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The Kingdom of the Vandals
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The Vandals led by Genseric is a custom civilisation by JFD and Janboruta, with contributions from Viregel, and Danrell.

This mod requires Brave New World. This mod requires Brave New World and works best with Gazebo's Community Patch.


The Vandals[]

The Vandals were an East Germanic tribe, their original homeland in Scandinavia. The Vandals crossed the Baltic into Poland at some point in the 2nd Century BC. By 406 AD, the Vandals had reached the Rhine. Attempting to cross it, they met fierce resistance from the Franks, who had settled the Romanized regions of northern Gaul. The Vandals decisively defeated the Frankish army, and then proceeded to plunder their way southward. After sacking Frankish and Roman cities, they reached and crossed the Pyrenees in 409 AD and marched into Iberia. Under pressure from the Visigoths there, Genseric led the Vandals across the straits into North Africa in 429. There Genseric established a Vandal kingdom in 435 when a treaty with Rome gave them control of the province of Numidia. Genseric broke the treaty in 439 and seized Carthage, along with its extensive shipyards and fleet. Over the next decade, along with unrelenting piracy and raids against the Romans and Byzantines, the Vandals overran Sardinia, Sicily, Corsica and the Balearic Islands.

With the death of Attila, the Roman emperor felt free to end the Vandal incursions and sought to return the lost lands to Rome through his daughter's marriage to Genseric's son. However, through a convoluted series of events and distrust, the effort ended in 455 AD with the landing of a Vandal army in Italy and its capture of Rome.

The sack of Rome proved the highpoint of Vandal power. The death of Genseric in 477, religious tensions, revolts in former Roman provinces, and lack of trade brought a slow decline. In a final costly war, the Byzantine Belisarius crushed the Vandal armies, killed the Vandal general Tzazo and captured most of the Vandal cities. In 534 AD Gelimer, the last Vandal king, surrendered Carthage to the Roman conquerors, ending the Vandal reign forever.


Genseric or more often Gaiseric or sometimes Geiseric (c. 389 – January 25, 477), was King of the Vandals and Alans (428–477) who established the Vandal Kingdom was one of the key players in the troubles of the Western Roman Empire in the 5th century. During his nearly 50 years of rule, he raised a relatively insignificant Germanic tribe to the status of a major Mediterranean power — which, after he died, entered a swift decline and eventual collapse.

Dawn of Man[]

Hail thee, Lord Genseric, King of the Vandals and Alans, subjugator of Rome, and conqueror of Carthage. For fifty years you led your people as their greatest King; forging from the crumbling remains of the Roman Empire a Kingdom on the edge of Northern Africa. With a formidable and unmatched naval might, the Vandal Kingdom quickly seized the throne of the Mediterranean, and in 455 AD joined the other barbarian Kingdoms in their great feast upon the carcass of Rome.

Genseric Diplo

Leaderscene by Janboruta

O' fearsome Lord, great empires bloated with wealth lie upon the horizons, and your people thirst for a leader with the terrible might to drain those empires of their golden blood. Can you raise a mighty fleet to wrest control of the seas? Can you make once great empires tremble in fear of your power? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?

Introduction: "Hail! I am Genseric, King of the Vandals. You'll soon come to know me well enough."

Defeat: "You may have slain me, but you will never steal victory from me."

Unique Attributes[]

The Vandals (Genseric)

Art by Janboruta

Great Migration

Units start with +1 Moves Movement and ignore borders in Coast or Coastal Land. Cities founded on foreign Continents begin with extra Citizen Population and Tiles.

Alan Cavalry

Art by Janboruta

Alani Cavalry (Horseman)
  • No Combat Penalty against Cities.
  • Can be trained as a Settler, halting City Growth in the process.

Art by Janboruta

Trihemiolia (Trireme)
  • Begins with the Coastal Raider Promotion.
    • Cities with a stationed Trihemiolia are Razed twice as quickly.




Peace Theme War Theme

Genseric - Vandals Peace


Genseric - Vandals War

"Viking invasion" from the soundtrack of Medieval: Total War "Casting the Shadow" from the soundtrack of Battle for Middle-Earth.

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Events and Decisions[]

Become King of the Alans
Together with our powerful brothers, the Alani, we have tamed this ferocious land in spite of our many enemies. Now we must assert our dominance over them, so that they may know their father's name: Genseric, leader of the Vandals, and King of the Alans.
  • Player must be the Vandals.
  • Must have a Government.[1]
  • Must have at least 50% SovereigntyIcon Sovereignty.[2]
  • Must own at least three cities.
  • May only be enacted once per game.
  • 450 CultureIcon Culture.
  • 2 Magistrates Magistrate/Dignitary Dignitaries.[3]
  • Civilization becomes known as the Vandals and Alans.
  • Mounted Units may capture defeated enemies.
  • Gain 2 Horses Horse resources.
Impose Religious Taxes
Amongst our conquered possessions are those who would refuse to practice our beliefs. Instead of flailing and executing them as they might better deserve, let us instead tax them for what they are worth.
  • Player must be the Vandals.
  • Must have control 1 foreign Capital.
  • May only be enacted once per game.
  • 400 Gold Gold.
  • 2 Magistrates Magistrate.
  • +2 Gold Gold for each Religion that has at least 1 follower in conquered cities.

St. Augustine[]

As we lay siege to the city of x, we have been asked by our foes to offer reprieve to an important religious leader; St. Augustine, who is trapped amidst our assault.

Option 1: If they value his life, they will surrender the City!

  • Lose 200 FaithIcon Faith
  • 50% chance x will immediately surrender with no warmonger penalty

Option 2: We shall spare his life then, and see to it that he leaves the city unharmed.

  • x heals 20 damage
  • Gain 130 FaithIcon Faith

Option 3: He shall make a fine ransom. We must not harm him.

  • x heals 10 damage
  • Gain 90 Gold Gold

The Arian Heresy[]

Ulfilas, a Gothic missionary from the east, has come to appeal to us the case of the heretic Arius. The teachings of Arius, known as Arianism, have been declared heretical by many of the religious empires in the world, but Ulfilas has appealed to us to defend them instead.

Option 1: Execute this heretic.

  • Gain 100 FaithIcon Faith (or 30 Piety Piety)

Option 2: We shall accept these teachings, and defend them as our own.

  • All cities adopt Arianism. If Arianism has not been founded, it will be founded in your Capital Capital with randomly chosen beliefs.

Option 3: Religion? Bah. Ask this priest how much his life is worth.

  • Gain 200 Gold Gold.

Unique Cultural Influence[]

Our people are now drinking from the skulls of their enemies and graffiting over our cities. I worry the rest of the world will also succumb to the influence of your culture.

Full Credits List[]

CivFanatics Homepage
Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 7
Last Updated: 23 June 2019

  • JFD: Author.
  • Janboruta: Art (Civ Icon, Unique Component Icons, Leader Icon, Leaderscene, Map).
  • Viregel: Research (City List).
  • Danrell: Graphics.
  • Jeff van Dyck: Music.[4]
  • Battle for Middle-Earth OST: Music.[5]
  • DarioCoelho: Art (Defeat Screen Late).[6]
  • Suzanna-Helmigh: Art (Defeat Screen Early).[7]

Notes and References[]

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