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Ottoman Empire
Map by Janboruta
Map by Janboruta
Mehmed V Reshad
Start Bias
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Protective, Imperialistic
Map Labels Language req. mod
Middle Eastern
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The Ottomans

The Ottomans led by Mehmed V is a custom civilization by TarcisioCM, with contributions from Janboruta, Wolfdog, and bernie14.

This mod requires Brave New World. 


The Ottomans[]

The Ottoman Empire was born in Anatolia (in modern Turkey) at the start of the 13th century. It expanded into three continents and thrived for some six centuries. Many Americans know very little about the Ottoman Empire (it occupies the blind spot Americans have for pretty much everything between Greece and China). This is a great pity, for the Ottoman Empire was vast, powerful, and extremely interesting.

Mehmed V[]

Mehmed V Reshad was the 35th Ottoman Sultan. He was the son of Sultan Abdülmecid I, and was succeeded by his half-brother Mehmed VI. Born at Topkapı Palace, Istanbul, like many other potential heirs to the throne, he was confined for 30 years in the Harems of the palace. For nine of those years he was in solitary confinement, and during this time he studied poetry of the old Persian style and was an acclaimed poet. His reign began on 27 April 1909, but he was largely a figurehead with no real political power, as a consequence of the Young Turk Revolution in 1908 (which restored the Ottoman Constitution and Parliament) and especially the 1913 Ottoman coup d'état, which brought the dictatorial triumvirate of the Three Pashas to power. Mehmed V's most significant political act was to formally declare jihad against the Entente Powers (Allies of World War I) on 11 November 1914, following the Ottoman government's decision to join the First World War on the side of the Central Powers; this was the last genuine proclamation of jihad in history by a Caliph, as the Caliphate lasted until 1924. Mehmed V died at Yıldız Palace on 3 July 1918 at the age of 73, only four months before the end of World War I, thus, he did not live to see the downfall of the Ottoman Empire. 

Dawn of Man[]

May the blessings of God be upon you, oh Caliph and Sultan Mehmed V Reshad! The Ottoman Empire had a long history of glory, conquest and wealth and for many years overshadowed its neighbours, in both military might and prosperity. But, those days are long gone, and the empire inherited by you was a broken, backwards shadow of its former self. Unable to be renewed no matter how hard Sultans and Turks tried, the Ottoman Empire would meet an abrupt end as Enver Pasha embroiled the nation in a World War that it had no business fighting.

TCM OttomansDiplo

Art by Janboruta

Oh acclaimed Poet-Sultan, it matters not that your powers were curtailed by the reckless Young Turks, for it is time to act! The very existence of your once prosperous realm is at risk, as foolish Pashas took the reins of the government and launched the country into catastrophe. Will you restore the rightful powers of the Ottoman Sultan, joining your great forefathers who built up this great empire from scratch and led it to glory and prosperity? Can you build a Civilization to stand the test of time?

Introduction: How are you enjoying the trip? Tis' a beautiful city, isn't it? My precious Constantinople, I barely ever leave it - and I'll try to show you all of it before you do!

Defeat: I hoped I would not live to see this day come... Damn you Pashas, what have you done!?

Unique Attributes[]

The Ottomans (Mehmed V)

Art by Janboruta

Sick Man of Europe

While at peace, receive less Unhappiness Unhappiness from number of cities. Units stacked with Great Generals or Military Advisers may pick unique promotions, depending on which one.


Art by Janboruta

Military Adviser (Great General)
  • May be chosen over Great Generals
  • Nearby units gain +34% Experience from combat
  • May be disbanded to boost Production Production in all cities
  • While garrisoned, units upgraded in city limits gain Experience from buildings they missed

