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The Qarmatians led by Abu Tahir Al-Jannabi are a custom civilization mod by Urdnot_Scott, with contributions from Chrisy15, Fran, Arilasqueto, and Zharques.

This mod requires Brave New World.


The Qarmatians[]

The Qarmatians were a militant Isma'ili Shia movement centred in al-Hasa in Eastern Arabia, where they established a religious state, sometimes characterised as proto-socialist or utopian socialist. Established in 899 and lasting until being overthrown by Abu al-Bahlul al-Awwam and replaced in Eastern Arabia by the Uyunid dynasty. Its members were part of a movement that adhered to a syncretic branch of Sevener Ismaili Shia Islam and rejected the claim of Fatimid Caliph Abdallah al-Mahdi Billah to imamate and clung to their belief in the coming of the Mahdi, revolting against the Fatimid and Abbasid Caliphates. Mecca was sacked by a Qarmatian leader, Abu Tahir al-Jannabi, outraging the Muslim world, particularly with their theft of the Black Stone and desecration of the Zamzam Well with corpses during the Hajj season of 930 CE.

Abu Tahir Al-Jannabi[]

Abu Tahir al-Jannabi was the ruler of the Qarmatian state of Eastern Arabia, who is best known for leading the Sack of Mecca in 930. The son of the founder of the Qarmatian state, Abu Sa'id al-Jannabi, Abu Tahir became leader of the state in 923, after ousting his older brother Abu'l-Qasim Sa'id. He immediately began expanding into Abbasid territory, threatening Baghdad in 928 and pillaging much of the Abbasid core when he could not break the city. In 930, he led the Qarmatians' most notorious attack when he attacked and pillaged Mecca and desecrated Islam's most sacred sites. Unable to gain entry to the city initially, Abu Tahir called upon the right of all Muslims to enter the city and gave his oath that he came in peace. Once inside the city walls the Qarmatian army set about massacring the pilgrims, taunting them with verses of the Quran as they did so.

Dawn of Man[]

"The End Times beckon my lord! Saturn and Jupiter dance together in the cosmic beyond, their dusky glow basking our temporary world in the radiant light of one simple fact: this fallen realm of ash and dust grows weary. She yearns to shrug off her mortal skin and embrace the divine everafter. This world, my lord, is ending - and our warriros ready themselves to embrace the apocalypse! Stirred by this fact, our bedouin warriors seized the territory of Bahrayn in Eastern Arabia in the early 10th century, founding a revolutionary state dedicated to the worship of the coming end-times, the holy light of fire, and the notion that all are equal before God. Embracing our fiery destiny, our warriors sought to hasten the world's demise with fire and blood, raiding superstitious pilgrims on the route to Mecca, burning the pathetic remnants of the fading Abassid caliphate and, in 930AD embarking on the single most audacious act of villainy in Islamic History: the sack of Mecca. Our warriors burned the city, clogged the holy Zamzam well with the corpses of its faithful, and carried off the Black Stone to Bahrayn, shattering both it, and the collective hopes of the Dar-al-Islam.

Qarmatians LS

Leaderscreen by Urdnot

Great Emir, the people of this world know not what awaits them! It sighs, yearning to be burned clean by the holy light of our Mahdi and the profane light of our torches. Profligate mrotals think themselves better than the Lord, basking in comfortable palaces in Bagdhad and Cairo - will you remind them of their mortality? Will you take up your sword against all who oppose our holy mission, be they Muslim, Christian, soldier, or child? So many Civilisations around us think they will stand the test of time. My lord, can you show them just how wrong they are?"

Introduction: "I have burned temples from Kufa to Mecca, killed pilgrims - men, women and children, from the dusty roads of Arabia to the glittering highways of Cairo. And now, in this final hour of our world, as the cosmic dance heralds the cleansing fire of our Lord, you stand before me? Speak what you must, while you can."

Defeat: "You cannot delay the end times - the holy fire may not be extinguished and soon it will return to burn everything you hold dear. Enjoy your victory for now, heathen, it will soon be nought but ash and bones."

Unique Attributes[]

The Qarmatians (Abu Tahir Al-Jannabi)

Art by Urdnot

First Flames of the Last Days

While in the Territory of a City being Razed, friendly units may move an infinite number of times.


Art by Urdnot

Uqaylid Outrider (Pikeman)
  • -4 Strength Combat Strength (12 vs. 16).
  • -25 Production Production Cost (65 vs. 90).
  • Deals double damage when under 50% health.
  • Upon being killed, damages adjacent enemy units.

Art by Urdnot

Ransom Caravan (Great General)
  • Cannot be expended for a Citadel, but may instead be expended for a Gold Gold and Production Production boost in the Capital Capital.
  • Upon conquering a city, adjacent Ransom Caravans duplicate themselves; duplicating again if the city in question is a Holy City.
City List
  1. Al-Ahsa
  2. Ain Al-Kuayba
  3. Qatif
  4. Hajar
  5. Safwan
  6. Zahran
  7. Juwatha
  8. Basra
  9. Al-Mabraz
  10. Khobar
  11. Al-Bidda
  12. Hafar al-Batin
  13. Al-Ru'ays
  14. Muharraq
  15. Jawatha
  16. Mecca
  17. Jubail
  18. Dhahran
  19. Al-Aqar
  20. Medina
  21. Sa'ad
  22. Sohar
  23. Uqair
  24. Kish
  25. Abqaiq
  26. Kufa
  27. Nariyah
  28. Az-Zarah
  29. Ta'aba
  30. Dibai
Spy List
  • Hamdan
  • Abu Hatim
  • Jafar
  • Abu Said
  • Nasir
  • Zikrawayh
  • Ali
  • Sulayman
  • Esfandiar
  • Abul Qasim
  • Abdul Fateh
  • Abu Hatim



In Civilisation V, the Qarmatians adapt this apocalyptic legacy into a set of truly terrifying bonuses which facilitate lightning campaigns across enemy lands. By razing enemy cities, the Qarmatians may move with impunity, allowing you to quickly wipe out all remaining forces with your cheap and expendable Uqaylid outriders. Before the last ashes have cooled, use your infinite movement to rocket towards your next target, amassing a huge collection of Ransom Caravans along the way through their unique ability to double themselves whenever a city is taken. With these bonuses, the Qarmatians can burn entire empires overnight, collecting holy cities - and the ransomed loot of their reliquaries - to facilitate the ultimate domination victory. Finally, cart your ill-gotten gains back home to redeem it for Gold and Production, allowing you to pump out even more warriors for your next battle.

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 31 October 2023


  • Urdnot: Design, Database, Art
  • Chrisy15: LUA
  • Fran: LUA
  • Arilasqueto: Art (Civ Icon)
  • Zharques: Pedias
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