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The Swedes led by Erik is a custom civilization mod by JFD, with contributions from TarcisioCM, Janboruta, and DarthKyofu.

This mod requires Brave New World.


The Swedes[]

The Swedes were a North Germanic tribe who inhabited Svealand ("land of the Swedes") in central Sweden and one of the progenitor groups of modern Swedes, along with the Geats and Gutes.

The first author who wrote about the tribe is Tacitus, who in his Germania, from 98 CE mentions the Suiones. Jordanes, in the sixth century, mentions Suehans and Suetidi. According to early sources such as the sagas, especially Heimskringla, the Swedes were a powerful tribe whose kings claimed descendence from the god Freyr. During the Viking Age they constituted the basis of the Varangian subset, the Vikings that travelled eastwards (see Rus' people).


Eric the Victorious was a Swedish monarch as of around 970. Since he is the first Swedish king in a consecutive regnal succession, who is attested in sources independent of each other, Sweden's list of rulers usually begins with him. His son Olof Skötkonung, however, is considered the first ruler documented to definitely have been accepted both by the original Swedes around Lake Mälaren and by the Geats around Lake Vättern, which peoples were fundamental in forming the nation of Sweden. Some sources have referred to Eric the Victorious as either King Eric V or Eric VI, modern inventions by counting backwards from Eric XIV (1560–68), who adopted his numeral according to a mythological history of Sweden. Whether or not there were any Swedish monarchs named Eric before Eric the Victorious is disputed, with some historians claiming that there were several earlier Erics, and others questioning the reliability of the primary sources used and the existence of these earlier monarchs. The list of monarchs after him is also complicated and sketchy in some early periods, which makes the assignment of any numeral problematic (see Eric and Eric and Erik Årsäll) whether counting backward or forward.

Dawn of Man[]

"The Swedes rally to your battlecry, mighty King Erik! By ancient sagas, you were the first King of Sweden, and by your prowess on the battlefield you would come to lay the foundation for a future Swedish kingdom. During a time of division and friction amongst Sweden's squabbling nobles, you proved yourself blessed by Odin and won the right to call yourself king over them all. Truly are you remembered as the Erik the Victorious!


Art by TarcisioCM

The call to battle once more beckons, O' warrior-king Erik. Odin's enemies are plenty, but his blessing is strong. Can you lead your noble warriors to your side and into battle? Can you earn the right to call yourself king over all the Swedes? Can you build a civilization that can stand the test of time?"

Introduction: "Hah-hah! You look cold, wanderer. I am Erik, King of the Swedes. What brings you to these lands?"

Defeat: "A fine battle. Perhaps you should be called the Victorious! Hah-hah!"

Unique Attributes[]

The Swedes (Erik)

Art by JFD

Blessed With Victory

Clearing a Barbarian Encampment triggers a 'We Love the King Day' in all cities. Receive Great General Points when a city grows in Citizen Population.


Art by JFD

Huskarl (Swordsman)
  • Begins with the XP normally granted by a Runestone even when the city is not in a 'We Love the King Day', or otherwise double.
  • Receive a free Huskarl when a Great General is spawned.

Art by Janboruta

Runestone (Shrine)
  • +10 XP to newly trained units if the city is in a 'We Love the King Day'.
  • Costs no maintenance.
City List
  1. Uppsala
  2. Sigtuna
  3. Västerås
  4. Skara
  5. Nyköping
  6. Lödöse
  7. Kalmar
  8. Visby
  9. Aranaes
  10. Vaxjö
  11. Telje
  12. Arboga
  13. Falköping
  14. Skänninge
  15. Västervik
  16. Orebro
  17. Stockholm
  18. Jönköping
  19. Linköping
  20. Enköping
  21. Trosa
  22. Osthammar
  23. Torshälla
  24. Strängnäs
  25. Norrköping
Spy List
  • Aslaug
  • Skagul
  • Ulf
  • Ragnvald
  • Edmund
  • Estrid
  • Gunhild
  • Sigrid
  • Anund
  • Olof


Peace Theme War Theme
"Among Kinsfolk" from the soundtrack of Expeditions: Viking. "Odinn's Call" from the soundtrack of Expeditions: Viking.

