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Map by ExplosiveWatermelon
Map by ExplosiveWatermelon
Siaosi I

Tonga led by Siaosi I is a custom civilization by ExplosiveWatermelon.



While I could discuss the beginnings of Tongan culture, and the rise of the Tu'i Tongan Empire, the truth is those are very different states from the modern Kingdom of Tonga. In fact, the dynasty in power in Tonga is actually the Tu'i Kanokupolu. That's not to say they didn't inherit the culture of these previous states, but rather to maintain brevity, I'm only going to discuss the period from George Tupou I's unification of the Islands until modern times.

Siaosi I[]

George (or Siaosi) Tupou I, born Taufa'ahau, was the first king of a united Kingdom of Tonga. Although not all the monarchies had been united yet, all paramount chiefs had acquiesed power to Siaosi.

Dawn of Man[]

TongaSiaosi LS

Art by ExplosiveWatermelon

May gods quiver before you, mighty Taufa'ahau. Crowned Siaosi Tupou I, you united the islands of the Tongan clans, forming the basis of the modern kingdom. It was your aptitude in battle, as well as politics, that gave you a dominating presence that even colonial powers would cower before. Your faithfulness, however, would be rewarded- Tonga would be unified, and you would become its first king, and a renowned one at that. Your presence would guide your people to new ideas, creating an all-mighty kingdom of God.

Oh, blessed Siaosi I, your people demand that you bring the hammer of god upon the earth once more! They wish to hear your muskets cry as you lead the charge against foreign adversaries. Can you follow the destiny outlined in the stars? Can you preserve Tonga for the Tongans? Can you build a Civilization that can stand the test of time?

Introduction: It must've taken you a lot to get here! My name is Siaosi Tupou I, king of all islands of Tonga. Swim in our waters all you like, but the land is for Tongans.

Introduction: May your visit enlighten us! My name is Siaosi Tupou I, though some here still call me Taufa'ahau. Well, I'll correct them soon enough.

Defeat: It seems my faith and I were misaligned. Perhaps the waters will soothe this broken heart?

Unique Attributes[]

Tonga (Siaosi I)
TongaSiaosi Icon

Art by ExplosiveWatermelon

Sword and Scripture

Converting Cities and adopting Religions generates influence with all City-States that share that Religion. Units start with bonus experience for every City in a We Love the King Day.

TautahiIcon 256

Art by ExplosiveWatermelon

Tau'tahi (Musketman)
  • Has the Amphibious Promotion.
  • When trained, contributes their starting experience as production towards a Tau'tahi in all Coastal Cities.
KavaIcon 256

Art by ExplosiveWatermelon

Faikava (Granary)
  • Upon adopting a religion, enter a We Love the King Day.
  • If the City hasn't adopted a religion, it'll convert to the religion of one of your Friends.
City List
  1. Pangai
  2. Nuku'alofa
  3. Neiafu
  4. Kolovai
  5. Mu'a
  6. Hihifo
  7. 'Utulau
  8. Kanokupolu
  9. Ha'afeva
  10. Tongoleleka
  11. Ha'ato'u
  12. Nukuleka
  13. Niutoua
  14. Toloa
  15. Nukunuku
  16. Falevai
  17. Holopeka
  18. Koulo
  19. 'Ohonua
  20. Haveluloto
  21. Angaha
  22. 'Uiha
  23. Muitoa
  24. Fakakakai
  25. Faleloa
  26. Fangale'ounga
  27. Vaipoa
  28. Falehou
  29. Kolonga
  30. Houma
  31. Vaini
Spy List
  • Shirley
  • Tevita
  • Salote
  • Tupouto'a
  • Fatafehi
  • 'Elisiva
  • Finau
  • Hoamofaleono
  • Aho'eitu
  • 'Enele



Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 2
Last Updated: 6 November 2022

  • Explosive Watermelon: Lead Author, Design, Code, Art
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