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The Permians led by Duke Azykay is a custom civilization mod by Grant.

This mod requires Brave New World.


The Permians[]

The Permians are a branch of the Finno-Ugric peoples and include Komis and Udmurts, speakers of Permic languages. Formerly the name Bjarmians was also used to describe these peoples. The recent research on the Finno-Ugric substrate in northern Russian dialects, however, suggests that in Bjarmaland there also lived several other Finno-Ugric groups besides the Permians. The ancestors of the Permians originally inhabited the land called Permia covering the middle and upper Kama River. Permians split into two groups, probably during the 9th century.

The Komis came under the rule of the Novgorod Republic in the 13th century and were converted to Orthodox Christianity in the 1360-1370s. In 1471-1478, their lands were conquered by the Grand Duchy of Moscow that later became the Tsardom of Russia. In the 18th century the Russian authorities opened the southern parts of the land to colonization and the northern parts became a place to which criminal and political prisoners were exiled. The Udmurts came under the rule of the Tatars, the Golden Horde and the Khanate of Kazan until their land was ceded to Russia, and the people were Christianized at the beginning of the 18th century.

The Principality of Great Perm emerged as a separate Komi-Permyak feudal entity in the 14th-15th centuries owing to the easing of the Novgorod Republic. The principality retained a degree of autonomy under the Muscovite rule, but was eventually absorbed into it in 1505. While the city of Perm is a modern foundation named for Permia, the town of Cherdyn was reportedly itself known as "Great Perm" in the past. Cherdyn acted as a central market town, and it is sometimes suggested that perm was simply a term for "merchants" or "market" in a local language, but there have been other suggestions. The same name is likely reflected in the toponym Bjarmaland in Norse sagas. The general region of Great Perm was known as 'wisu' in medieval Arab ethnography.

The principality was located in the Upper Kama area and maintained close connections with nearby Perm of Vychegda (alternatively known as Perm the Minor). Both Perm states had paid tribute to the Novgorod Republic since the 9th or 10th centuries. Perm of Vychegda was Christianised by Stephen of Perm in the fourteenth century and subsequently subdued by Muscovy. In 1451 a House of Princes of Perm gained control of both territories as vassals of Moscow, with the titles of princes Vymsky, and princes Velikopermsky. In fact even though having been Christianised soon after Perm of Vychegda, Great Perm enjoyed greater independence, positioned between three powers: Moscow, the Novgorod, and Kazan. Finally in 1472 an army of vassals of Moscow with the princes Vymsky among them conquered Great Perm and captured their brother Prince Mikhail Velikopermsky. Nevertheless, the latter soon came back again from Moscow as governor and ruled his domain for life. His son Matthew Velikopermsky was finally deposed by the Grand Prince of Moscow in 1505.


Azykay was the Grand Duke of the Voguls, a Muscovite term referring to the Mansi and pagan Komi-Zyrians. In the 15th century Russia had christianized and annexed Great Perm. This created an opportunity to expand eastwards. But between them and Siberia was a land called Yugra, filled with many Khanty-Mansi princedoms which had no intention of giving in. The strongest of these princedoms was Pelym, occupying the Pelym river and the neighbouring vassal states Konda, Tabary and Sosva. In the 15th century it was ruled by Grand Prince Azykay, a particularly cunning and ruthless leader, who would never admit to defeat.

To lessen the influence of Christianity in Yugra, he was set on killing the bishop of Perm Pitirim. In 1455 Asyka joined forces with Udmurts from Vyatka and set out into enemy territory. Asyka's men travelled on boats along the Vychegda river. They loaded the boats with spruce trunks and branches to disguise the fleet as floating trees and sneaked unnoticed into Ust-Vym, where Pitirim and other holymen were holding a prayer. Suddenly Asyka's men jumped out of their boats and killed Pitirim and the rest of the priesthood, raiding Ust-Vym and the neighbouring lands. They returned to Pelym with much loot and fame, proving to both the Yugran warlords and Russia what kind of a man Asyka really was.