Art by Janboruta

Mehmetçik (Great War Infantry)
  • Acts as a mobile Citadel while fortified with a Great General
  • May upgrade into a Siege, Mounted, or Ranged unit
Great General Promotions
Anatolian Defense: +5% Strength Combat Strength when defending. +15% Strength Combat Strength within the limits of a city settled by you.
Inspiring Leadership: +5% Strength Combat Strength when defending. +15% Defensive Strength Combat Strength against melee attacks if damaged, increased to 30% if under 66% health.
Dardanelles' Hardened: +5% Strength Combat Strength when defending. +33% Defense against ranged bombardments.
Military Adviser Promotions
Western Logistics: +5% Strength Combat Strength when attacking. +1 Moves Movement Point in friendly lands.
Organized Retreat: +5% Strength Combat Strength when attacking. Ignore enemy Zones of Control.
Strictly Drilled: +5% Strength Combat Strength when attacking, and extra +10% when adjacent to another unit.
City List
  1. Konstantiniyye
  2. Ankara
  3. Izmir
  4. Adana
  5. Baghdad
  6. Bursa
  7. Aleppo
  8. Gaziantep
  9. Mosul
  10. Edirne
  11. Mecca
  12. Konya
  13. Jerusalem
  14. Mersin
  15. Medina
  16. Kayseri
  17. Kut
  18. Eskişehir
  19. Beersheba
  20. Antalya
  21. Sana'a
  22. Diyarbakır
  23. Aqaba
  24. Samsun
  25. Şanlıurfa
  26. Adapazarı
  27. Malatya
  28. Erzurum
  29. Denizli
  30. Kahramanmaraş
Spy List
  • Baris
  • Hasan Tahsin
  • Yasin
  • Ismail
  • Osman
  • Mahmut Muhtar
  • Kamures
  • Dürrüaden
  • Mihrengiz
  • Kadınefendi
Military Adviser Names
  • Otto Liman von Sanders
  • Erich von Falkenhayn
  • Douglas Gamble
  • Hugh Pigot Williams
  • Arthur Limpus
  • Wilhelm Souchon
  • Colmar von der Goltz
  • Fritz Bronsart
  • Friedrich von Kressenstein
  • Otto von Lossow
  • Helmuth von Moltke
  • Rudolph Firle
  • Hans-Joachim Buddecke
  • Georg von Kanitz


Ottomans wwi


Peace Theme War Theme

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
True Alternative Leaders
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Events and Decisions[]

Restore the Constitution
The Young Turks have seized control of the government and demand that we implement a democratic Constitution in the Ottoman Empire, and we are in no position to refuse; the Sultan must be relegated to a mere figurehead.
  • Player must be the Ottomans (Mehmed V)
  • May only be enacted once
  • May only be enacted from the beginning of the Industrial Era
  • 2 Magistrates Magistrates
  • Five turns of Anarchy
  • All Goldenage Golden Age Points
  • One free Social Policy
  • Gain a free Military Adviser
Deport Minorities
For too long have we allowed these men to live near us! Too long! They do not share our culture, religion, language or ethnicity and must be gone from our homeland, else they will plot and conspire to hinder us. March them out of here, and leave none behind!
  • Player must be the Ottomans (Mehmed V)
  • Player must have conquered at least four cities
  • Player must have at least three Great Generals
  • May only be enacted once
  • [33% of next Social Policy cost] CultureIcon Culture
  • Loses one Citizen Citizen in each conquered city
  • Gain Production Production in all cities
  • Receive  free Military units

Pursuit of Goeben and Breslau

On 1914, two German ships fleeing from the British navy requested to pass through Constantinople to evade the pursuiters. The Ottoman Empire, although secretly allied to the Central Powers, still was a neutral country and could not permit the German ships to pass. Instead, the ships were nominally transferred to the Ottoman Empire and joined the Turkish navy; this would eventually allow the ships to raid the Russian coast and trigger the Ottoman entry into the Great War.
Option 1: This will not end well...
  • Gain two naval units

The Three Pashas

Although since the Young Turk Revolution you, the Sultan, have been deprived of your rightful power as leader of the Ottoman Empire, it was always a generally good thing for politicians to have the Caliph on their side on all matters. The Three Pashas who took control of the Ottoman government are disagreeing on a new policy and have come to you, seeking legitimacy for their opinions.
Option 1: Side with Enver Pasha, he is obviously right!
  • Loses {1_Culture} CultureIcon Culture
  • Loses {2_GoldenAge} Goldenage Golden Age points
Option 2: Side with Djemal Pasha, his cause is just!
  • Loses {1_Production} Production Production in five cities
  • Loses {2_GoldenAge} Goldenage Golden Age points
Option 3: Side with Talaat Pasha, he is truly enlightened.
  • Loses {1_Food} Food in three cities
  • Loses {2_GoldenAge} Goldenage Golden Age points

A Strange Man Tells His Tale

You have met with a remarkable man at a celebration in your palace, and as he boasted his feats around the room you requested to hear out his tale. And so he began retelling his Saga...
Option 1: He had to leave his waifu behind to fulfill his duty to the Empire.
  • Gains an unique Mehmetçhan
Option 2: He had to dig a mighty tunnel so that he could deliver a beer stash to his buddy.
  • Gains an unique Dwarf-Adviser

Unique Cultural Influence[]

“Our people are now wearing your Fez and eating your Shish Kebab. I worry the rest of the world will also succumb to the influence of your culture.”

Full Credits List[]

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Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 6 November 2015

  • TarcisioCM: Author
  • Janboruta: _
  • Wolfdog: _
  • bernie14: _
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