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The Mohave led by Irataba is a custom civilization mod by RawSasquatch, with contributions from EmeraldRange, Neirai, DuskJockey, Zharques, JFD, and TopHatPaladin.



The Mohave are a Native American people indigenous to the Colorado River in the Mojave Desert. The Fort Mojave Indian Reservation includes territory within the borders of California, Arizona, and Nevada. The Colorado River Indian Reservation includes parts of California and Arizona and is shared by members of the Chemehuevi, Hopi, and Navajo peoples. The original Colorado River and Fort Mojave reservations were established in 1865 and 1870, respectively. Both reservations include substantial senior water rights in the Colorado River; water is drawn for use in irrigated farming. The four combined tribes sharing the Colorado River Indian Reservation function today as one geo-political unit known as the federally recognized Colorado River Indian Tribes; each tribe also continues to maintain and observe its individual traditions, distinct religions, and culturally unique identities.


Irataba's name derives from the Mohave language phrase eecheeyara tav, which means "beautiful bird". He was born into the Neolge, or Sun Fire clan of the Mohave Nation in around 1814. He lived near a rock formation that gave its name to Needles, south of where the Grand Canyon empties into the Mohave Canyon in present-day Arizona, near the Nevada and California border. In the mid-19th century, the Mohave were composed of three geographical groups; Irataba was the hereditary leader of the Huttoh Pah group, who lived near the east bank of the Colorado River and occupied the central portion of the Mohave Valley. Mohave government consisted of a loose system of hereditary clan leaders with a head of the entire nation. Irataba was a member of the Mohave warrior society called kwanami, who led groups of warriors in battle and were dedicated to defending their lands and people.

Dawn of Man[]

"Blessings of the Mojave be upon you, Irataba of the Mohave, Aha macave yaltanack and leader of the Colorado River Reservation until your death. Your large size and skill made you a great warrior, but as you aged, your contact among Anglo-Americans and weariness for war led you to become a man of peace, advocating more for diplomacy than frantic action. An adventurer, you led many explorers through the Mohave area and down the Colorado River, forging bonds with those who followed. These bonds helped you become trusted amongst those in Washington D.C., leading you to negotiate terms for the Colorado River Reservation, which you led your people to without armed conflict. Ever the adventurer, you were the first South Western Native leader to meet with a President, Abraham Lincoln, on which journey you were showered with gifts.

Sas Mohave Irataba Diplo

Art by RawSasquatch

Irataba, the Mohave grow restless. They call for a leader who is strong but firm, who can negotiate with adversaries and be trusted to keep the Mohave’s best interests. They call for your might, your wisdom, your courage, and your compassion. They need another old desert giant to lead them to a new age of prosperity. Can you stand tall and broker peace in the desert once more? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?"

Introduction: "Come cool yourself and your party in the waters of the river, weary traveler. I give you my promise that you may safely rest and be fed here, as well, for I am Aha Macave Yaltanack, Yara Tav."

Introduction: "Welcome, honored dignitary. Please, rest yourself by the cool water of the river. I am Irataba, Aha Macave Yaltanack who has seen my people through many battles and achieved peace. As you can see, I am adorned with the gifts of tribes far and wide. ...Do you have something for me, too?"

Defeat: "I am so weary of the bloodshed. Dark and cheerless are my skies... Please... make it stop. "

Unique Attributes[]

Mohave (Irataba)
Sas Mohave Irataba Leader

Art by RawSasquatch

The Old Desert Giant

When a city is founded, the locations of all nearby Oases and Luxury Resources in Desert are revealed. Receive Happy Happiness from exchanged Embassies.

Sas Mohave Irataba Kwanami

Art by RawSasquatch

Kwanami (Longswordsman)
  • Does not require Iron Iron.
  • Begins with the Amphibious promotion.
  • During Peace, garrisoned Kwanami may extend the length of We Love The King Days.
  • During War, promoting a Kwanami starts a short We Love The King Day in all cities.
Sas Mohave Irataba Kutinyam

Art by RawSasquatch

Kutinyam (Temple)
  • Provides less Faith than the building it replaces, but provides +1 FaithIcon Faith per worked River tile.
  • While this city is in We Love The King Day, River tiles will also yield +1 Food Food if at Peace, or +1 Gold Gold if at War.
City List
  1. Avi Kwa Ame
  2. Hokusave
  3. Aha Kwahwat
  4. Kwaparvete
  5. Huukyámpve
  6. Avi Mota
  7. Selye'aya-ita
  8. Aha Kwi Nyamasave
  9. Miakwa'orve
  10. Avi Halywa'ampa
  11. Ioo-kuva'ire
  12. Kamahnulya
  13. Avi Hamoka
  14. Qapotaq-iv'auve
  15. Hukoara-ts-huerve
  16. Avi Veskwi
  17. Aqwaqa-have
  18. Avi Melyehweke
  19. Amat-kusaye
  20. Mukiampeve
  21. Selye'aya-kumitse
  22. Ha'avulypo
  23. Hoturveve
  24. Avi Tsierqe
  25. Qara'erve
  26. Mukiampeve
  27. Hakwinyava
  28. Oyats-ukyulve
  29. Ahtsye-'aksamta
  30. Hakutsyepa
  31. Avi Kwi Nyamaoave
Spy List
  • Hanyeh
  • Maiman
  • Hobelia
  • Cairook
  • Aespaneo
  • Homoseh
  • Spantsa Oach
  • Tokwatha
  • Charley-Arri-Wa-Wa
  • Aspamekelyeho


Peace Theme War Theme

The Trace


For Strength & Vision, Part III

'The Trace' by Bertrand Nadel 'For Strength & Vision, Part III' by Bertrand Nadel

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
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Unique Cultural Influence

Unique Cultural Influence[]

"Our people are now practicing dream diviation and eating hominy. I worry the rest of the world will soon succumb to the influence of your culture."

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 11 Jul 2021

  • Sasquatch: Creator, XML, Art
  • EmeraldRange: Lua
  • Neirai: Lua
  • JFD: Lua Help
  • Duskjockey: Lua Help, Civ Icon and Colours
  • TopHatPaladin: Lua Help
  • Zharques: DOM and Pedias

Notes and References[]

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