However, Asyka's victory did not last forever. In 1467 a Russian general Vasilii Skryabin attacked Pelym, captured Asyka and brought him to Vyatka, forcing him to give an oath of allegiance to Moscow by the ritual of both sides eating bread together with a knife. Yet Asyka, cunning as he was, broke his oath and managed to escape and return to Pelym, continuing his war against Russia. In 1481 he launched a campaign against Perm, destroying the royal capital Pokcha and killing the prince of Perm Mikhail Velikopermsky and his son Matvei.

Dawn of Man[]

Azykay, how you served the pagan gods! You were the wilds of the forest, you commanded the beasts that challenged those who dared to call the great expanse theirs. You united Komi and Yugran, Zyrian and Vogul in an unholy alliance to great success, evading capture three times and landing heavy blows on the foolish Christians in Cherdyn and Ust-Zym. You wanted to reclaim Perm for the Permians - and you almost succeeded, were it not for the armies of the Muscovites, a power much greater than you ever imagined. The Muscovites amassed a great navy, and slaughtered your forces on the banks of frozen rivers. You fled to Pelym, and with that the pagans of Perm were left forever defenseless. Your Yugran brothers, however, survived for two more centuries, in a constant battle for survival.


Leaderscreen by Grant

Grand Duke of the Voguls, only you can unite what has been split apart and erased from history by the Christians. Only you can restore the noble ancestors to their rightful place in the stars. Can you slaughter the slaughterers? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?

Introduction: "Someone shows their face! I am Duke Azykay, lord of the great forests and mountains beyond. If you're here to spread lies, I'll give you a choice; three days on the open tundra, or twenty minutes under a frozen river?"

Defeat: "The gateway to Siberia and its peoples lies before you. May the trees strangle you in your sleep."

Unique Attributes[]

The Permians (Azykay)

Art by Grant

Confluence of the Idols

Capturing Religion Religious Units, raiding Caravans and pillaging Trading Posts induces Resistance Resistance in the nearest city. Greatperson Great Generals will summon units as they move through enemy Tundra and Forest, depending on the enemy's Unhappiness and local Resistance Resistance.


Art by Grant

Batyr (Knight)
  • Produces a Settler if killed during a Goldenage Golden Age.
  • Capturing Religion Religious Units allows the Batyr to attack twice the next turn.

Art by Grant

Krezh Magi (Great Musician)
  • Provides experience towards the birth of Greatperson Great Generals upon creating a Greatwork Great Work, dependent on the Happy Happiness and growth rate of the city.
  • Yields Goldenage Golden Age Points if performing on a Holy Site.
City List
  1. Pelym
  2. Cherdyn
  3. Pyras
  4. Vilyada
  5. Idnakar
  6. Iskor
  7. Uros
  8. Izyur
  9. Emdin
  10. Ekspera
  11. Ižkar
  12. Izhma
  13. Biarmia
  14. Anyushkar
  15. Kuva
  16. Zuvs'rt
  17. Zui
  18. Redicor
  19. Pokča
  20. Usolye
  21. Kudymkör
  22. Rozhdest
  23. Gurya
  24. Viryakar
  25. Prikazan
  26. Mezen
  27. Kalmez
  28. Chegana
  29. Pryany Bor
  30. Belogorye
  31. Vina
  32. Ebga
  33. Vasya
  34. Vich Okhgt
  35. Glyadeno
  36. Dondykar
Spy List
  • Ozhmeg
  • Dondy
  • Dokja
  • Kyldysin
  • Kuaz
  • Ethger
  • Ljufvina
  • Hamund
  • Fedunova
  • Khrap



Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 25 September 2021


  • Grant: Code, Research, Art, Text, Design, Mod Support
  • TopHatPaladin: Lua for pillage button
  • Chrisy15: Lua snippet(s)
  • JFD: Lua snippet(s)
  • DuskJockey: Lua snippet(s)
  • Civitar: Unit Model
  • Kullamäe Jürgen (@JurgenFug): Civilopedia info for Azykay
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