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Tidore led by Nuku Muhammad Amiruddin is a custom civilization mod by Grant.

This mod requires Brave New World.



Sultanate of Tidore (Indonesian: Kesultanan Tidore, sometimes Kerajaan Tidore) was a sultanate in Southeast Asia, centered on Tidore in the Spice Islands (presently in North Maluku Province. It was a rival of Sultanate of Ternate for control of the spice trade, and had an important historical role as binding the archipelagic civilizations of Indonesia to the Papuan world.

Together, the two sultanates Ternate and Tidore exercised suzerainty over a huge area from Sulawesi to West Papua. Supposedly, the first Tidore sultan Ciri Leliatu invaded the Papuan island Gebe, a local power center, in the late 15th century and thereby gained access to valuable forest products of the Raja Ampat Islands and New Guinea. Some sources date the start of Tidore influence in these quarters to his son al-Mansur, who bonded a chief from Waigeo, Gurabesi, and created bonds with Papuan villages with his assistance. However, the Papuan dependencies are only documented in the 17th century. Tidore furthermore ruled over parts of Halmahera and islands close by, especially the Gamrange area in the south-east (Maba, Weda and Patani). At times, Tidore controlled East Seram, and laid claims to outlying places such as Buru and Aru.

Nuku Muhammad Amiruddin[]

Nuku Muhammad Amiruddin (1738–1805), also known as Prince Nuku or Sultan Nuku, was known as the greatest sultan of Tidore. His father was Sultan Jamaluddin, a ruler of the Sultanate of Tidore, who was arrested and exiled to Batavia by the Dutch colonials in 1776. After the exile of his father, the Dutch appointed Kaicil Gay Jira as sultan of Tidore, who was later replaced by his son, Patra Alam; Amiruddin and Kamaluddin opposed this replacement. Amiruddin then built a kora-kora armada around Seram Island and Papua, indicating Kamaluddin as the true sultan. In 1781, Amiruddin declared that he bore the title "Sri Maha Tuan Sultan Amir Muhammad Saifuddin Syah" ("The Great Overlord Sultan Amir Muhammad Saifuddin, the Shah"). Responding to this, the Dutch attacked and defeated Amiruddin's army; however, Amiruddin was not caught. In 1783, the Dutch attacked Amiruddin's army again. The Dutch commander and most of his men were killed, and the survivors were captured.

In October 1783, the Dutch post on Tidore was attacked by Amiruddin's force, and all the Europeans were killed. This was heating up the rivalry between the kingdom of Ternate and Tidore. In November of the same year, Ternate helped the Dutch attack Tidore. The Dutch then, in December, enforced an agreement and appointed Sultan Hairul Alam Kamaluddin Kaicili Asgar, a prince exiled to Ceylon, as the new puppet sultan.

In 1787, Amiruddin's base in eastern Seram was attacked and seized by the Dutch forces; however, Amiruddin managed to escape. Amiruddin then built a new base in Gorong island. He also entered a friendly relationship with Britain. After receiving some armaments from Britain, Amiruddin's army attacked the Dutch and won the battle. The Dutch then offered Amiruddin a position, if he would negotiate with Sultan Kamaluddin; however, Amiruddin refused the proposition. Instead, he increased the frequency of his attacks against the Dutch, with help from Sultan Kamaluddin's forces. In 1794, Jamaluddin, who had returned, supported Amiruddin's effort. Several rulers of Papua also sided with him. In February 1795, Abdulgafur, Amiruddin's son, led a force to Tidore.In 1796, Amiruddin's forces seized Banda Island. They also took control of Tidore Island on 12 April 1797, after surrounding the island with 79 of Amiruddin's ships and one British ship. Sultan Kamaluddin escaped to Ternate Island, and Amiruddin was unanimously elected as the new sultan of Tidore. In 1801, Amiruddin freed Ternate from the Dutch. Amiruddin died in 1805.

