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Pre-Industrial Icon. Art by Tomatekh.

Great Spy is a Civilization V mod created by Tomatekh. It adds the Great Spy as a new great person type to the Brave New World base game. The unit is designed to function independent of (but also complement) the existing espionage system. The mod also adds additional wonders, buildings, and beliefs and updates several existing buildings and policies to accommodate the new unit.


From the ninjas of feudal Japan, to the quimitchin of the Aztec Triple Alliance, to the spymasters of the British Empire, "Great Spies" are those individuals who have slipped unseen into foreign lands to gather intelligence and return to whisper what they've learned into the ears of kings. They pull the strings of world leaders, rig elections, and tip the hands of revolutionaries when needed. They guide an undercurrent of history filled with deception, sabotage, and assassination.


The Great Spy excels at exploring foreign territory and sabotaging rival civilizations. Its primary ability is to conduct Espionage Missions; thirteen unique actions that enable you to cause anarchy, destroy resources, lower city population, and even steal great works. As a secondary ability, the Great Spy receives passive bonuses to movement, sight, and the ability to enter rival territory. Additionally, as long as the Great Spy is on a tile owned by another civilization, you will be able to see that civilization's current culture level and research project.

List of Names

Great Spy Names
  1. Pebekkamen
  2. Ephialtes
  3. Jing Ke
  4. Qin Wuyang
  5. Calippus
  6. Leone Alberti
  7. John Barlow
  8. Francis Walsingham
  9. Hattori Hanzo
  10. Balthasar Gerard
  11. Anthony Babington
  12. Ishikawa Goemon
  13. Gaspar Graziani
  14. Guy Fawkes
  15. John Honeyman
  16. Nathan Hale
  17. Charlotte Corday
  18. Giacomo Casanova
  19. Allan Pinkerton
  20. William Melville
  21. Belle Boyd
  22. Sidney Reilly
  23. An Jung-Geun
  24. Claude Dansey
  25. Mata Hari
  26. J. Edgar Hoover
  27. Moe Berg
  28. Ethel Rosenberg
  29. Fritz Joubert Duquesne
  30. Claus von Stauffenberg
  31. Suzanne Spaak
  32. William Donovan
  33. Mark Swiss
  34. Thomas Knowlton
  35. Karl Schulmeister
  36. William Wickham


Intelligence.png Intelligence is a new pseudo-yield primarily used to generate Great Spies and fund their more powerful Espionage Missions. Additionally, whenever you reach 50% of your current Great Spy generation threshold your Intelligence.png Intelligence level will reveal a strategic resource plot before researching its prerequisite technology (i.e. reveal a source of Iron before researching Bronze Working). Late game, excess Intelligence.png Intelligence can be exchanged to increase your score. Intelligence.png Intelligence is generated through wonders, buildings (the defensive line – walls, castles, etc. – and the new Tavern building), and certain beliefs and social policies. Additionally, once you construct either the constabulary or police station in a city, you can generate Intelligence.png Intelligence from Unemployed.png Unemployed Citizens.

Espionage Missions

All Espionage Missions always have a 100% chance to succeed. Certain missions have an additional survival chance which returns the Great Spy to your Capital.png Capital allowing you to re-use the unit; this has no impact on the success of the mission. The presence of espionage buildings in the target city alter mission costs, rewards, and survival chance.

Espionage Missions cannot be conducted against a rival civilization that has recently undertaken the "Perform Counterespionage" mission.

Icon Mission Requirements Effect
Steal Gold
  • Must be adjacent to a foreign City
  • Steal Gold.png Gold from the target Civilization and add it to your Gold.png Gold reserves
  • 50% Survival Chance
Spread Propaganda
  • Must be adjacent to a foreign City
  • Reduce the target Civilization's current CultureIcon.png Culture and Goldenage.png Golden Age progress by 25%.
  • 33% Survival Chance
Smuggle Great Work
  • Intelligence.png Intelligence equal to 25% of your Great Spy Threshold
  • Must be adjacent to a foreign City with an available Greatwork.png Great Work
  • Must have an available Greatwork.png Great Work Slot of the corresponding type
  • Steal a random Greatwork.png Great Work from the target City
  • 10% Survival Chance
Kidnap Great Person
  • Intelligence.png Intelligence equal to 50% of your Great Spy Threshold
  • Must be stationed on a standard Great Person Tile Improvement
  • Destroy the target standard Great Person Tile Improvement and return the corresponding Great Person type to your Capital.png Capital
Destroy Resource
  • Intelligence.png Intelligence equal to 12.5% of your Great Spy Threshold
  • Must be stationed on a Strategic Resource
  • Must have researched the Resource's prerequisite Technology
  • Destroy the target Strategic Resource and any pillageable Improvement on the Tile
  • 20% Survival Chance
Sabotage Production
  • Must be adjacent to a foreign City
  • Reduce the target Civilization's current Science.png Research and Wonder Production.png progress by 33%
  • 25% Survival Chance
Poison Water
  • Must be adjacent to a foreign City
  • Reduce the Citizen.png Population of the target City with an additional chance to lower the Citizen.png Population of any foreign City connected to the target by Trade Route
  • 33% Survival Chance
Incite City Revolt
  • Must be adjacent to a foreign City
  • Cause the target City to enter into Resistance
  • 75% Survival Chance
Cause Anarchy
  • Must be adjacent to a foreign Capital.png Capital
  • Cause the target Civilization to enter into turns of Anarchy
Recruit Partisans
  • Intelligence.png Intelligence equal to 25% of your Great Spy Threshold
  • Must be adjacent to a foreign City
  • Spawn Barbarian Units to attack the target City
  • 15% Survival Chance
Perform Counterespionage
  • Must be adjacent to a foreign Capital.png Capital
  • Prevent Great Spy missions from targeting your Civilization and significantly reduce the effectiveness of enemy Spies in your Cities
  • 66% Survival Chance
Sell Secrets
  • At least 250 Intelligence.png Intelligence[1]
  • Must be adjacent to a foreign City
  • A repeatable mission that allows you to exchange excess Intelligence.png Intelligence to increase your Score
  • 99% Survival Chance
Abort Mission
  • Must be conducting an Espionage Mission
  • Cancel the current mission and return to the game map


