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Unique Components[]

Kuva-yi Milliye[]

The Kuva-yi Milliye were irregular militia forces during the early phase of the Turkish War of Independence. They consisted of deserted Turkish officers and soldiers after the Ottoman Empire had been dismantled, though many other people joined their ranks when the European power tried to exert control over Anatolia. The Kuva-yi Milliye were noted for their hit and run tactics and resilience. The majority of the Kuva-yi Milliye joined the Turkish army when it was created, although some had disagreements with the Ankara government and continued to operate solo.


Halkevleri, meaning "People's House", was a project established by Ataturk to enlighten the Turkish populace. Ataturk's ambition with the project was to raise literacy and reduce the conversative influences in Turkish society, to put Turkey on the path to modernity and secular society. Halkevleri were free educational centers that offered courses such as literature, science, mathematics, fine arts, and handicrafts. The project started with 17 Halkevleris in major cities, before spreading throughout the nation and totaling more than 4000 by 1950.