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
True Alternative Leaders
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Additional Achievements[]

This Erik Defintely Existed, Probably

  • Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Erik of the Swedes.

The House of Munsö

  • As Erik of the Swedes, have three cities with a Huskarl garrison and celebrating a 'We Love the King Day' at once.

Events and Decisions[]

Appoint Provincial Jarls
To ensure that our nobles remain loyal to us, we must assign to them their proper titles and duties. Distant provinces will make for an excellent distraction against any plotting.
  • Must have at least 1 Great General stationed in a city.
  • Must have at least 4 cities.
  • May only be enacted from the beginning of the Medieval Era.
  • May only be enacted once per era.
  • All current Great Generals stationed in a city are expended.
  • Gold Gold.
  • Magistrates Magistrates.
  • All cities where a Great General is expended receive +2 Citizen Citizens.
  • Note: The Gold Gold and Magistrates Magistrates cost increase with each Great General you have stationed in a city.
Pray for Odin's Blessing
We owe our prowess in battle to the great all-father - Odin. Before we take to our next, we must pray that he sees fit to bless us with good fortune and triumph.
  • Must be at War.
  • Must have a Pantheon.
  • Must not have founded a Religion.
  • May only be enacted once per era.
  • FaithIcon Faith.
  • All current Land Combat Units are more likely to generate Great Generals.
  • Note: The FaithIcon Faith cost increases with each Land Combat Unit you have.


  1. Birger Persson
  2. Lars
  3. Israel Andersson And
  4. Birger Persson
  5. Girmund
  6. Håkon
  7. Björn Næf
  8. Johan Ingevaldsson
  9. Magnus Gregersson
  10. Greger Magnusson
  11. Filip Törnesson
  12. Höldo
  13. Marl Haraldsson
  14. Eskil Magnusson
  15. Gustaf
  16. Folke
  17. Peter Näf
  18. Lars Petersson
  19. Magnus Bengtsson
  20. Nils
  21. Ulf
  22. Karl Ingeborgsson
  23. Grímur Svertingsson
  24. Kolbeinn Flosason
  25. Finnur Hallsson
Political Parties
  1. Royal Huscarls (Military)
  2. National Democrats (Nationalists)
  3. Sweden Democrats (Populists)
  4. Borgarståndet (Burghers)
  5. Präster (Clergy)
  6. Adelin (Nobility)
  7. Dackists (Revolutionaries)
  8. Moderate Party (Conservatives)
  9. Liberal People's Party (Liberals)
  10. Sweden Democrats (Reactionaries)
  11. Social Democratic Party (Socialists)
  12. The Communist Party (Communists)
  13. National Socialist Workers' Party (Fascists)
  14. Citizen Movement (Libertarians)
  1. Aspet (Baron)
  2. Melik (Count)
  3. Tanuter (Duke)
  4. Nakhararutyun (Chancellor)
  5. Patriatch (Chaplain)
  6. Sparapetutyun (Marshal)
  7. Aspetutyun (Herald)
  8. Hazarapetutyun (Steward)
  9. Chief (Tribal Leader)
  10. Jarl (Prince)
  11. King (King)
  12. High King (Emperor)
  13. Bdeshkh (President)
  14. Riksdagens Talman (President)
  15. Envaldsharskare (Dictator)

Full Credits List[]

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Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 2
Last Updated: 14 January 2019


  • JFD: Author, Art (Civ Icon, Unit Icon), Coding, Design, Research, Writing
  • DarthKyofu: Research (City-List), Civ Icon
  • Janboruta: Art (Unit Icon)
  • TarcisioCM: Art (Leaderscene, Map)
  • Whoward, Typhlomence: Utilities
  • Knut Avenstroup Haugen: Music
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