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The Muisca led by Nemequene[1] is a custom civilization by Leugi[2], with contributions from Tomatekh and Zipa_DH.

This mod requires Brave New World or Gods and Kings[3].


The Muisca

The Muisca are the Chibcha-speaking people that formed the Muiscan Confederation of the central highlands of present-day Colombia's Eastern Range. They were encountered by the Spanish Empire in 1537, at the time of the conquest. Subgroupings of the Muisca were mostly identified by their allegiances to three great rulers: the Zaque, centered in Chunza, ruling a territory roughly covering modern southern and northeastern Boyacá and southern Santander; the Zipa, centered in Bacatá, and encompassing most of modern Cundinamarca, the western Llanos and northeastern Tolima; and the Iraca, ruler of Suamox and modern northeastern Boyacá and southwestern Santander.


Nemequene was the third Zipa of Bacatá, from 1490 to 1514. Nephew to Saguamanchica, ascended to the throne after his death.

During his reign, he had to encounter many rebellions from different tribes inside and outside the Muisca Confederation. The main one was the rebellion of the Panches and Sutagaos, at Uzhaques. The zipa managed to confront them, and the king of the Sutagaos, Fusagasugá, left battle before it even end. Nemequene had to face many battles afterwards, and didn't stop fighting until five days before his death.

He's considered the Legislator of the Muisca Confederation, as he created the Code of Nemequene, remembered orally by the people of the Confederation. Sentences were usually death penalty or repudiation and social exclusion. The acts of incest, sodomy, adultery, robbery, warriors' cowardice and drunkenness were among the penalized crimes. In addition, the code established the rules of inheritance, behaviour, protocol, obedience, submission and tribute.

Dawn of Man

Greetings, oh great Zipa of Bacata, Nemequene of the Muisca people.

You managed to create a code of laws for the Confederation that would be important to improve the unification of the Zipa and the Zaque lands, into a powerful Confederation.

The Muisca Confederation had its center at the city of Hunza, now Tunja, capital of Boyaca. At first united thanks to bonds of heritage, the confederation started expanding with the commands of the Zipas of Bacata, and its beliefs united them in both religion and trade.

Rich in mineral products, gems and gold were an important part of the Muisca Confederation. Gold became a main material of production for clothing, masonry and pottery. It also became an important part of the rituals at Guatavita lake, which led many to believe the legend of El Dorado.

That myth led the Spanish Empire to be more interested in conquering the Muisca lands, however, and that meant the end of the Confederation.

Great Zipa, your people still remember their old glory, and the rich offerings they offered to their gods. Will you rebuild the greatness of the Muisca Confederation? Will you build a civilization that shall stand the test of time?

Leaderscene by Leugi

Introduction: "Our priests told me of your arrival, welcome to our sacred lake Guatavita. I'm Nemequene, Zipa of the Muisca Confederation."

Introduction: "Greetings stranger.  I'm Nemequene. Welcome to the rich lands of the Muisca Confederation, join us while we offer our gold to our Gods."

Introduction: "Stranger, you are approaching the sacred Guatavita, I hope you come with an offering. I'm Nemequene, Zipa of the Muisca People."

Defeat: "Our riches stolen, our cities lie destroyed, our traditions will soon banish to the winds... But you'll never find El Dorado!"




Unique Attributes

The Muisca (Nemequene)

Art by Leugi

Bochica's Teachings

Get +1 FaithIcon.png Faith for every unused 125 Gold.png Gold until reaching Renaissance. Every source of Gold, Copper, Gems and Silver is doubled, and the capital provides two free Gold resources.

Gods and Kings

Get +1 Faith for every unused 100 Gold until reaching Renaissance. Each city you own will generate points towards Chyquys. +1 Faith from Mines, +7 Gold from Holy Sites.

Art by Leugi

Güecha (Longswordsman)

Doesn't require Iron.png Iron, but has increased maintenance cost. Starts with 15XP. Earns experience 15% faster.

Gods and Kings

Stronger than the regular Longswordsman and doesn't require Iron, but costs more. Ignores Terrain Cost. May double attack.

Art by Leugi

Chyquy (Great Prophet)

Chyquys may get Holy Offerings from City-States, yielding FaithIcon.png Faith and Gold.png Gold when delivered to a city. The Chyquy may also get Holy Offerings from Gold, Gems, Silver or Copper in neutral territory, removing the resource.

Gods and Kings

Replaces Great Merchant. May found and spread religions. Builds Holy Sites instead of Customs House. Trade Missions earn more Gold.

  • If less than 33% of the CS citizens follow your religion: 100 Gold.png Gold and 50 FaithIcon.png Faith
  • If between 33%-66% of the CS citizens follow your religion: 200 Gold.png Gold and 70 FaithIcon.png Faith
  • If between 66%-90% of the CS citizens follow your religion: 450 Gold.png Gold and 80 FaithIcon.png Faith
  • If between 90%-100% of the CS citizens follow your religion: 700 Gold.png Gold and 90 FaithIcon.png Faith
  • If you removed a resource: 400 Gold.png Gold and 200 FaithIcon.png Faith


Peace Theme War Theme

The Muisca Confederation - Nemenque Peace

"Danza Quimbaya (Colombia)" by Colección de Ritmos Andinos. Unknown.

Mod Support

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Events and Decisions

Organize the Confederation

Our people, the Muisca, are for now unorganized, and that may mean the end of each tribe because of our many enemies. The Zipa, the Zaque, the Tundama and the Iraca have started a council, and they are debating the benefits of establishing a confederation of the Muisca tribes.


  • Player must be the Muisca
  • Player must be friendly with at least 3 Citystate.png City-States
  • Must be enacted before Renaissance.
  • Must have at least 3 cities
  • May only be enacted once


  • 3 Magistrates.png Magistrates
  • 300 Gold.png Gold
  • 300 FaithIcon.png Faith


  • City 1 will generate +50% Gold.png Gold.
  • City 2 will generate +25% Production.png Production towards Military Units.
  • City 3 will generate +8 FaithIcon.png Faith.

Code of Nemequene

Lord Nemequene, as the Zipa of Bacatá you must ensure that the Muisca Confederation holds its laws and rules firmly. For this, you can establish a code of laws for all the Confederation with adequate punishment for those that disobey.


  • Player must be the Muisca
  • The civilization must not be unhappy
  • Must be enacted within the Medieval Era


  • 1 Magistrates.png Magistrate
  • +3 Unhappiness.png Unhappiness
  • 200 FaithIcon.png Faith


  • Receive a Free Social Policy
  • Receive 50 Gold.png Gold

Full Credits List

  • Tomatekh: Trait help.
  • Zipa_DH: Civ Icon, Map, Ideas.
  • Leugi: All else.

Notes and References

  1. [BNW Leugi's Muisca Civilization]
  2. Patria Grande
  3. G&K Version
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