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Third Reich
Wilhelm Strasse
Start Bias
Avoid Jungle
req. mod

Traits req. mod
Aggressive, Inventive

The Third Reich led by Wilhelm Strasse is a custom civilization by Mathetes tou Megalou Aleaxndrou, based on the Wolfenstein reboot (specifically The New Order).


Dawn of Man[]

The superior Aryan race hails you, great scientist and architect of the New Order Wilhelm Strasse! You were instrumental in bringing the Great German Empire to its righteous position as the supreme power on the Earth. While the technological secrets you've unearthed were not of your own efforts but fruits of the JUDEN of ot the Da'at Yichud, better the technology be in the hands of our noble race rather than in the hands of the inferiors. While you've fallen fighting against the slaughterer of Nazis, that infamous B.J. Blazkowicz, your legacy lives on and our Nazi Germany continues to rule over Europe as its hegemon.

O Strasse the harbinger, the Aryan race is once again ready to struggle to prove itself as the master race of this world. Will you lead the Aryan race to further evolution through war and science? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?

Note: The creator of this mod does not support Nazism, racism, eugenics and fascism whatsoever and the words written here do not reflect the mod creator's beliefs.

Unique Trait and Components[]

Third Reich (Wilhelm Strasse)

Evolution Durch Wissenschaft und Krieg[]

Mathalx Deathshead Icon
  • Engineers and Scientists yield +1 Production , which is doubled during a war.
  • Acquiring a Great General grants a burst of Science.

Supersoldaten (Mechanized Infantry)[]

Mathalx Supersoldaten Icon
  • Available Sooner at Penicillin
  • Starts with the Cover I Promotion.
  • Stronger (90->95)

Relic Lab (Research Lab)[]

Mathalx Relic Lab Icon
  • +3 Production in addition to the default Science bonuses.
  • Has a slot for a Great Work of Art or an Artifact. If filled with an Artifact, provides an auxiliary structure that provides +25% Science and another Scientist specialist slot.
City List
  1. Germania
  2. Berlin
  3. Hamburg
  4. Munich
  5. Cologne
  6. Frankfurt
  7. Essen
  8. Dortmund
  9. Stuttgart
  10. Düsseldorf
  11. Bremen
  12. Hannover
  13. Duisburg
  14. Leipzig
  15. Dresden
  16. Bonn
  17. Bochum
  18. Bielefeld
  19. Karlsruhe
  20. Gelsenkirchen
  21. Wiesbaden
  22. Münster
  23. Rostock
  24. Chemnitz
  25. Braunschweig
  26. Halle
  27. Mönchengladbach
  28. Kiel
  29. Wuppertal
  30. Freiburg
  31. Hagen
  32. Erfurt
  33. Kaiserslautern
  34. Kassel
  35. Oberhausen
  36. Hamm
  37. Saarbrücken
  38. Krefeld
  39. Pirmasens
  40. Potsdam
  41. Solingen
  42. Osnabrück
  43. Ludwigshafen
  44. Leverkusen
  45. Oldenburg
  46. Neuss
  47. Mülheim
  48. Darmstadt
  49. Herne
  50. Würzburg
  51. Recklinghausen
  52. Göttingen
  53. Wolfsburg
  54. Koblenz
  55. Hildesheim
  56. Erlangen
Spy List
  1. Elite Hans
  2. Zetta
  3. Gretel Grosse
  4. Trans Grosse
  5. Giftmacher
  6. Quarkblitz
  7. von Schabbs
  8. Jager
  9. Schreiner
Dialogue List
  • First Greetings
    • Ah, a new leader, I see. I am Wilhelm Strasse at the helms of Great Germania. I wonder how you will entertain me
    • Ah, it is entertaining to encounter other races. I am Wilhelm Strasse, and I shall bring upon this world a new age of reason, purity and strength
  • Defeat
    • I will never bow to you..
    • No matter how many soldiers you slaughter, how much concrete you shatter, you will never soil my legacy.


Wilhelm Strasse's Third Reich is a powerful science/production civilization whose bonuses are maximized in war. Strasse may not have the strongest early game and thus won't be the strongest opponent, but the Third Reich will start gaining steam as specialists come into play. Because Third Reich doesn't particularly have a tactical advantage in the early-midgame, the Third Reich's strategy would have to involve strictly using numbers and science advantages from generating Great Generals to keep the Third Reich afloat in a total war scenario. Having even a single opponent triggers this bonus, meaning that the Third Reich is rewarded for going to war and even more so for actually fighting since generating Great Generals aid in science and is the only early Science bonus Strasse has asides from the Civ IV Trait if enabled. Having a great amount of land to extract artifacts from is important, as the Unique building's bonus is maximized by having artifacts.

Given that the Third Reich is more economic than military in terms of its bonuses, Third Reich may instead choose to pursue a peaceful strategy, giving up on some of the trait bonuses and instead maximize the Relic Lab bonuses by going tall, settling for a few cities to fill the artifact slots and use that for a Science victory instead. Should the Third Reich pursue a more traditional conquest strategy, it'd benefit handsomely from either Order or Autocracy, whereas a more peaceful science victory would make the Third Reich look towards Freedom instead, although Order will also work just as well.


Peace Theme War Theme

Wolfenstein The New Order OST - Deathshead (Extended)


17. Prototype - Wolfenstein The New Order Soundtrack

"Deathshead" "Prototype"

Full Credits[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 2
Last Updated: January 20, 2020

  • Mathetes tou Alexandrou: LUA, XML
  • Id Software: Intellectual Properties
  • MachineGames: Images
  • Mick Gordon: Peace and War Themes
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