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Map by ExplosiveWatermelon
Map by ExplosiveWatermelon
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Avoid Desert
Catholicism (HR = Pajelanca)

The Shuar lead by Kirruba is a custom civilization mod by ExplosiveWatermelon, with help from Thirdvoice.


The Shuar[]

The Shuar, more popularly known by a derogatory term unused in this mod, compromise various different groups of headhunters in the Ecuadorian and Peruvian region of the Amazon. They're known for popularizing the 'tsantsa,' or shrunken head as they are popularly known. However, the tradition of head-hunting isn't necessarily one of savagery- while the Shuar are known warriors, they were also traders and artists, shamans and healers, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters. In fact, most of the stereotypes about the Shuar and headhunting are actually based on Spanish propaganda- in reality, the Spanish were purchasing the Shrunken heads as some sort of oddity. Culturally, tsantsa were mainly used within the warrior society to keep a tally of successful combats. Experienced warriors were praised by the society around them, and often held some form of de facto leadership position.


The details of the life of Kirruba (alt. Quirruba) are unknown. They were a Shuar warrior from somewhere in modern Ecuador, and they served as the leader of an army that took a large settlement- what would later become Macas, the provincial capital of Morona Santiago. While it's unknown exactly who Kirruba was, the details of the revolt are significant enough- not only would it have taken tremendous effort to organize the Shuar groups, who are typically isolationist, the success of the revolt is often cited as one of few against the Spanish colonial empire. Kirruba was also known for his particularly brutal nature- stories say he even poured molten gold down the throat of a Spaniard to 'satisfy their lust for gold.' In an odd twist of fate, the Shuar oral history doesn't recount much of Kirruba- most of it is known from contemporary Spanish sources.

Dawn of Man[]


Art by ExplosiveWatermelon

May you stand firm and proud, fierce Kirruba of the Shuar! Your peoples, noble but divided, stood at the edge of Colonial empires at the height of Western hegemony. But it was you, great warrior, who united your people in arms against foreign threat, and having taken the heads of many foes, you finally claimed a victory unlike other contemporary cultures- you remained steadfast against the fiercest empires the world had seen thus far.

Yet, it was not enough. Your people still face many threats in an everchanging world. But all is not lost! Can you rip and tear your way through the necks of those who threaten your lands? May you prove yourself valiant in the face of grand opposition? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?

Introduction: "Hm, a visitor? The Shuar aren't accustomed to such tendencies. Very well- my name is Kirruba. State your business."

Introduction: "Well, well- it's been a long time since we've seen anyone new here. My name is Kirruba. I'm nothing more than a village warrior, same as the rest of my kin."

Defeat: "I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. Death is to be expected of any warrior. If we are to ever be anything less than fierce, then we are no longer Shuar."

Unique Attributes[]

The Shuar (Kirruba)

Art by ExplosiveWatermelon

Visions of the Arútam Wakaní

Upon Growth, Enemy Cities following your Religion have a chance to sacrifice Population to start a We Love the King Day in your nearest City. Units may give up their most recent promotion while garrisoned for Food.

KakaramIcon Full

Art by ExplosiveWatermelon

Kakaram (Lancer)
  • Less movement (2 vs 4) and isn't mounted, but gets the Woodsman promotion.
  • Allied units generate 33% more experience when starting their turn next to a Kakaram, +50% if said unit is also a Kakaram.
AyamtaiIcon Full

Art by ExplosiveWatermelon

Ayamtai (Shrine)
  • Generates +1 Faith for every 3 Population.
  • Grants +15 Experience to Units during a We Love the King Day.
City List
  1. Chupiankas
  2. Kiim
  3. Chinimpi
  4. Tundayme
  5. Nankits
  6. Chiriapa
  7. Yaupi
  8. Tawasap
  9. Yawints
  10. Kunkuk
  11. Warints
  12. Tinkimints
  13. Numpatkiam
  14. Maikiuants
  15. Yunkumas
  16. Uwints
  17. Kuahkus
  18. Tinkimientza
  19. Tsuntsuim
  20. Makinentza
  21. Wawaim
  22. Yukuteis
  23. Utunkus
  24. Kurints
  25. Sunkats
  26. El Tink
  27. Etsa
  28. Wamputsar
  29. Ayantaz
Spy List
  • Shiram
  • Pwanchir
  • Etsa
  • Nantu
  • Tuntiak
  • José
  • Silverio
  • Felipe
  • Marcelino
  • Yanua


EW Shuar Plate


Peace Theme War Theme
'Aparu Arutam' by Juan Uyunkar 'Jungle Chase' by John Williams

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 16 November 2022

  • Explosive Watermelon: Design, Code, Art
  • Thirdvoice: Research, City List
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