Dawn of Man[]

Greetings esteemed Sultan Amiruddin, Prince of the Maluku and lord of Papua! You rose from a lowly sultan's son to become the unparallelled overlord of the Moluccas, defying Dutch rule centuries after their domination seemed inevitable. Under your rule, Tidore was a prosperous archipelago, rich in forests and spices that were traded freely from the monopolising claws of the west. You helped heal the ancient rivalry between Ternate and Tidore, forming a unified front against the true colonial enemy. Even when all seemed lost and all your ships seemed sunk; you kept sailing and amassed larger and larger navies until the islands were finally liberated. Your death spelled the end of a Tidore that would assert its independence, but your legacy remained as the greatest sultan of the east.


Leaderscreen by Grant

Prince Nuku! Your people need you once more. Sail round the many islands, build as many wooden fleets as you can, and push out those who seek to exinguish the flame of Tidore! Restore the ancient kingdom of Jailolo! Will you take up this ambitious challenge, or lie dead in the water? Will you take up arms for your people? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of Time?

Introduction: "Welcome! I am the the great overlord and Sultan of Tidore, Nuku Muhammad Amiruddin. My fleets are impressive, are they not?"

Defeat: "Despite all my efforts, my fleets were no match for your manpower. I advise you to keep me on as a ceremonial sultan, so that Tidore's legacy may continue."

Unique Attributes[]

Tidore (Nuku Muhammad Amiruddin)

Art by Grant

Restoration of Jailolo

Improving a resource around a coastal city for the first time claims adjacent coastal and island tiles. Upon war, naval units in production spawn additional copies per the number of exported luxuries when trained.


Art by Grant

Kora-kora (Galleass)
  • Gains CultureIcon Culture toward border growth in the nearest city from Blockading enemy Cities, based on the number of Luxury resources you have.
  • If in city state-territory, Citystate City-State units adjacent to a Kora-Kora can be taken as workers.

Art by Grant

Utusan (Great Merchant)
  • Custom Houses created by Utusan claim adjacent Coastal tiles.
  • If inside the territory of a city-state, nearby combat units may pressure the Citystate City-State into allowing tribute much more effectively. This can be repeated with each city-state further away from the Capital Capital than the last.
City List
  1. Tidore
  2. Soasiu
  3. Maba
  4. Weda
  5. Patani
  6. Mareko
  7. Dojado
  8. Bicoli
  9. Gurabati
  10. Tuguiha
  11. Gebe
  12. Waigama
  13. Salawati
  14. Waigeo
  15. Sailolof
  16. Lelewi
  17. Leitimor
  18. Fatagar
  19. Gamlamo
  20. Guruamela
  21. Liloba
  22. Iha
  23. Keffing
  24. Batanta
  25. Gamsungi
  26. Binongko
  27. Joronga
  28. Warparear
  29. Kabilolo
  30. Waigamerok
  31. Kiandarat
  32. Lilinta
  33. Manawoka
  34. Wajag
  35. Gemaf
  36. Sebonpopo
  37. Manyaifun
  38. Efbe
  39. Uta
  40. Luwo
  41. Woto
Spy List
  • Abdulgafur
  • Zainal
  • Djafar
  • Balibunga
  • Bosamawange
  • Djamaluddin
  • Sarjeti
  • Afrir
  • Subu
  • Saifuddin
  • Syahjati



Peace Theme War Theme

Nusah Indah - Beautiful Homeland-0


Irama Tiwa Nam, Or Irama Nam

"Nusah Indah", by Sanggar Sarawahi "Irama Tiwa Nam", from Letwuan Village Ensemble

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop Downloader
Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 13 May 2020


  • Grant: SQL, Text, Art, Mod Support, lua
  • Letwuan Village Ensemble: War Theme ('Irama Tiwa Nam')
  • Sanggar Sarawahi: Peace Theme ('Nusah Indah')
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