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The Trebuchet is a Siege unit available in the Medieval Era.


The trebuchet is a powerful Medieval siege weapon. First appearing in Europe in the 12th century, the trebuchet could hurl a 300-lb missile into or over the enemy's walls at long distance. The Medieval European version of the trebuchet was a "counterweight" machine. It consisted of a very long wooden arm with a sling on one end and a heavy weight on the other, mounted on a heavy wooden framework. The long arm was winched down, raising the heavy weight, and a missile was placed in the sling. When released, the weight would come down and the arm would whip up into the air, hurling the missile a huge distance. These machines were generally not mobile and required a long process of assembly, limiting their effective use to protracted sieges.


A Trebuchet is a medieval siege weapon, significantly more powerful than the earlier Catapult units. Advances in technology allow a much more efficient launch system, capable of delivering larger, more powerful projectiles that can more easily punch throughWalls and other defenses medieval cities use. Still, the Trebuchet must expend 1 Movement Point to set up, it is too bulky to use natural defenses, and has limited vision. So, always support your Trebuchets with melee and ranged units to keep enemy units from getting too close.

Another popular use for the Trebuchet (as with the earlier Catapult) is defending your own cities, as they can do a lot of damage to Longswordsmen.

Unique Unit Replacements[]

Icon Unit Civilization Abilities
Unitflag ballistaelephant
Ballista Elephant
Champa (Chế Bồng Nga)
  • Does not need to set up to attack
  • +100% Strength Combat bonus vs cities (vs +200%)
  • +50% Strength Defense vs Mounted Units
IconPNG HuihuiPao
Flag huihuipao
Huihui Pao
Northern Yuan (Mandukhai)
  • Cheaper to construct (100 vs 120 Production )
  • May chop down Forests, each time allowing it to make a single attack without setting up
Korea (Sejong)
  • +85% Ranged Strength (26 vs 14)
  • -9% Strength Combat Strength (11 vs 12)
  • No attack bonus vs Cities
Warwolf England (Edward I)
  • Requires Iron Iron to construct.
  • Pillages the tile it attacks, and surrounding tiles, damaging Cities accordingly.
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