Icon Building Technology Bonus
Tavern[2] Machinery
  • Unemployed.png Unemployed Citizens in this City provide +1 Gold.png Gold
  • +2 Intelligence.png Intelligence

Changes to standard buildings

Building Changes
  • +1 Intelligence.png Intelligence
  • +1 Intelligence.png Intelligence
  • Unemployed.png Unemployed Citizens in this City provide +1 Intelligence.png Intelligence
Military Base
  • +1 Intelligence.png Intelligence
Police Station
  • Unemployed.png Unemployed Citizens in this City provide +1 Intelligence.png Intelligence
  • +1 Intelligence.png Intelligence

Changes to mod buildings

Building Mod Changes
Bastion Enlightenment Era
  • +1 Intelligence.png Intelligence
Jail Cities in Development
  • +1 Intelligence.png Intelligence
Maydan The Timurids
  • +1 Intelligence.png Intelligence


Icon Building Technology Bonus
Motherland Calls[3] Railroad
  • +50% Production.png Production when building Armor Units
  • 1 Free Social Policy
  • Requires Order

Changes to standard wonders

Wonder Changes
  • +1 Intelligence.png Intelligence
Great Firewall
  • +3 Intelligence.png Intelligence
Great Wall
  • +1 Intelligence.png Intelligence
Himeji Castle
  • +2 Intelligence.png Intelligence
  • A Great Spy appears near the City
  • Great Spies have +10% chance to survive Espionage Missions
  • +20% Intelligence.png Intelligence in all Cities
  • Requires Military Science (from Railroad)
National Intelligence Agency
  • Unemployed.png Unemployed Citizens in this City provide +1 Science.png Science.
  • Global Spy Defense is reduced to 10% (from 15%)
  • +4 Intelligence.png Intelligence
  • +1 Intelligence.png Intelligence
Red Fort
  • +2 Intelligence.png Intelligence
Terracotta Army
  • +2 Intelligence.png Intelligence

Changes to mod wonders

Wonder Mod Changes
Fasil Ghebbi Enlightenment Era
  • +2 Intelligence.png Intelligence
White Tower Cities in Development
  • +2 Intelligence.png Intelligence


Belief Type Bonus
Mystery Cults Pantheon
  • Unemployed.png Unemployed Citizens provide +1 FaithIcon.png Faith
Negative Theology Enhancer
  • 15% of your FaithIcon.png Faith output is also added as Intelligence.png Intelligence


Changes to standard policies

Policy Changes
Mercenary Army
  • +1 Intelligence.png Intelligence from Taverns.
Military Castes
  • Each City with a Garrison provides +1 Intelligence.png Intelligence
  • Garrison CultureIcon.png Culture bonus is reduced to 1 (from 2)

Full Credits List

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: BNW v. 12
Last Updated: 6 August 2017

  • Janboruta: Tavern icon
  • Sukritact: Motherland Calls icon
  • Danrell: Ninja unit model conversion
  • Tomatekh: All code and art otherwise not listed (primary author)

Notes and References

  1. 168, 250, 375, 750 on Quick, Standard, Epic, Marathon speeds, respectively.
  2. If using the Enlightenment Era mod, the new effects are added onto the existing Tavern building. However, the Happy.png Happiness bonus is reduced to 1 (from 2).
  3. In terms of the game files, this wonder is the old Kremlin entry ("BUILDINGCLASS_KREMLIN") with the artwork changed as opposed to a new building entry.
  4. These bonuses replace the Kremlin's previous effects. In terms of the game files, this wonder is a new building entry ("BUILDINGCLASS_SPY_KREMLIN") with the old Kremlin entry used for Motherland Calls.
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