla also has a unique general which is essential to its playstyle. Azura's Songstress units are both extremely versatile utility units and also can be upgraded to a combat unit, basically making them a synthesis of the unique units of the forementioned civilizations and more, as Songstress's distinctive feature is the ability to refresh units, which is while achievable very costly to the Crusader unit that Pink Priest has. Likewise, its unique building, Odeion, also is a cultural building with other bonuses and a slot.

Songstress' utilities are legion, and an Azura player should always aim to exploit the Songstress' utilities as much as possible. The most obvious application of Songstress is to double-fire at units, but other applications include re-positioning units away from bad locations, speeding up improvement construction, and even amphibious assaults. Azura is exceptionally adept at naval attacks, as the songstress will allow Azura to basically have the benefits that Vanilla Denmark has but with the added bonus of having sea units attack twice as well.

Valla is incentivized to focus CultureIcon Culture, as social policies will help Valla grow its cities, and its unique building also has a Growth bonus similar to the Aztec Floating Gardens. Valla is also suited to some combat, as the Songstresses replace the Great General and thus can be generated from combat. Use Songstresses to gain leverage against an otherwise superior army by effectively doubling the effectiveness of your troops.

Mod Support[]

E&D Support is added in the May 26 update.


Decisions in Italics require that the player has met a Hellenistic Civilization

Civilizations that are recognized as Hellenistic

Hold a Theatrical Festival
The Valla Kingdom of the old prospered under the dragon Anankos but also disappeared at the hands of the same dragon gone berserk. While this new kingdom of Valla may not have the dragon's blessings, it received from him the artistic tradition that was aimed at restraining his instincts. While this tradition was known only to the nobles, it is time for us to spread it so that the people can take part in this artistic endeavor.
  • Player must be Azura.
  • Player must have researched Drama and Poetry.
  • Player must have at least one Odeion.
  • Can be enacted once per era.
  • 300 Gold Gold in standard speed.
  • 1 Magistrates Magistrate
  • 50+5 per citizen from cities with Odeion CultureIcon Culture.
  • Said CultureIcon culture is accumulated which spawns Songstresses when certain threshold is achieved.
Adopt Hellenistic Theatrical Customs
The Odeion is derived from the Hellenic Theaters of the same name. As such, it is only fitting that our artistic traditions benefit from the cultures of these noble people. We should adopt some of their theatrical culture, and through that build our own centers of cultures.
  • Player must be Azura.
  • Player must have researched Drama and Poetry.
  • Player must have declared friendship with a Hellenistic civilization (one of the civilizations mentioned above)
  • Can only be enacted once per game.
  • 500 Gold Gold in standard speed.
  • 300 CultureIcon Culture in standard speed.
  • 1 Magistrates Magistrate
  • Opens a 12-turn Goldenage Golden Age.
  • Odeia provides 2 Happy Happiness.
  • Unlocks the Herodeion World Wonder.

Buildings and Units made available through E&D


Requires Drama and Poetry. Treated as a World Wonder, only Azura can build this wonder after enacting the Adopt Hellenistic Theatrical Customs decision. Has 3 Slots of Great Music, and each slot causes the city to retain 5% of Food Food consumed when a new Citizen Citizen is born in the city.

Full Credits[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: May 26, 2018

  • Mathetes tou Alexandrou: LUA, XML, SQL
  • Nintendo and Intelligent Systems: Intellectual Properties
  • Divine Yuri: SQL code bits
  • Tomatekh: UI Code base
  • kaya8: Songstress/Diva Icon
  • Nintendraw: Odeion Icon
  • Nomad or What: Songstress Model
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