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Tyrone led by Hugh O'Neill is a custom civilization by Senshi, with contributions from JakeWalrusWhale, DarthKyofu and DuskJockey.

This mod requires Brave New World.



Tír Eoghain, also known as Tyrone, was a kingdom and later earldom of Gaelic Ireland, comprising parts of present-day County Tyrone, County Armagh and County Londonderry. The kingdom represented the core homeland of the Cenél nEógain people of the Northern Uí Néill and although they ruled, there were smaller groups of other Gaels in the area. Also known as the guidance of Land. One part of the realm to the north-east broke away and expanded, becoming Clandeboye, ruled by a scion branch of the O'Neill dynasty.

Hugh O'Neill[]

Hugh O'Neill, second earl of Tyrone, was an Irish rebel who, from 1595 to 1603, led an unsuccessful Roman Catholic uprising against English rule in Ireland. The defeat of O'Neill and the conquest of his province of Ulster was the final step in the subjugation of Ireland by the English.

Dawn of Man[]

"May God be with you, Hugh O'Neill, great earl of Tyrone and captain of the nation! Born in an Ireland caught in the tumult following the Tudor conquests, you would begin public life under the aegis of the land's English conquerors. However, their fostering was not enough to stem the influence of the pugnacious Gaelic blood and the light of the true Christian faith on you. With the grace of God and the assistance of Pope Clement VIII, you would crush the English forces at the Battle of the Yellow Ford, sparking a rebellion the magnitude of which the Tudor English had never seen before. Though the rebellion would ultimately be snuffed out, it burned bright and hot in the minds of the Irish, inspiring insubordination and revolution for centuries to come.

Great O'Neill, the time has come to return from the cradle of the Church to the cradle of your birth. Will you bring to the men of Tyrone the force of arms required to oust their oppressors? Or will you inspire them toward great deeds with your stout heart and unshakeable faith? Will you build a civilization to stand the test of time?"

Introduction: "You stand before Hugh O'Neill, Chief of the Name, Earl of Tyrone, and defender of the Gaels. As long as you respect our authority we will be amiable, but I am unafraid to spill blood in defence of our lands."

Defeat: "Agh! Perhaps this marks an end of an age. I am forced to flee, but do not expect Gealic resistance to be put down so easily!"

Unique Attributes[]

Tyrone (Hugh O'Neill)

Art by DarthKyofu

Burning of Dungannon

While at war, pillaged tiles deal attrition damage to adjacent Enemy Units and Cities. Units stationed on pillaged tiles provide their remaining yields to your nearest City.


Art by Senshi

Redshanks (Crossbowman)
  • +38% Strength Defensive Strength (18 vs 13).
  • Begins with the Woodsman promotion.
  • +10% Ranged Strength for each adjacent enemy unit.

Art by Senshi

Buanadha (Musketman)
  • -10% Combat Strength when Defending.
  • Ignores enemy Zone of Control.
  • No movement cost to pillage.
  • Pillages its occupied tile on defeat when outside friendly territory.
City List
  1. Dungannon
  2. Loughgall
  3. Armagh
  4. Coleraine
  5. Clogher
  6. Corrcreagh
  7. Omagh
  8. Tullyhogue
  9. Culmore
  10. Lurgan
  11. Magherafelt
  12. Dungiven
  13. Fintona
  14. Newry
  15. Ballinamallard
  16. Maghera
  17. Derry
  18. Muff
  19. Kilrea
  20. Ardboe
  21. Lislas
  22. Garvagh
  23. Claudy
  24. Killecannagan
  25. Necarne
  26. Keady
  27. Tynan
  28. Carrickmore
Spy List
  • Cormac
  • Hugh Roe
  • Domhnall
  • Brian
  • Tadhg
  • Florence
  • Fiach
  • Eoghan
  • Richard
  • Luke



Peace Theme War Theme
'Piper, Lead Your Clansmen' from Europa Universalis IV: Rule Brittannia, by Yannick Suess 'Alba' from Europa Universalis IV: Rule Brittannia, by Yannick Suess

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

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Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 27 June 2021


  • Senshi: Design, Code, Art (Initial Civ Icon & Alpha, Unit Icons, Map), the usual
  • JakeWalrusWhale: Lua
  • DarthKyofu: Art (Leaderscene and Icon, Civ Icon Touchups)
  • DuskJockey: Text (Pedias, DoM)
  • zwei833: Unit Models
  • danrell: Unit Models
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