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The Mixtecs led by Eight Deer is a custom civilization mod by RawSasquatch, with contributions from GPuzzle, DuskJockey, and Leugi.

This mod requires Brave New World.


The Mixtecs[]

The Mixtecs, or Mixtecos, are indigenous Mesoamerican peoples of Mexico inhabiting the region known as La Mixteca of Oaxaca and Puebla as well as the state of Guerrero's Región Montañas, and Región Costa Chica, which covers parts of the Mexican states of Oaxaca, Guerrero and Puebla. In pre-Columbian times, a number of Mixtecan city states competed with each other and with the Zapotec kingdoms. The major Mixtec polity was Tututepec which rose to prominence in the 11th century under the leadership of Eight Deer Jaguar Claw, lord of Tilantongo and the only Mixtec king who ever united the Highland and Lowland polities into a single state. Like the rest of the indigenous peoples of Mexico, the Mixtec were conquered by the Spanish invaders and their indigenous allies in the 16th century. Pre-Columbian Mixtecs numbered around 1.5 million. Today there are approximately 800,000 Mixtec people in Mexico, and there are also large populations in the United States. The term Mixtec comes from the Nahuatl word mixtecah, "cloud people". There are many names that the Mixtecs have for naming themselves: ñuù savi, nayívi savi, ñuù davi, nayivi davi. etc. All these denominations can be translated as 'the land of the rain'. They call their language sa'an davi, da'an davi or tu'un savi.

Eight Deer Jaguar Claw[]

Eight Deer Jaguar-Claw (Mixtec: Iya Nacuaa Teyusi Ñaña), or Eight Deer for brevity, was a powerful Mixtec ruler in 11th century Oaxaca referred to in the 15th century deerskin manuscript Codex Zouche-Nuttall, and other Mixtec manuscripts. His surname is alternatively translated Tiger-Claw and Ocelot-Claw. John Pohl has dated his life as having lasted from 1063 until his death by sacrifice in 1115. Consonant with standard Mesoamerican practice, the "Eight Deer" component of his name refers to his day of birth within the 260-day Mesoamerican cycle, which cycles through 13 numbers and 20 various signs (e.g., animals, plants, natural phenomena).

Born on the Mixtec Calendar date from which he got his name, 8 Deer was the son of the high priest of Tilantongo 5 Crocodile “Sun of Rain”. His mother was Lady 9 Eagle “Cocoa-Flower”, queen of Tecamachalco. He also had two brothers, 12 Earthquake “Bloody Jaguar” and 9 Flower “Copalball with Arrow” who were both faithful war companions of 8 Deer. He also had a half-sister 6 Lizard “Jade-Fan”. First the fiancee and lover of 8 Deer himself, she was finally married to 8 Deer's archenemy 11 Wind “Bloody Jaguar”, the king of the city "Xipe's Bundle", also known as Red and White Bundle. The lords of Xipe's Bundle had rights to the throne of Tilantongo and were therefore the most important rivals to 8 Deer's power.

Lord 8 Deer is remembered for his military expansion. The Codex Zouche-Nuttall counts 94 cities conquered during his reign. Almost always pictured wearing a jaguar helmet, he supported the powerful Toltec ruler of Cholula, Lord 4 Jaguar “Face of the Night” in his attempts at expansionism, and was thus awarded a turquoise nose ornament, a symbol of Toltec royal authority. The Codices also tell of his several marriages which seem to have been part of a political strategy to achieve dominance by marrying into different Mixtec royal lineages. He married 13 Serpent, daughter of his own stepsister and former fiancee of 6 Lizard.

In 1101 8 Deer finally conquered Xipe's Bundle, killed his wife's father and his stepsister's husband 11 Wind and tortured and killed his brothers-in-law, except the youngest one by the name of 4 Wind. In 1115 4 Wind led an alliance between different Mixtec kingdoms against 8 Deer who was taken prisoner and sacrificed by 4 Wind, his own nephew and brother-in-law.

8 Deer was the only Mixtec king ever to unite kingdoms of the three Mixtec areas: Tilantongo in the Mixteca Alta area with Teozacualco of the Mixteca Baja area and Tututepec of the coastal Mixteca area. His reputation as a great ruler has given him a legendary status among the Mixtecs; some aspects of his life story as it is told in the pictographic codices seem to merge with myth. Furthermore, actual knowledge of his life is hindered by the lack of complete understanding of the Mixtec codices, and although the study of the codices has advanced much over the past 20 years, it is still difficult to achieve a definitive interpretation of their narrative. The narrative, as it is currently understood, is a tragic story of a man who achieves greatness but falls victim to his own hunger for power.

Dawn of Man[]

"May Dzahui's blessings be upon you, Lord Eight Deer, Jaguar-Claw, conqueror of nations and slayer of gods! It was you who united the Mixtec city-states under your immortal name, rising to the throne of Tilantongo with cunning and brutal measures against those ahead in its line. City after city fell before you in defeat or surrender, and their leaders fell in prostration or else upon the altar. Ninety-four conquests are named in your achievements, and no other Mixtec ruler, before or since, can dare to challenge your title.


Art by RawSasquatch.

Great Eight Deer Jaguar-Claw, the dark shadows of the hills have once again been cast upon the Mixtec people and their homeland, and you must bring back the light. Can you earn the favor of the gods through conquest? Or shall you conquer them too alongside your earthly foes? Can you build a civilization to stand the test of time?"

Introduction: "I am Eight Deer Jaguar Claw, Lord of Tilantongo. I will unify the Mixtecs under my name, but shall you obstruct or aid me in achieving my destiny...?"

Defeat: "So, this is how it all ends...? Take me to the altar, already. Mictlantecuhtli awaits me with fear in his heart."

Unique Attributes[]

The Mixtecs (Eight Deer)

Art by RawSasquatch

Sacred Skins

Conquering a Capital or City-State for the first time grants a free Greatperson Great Person of your choice. Upon the outbreak of war, Great Person Tile Improvements spawn military units.


Art by RawSasquatch

Zandaru (Spearman)
  • Gains a Siege bonus (+25%) when on or adjacent to a Great Person.
  • Generates Greatperson Great Writer points from kills and city captures.

Art by RawSasquatch

Chàa Chii (Great Writer)
  • May be expended to build an Academy or a Holy Site.
  • Cannot be expended for a Political Treatise.
City List
  1. Tilantongo
  2. Tututepec
  3. Tlaxiaco
  4. Jaltepec
  5. Yucuñudahui
  6. Teozacoalco
  7. Xipe's Bundle
  8. Achiutla
  9. Acatlán
  10. Cuilapan
  11. Suchixtlan
  12. Yanhuitlan
  13. Apoala
  14. Teposcolula
  15. Huajuapan
  16. Huamelulpan
  17. Ocelotepec
  18. Amoltepec
  19. Ndaxagua
  20. Xoxocotlán
  21. Monte Alban
  22. Mitla
  23. Nochixtlán
  24. Chicahuaxtla
  25. Jamiltepec
  26. Cuajinicuilapa
  27. Putla
  28. Coixtlahuaca
  29. Chalcatongo
  30. Xochistlahuaca
  31. Zacatepec
  32. Pinotepa
  33. Ocotepec
  34. Ometepec
  35. Juxtlahuaca
  36. Malinaltepec
  37. Tonalá
  38. Alcozauca
  39. Tlapa
  40. Mixtepetongo
Spy List
  • Twelve Ollin
  • Thirteen Death
  • Nine Water
  • Four Ocelot
  • Nine Grass
  • Six Monkey
  • One Reed
  • Seven House
  • Twelve Flint
  • Eleven Rabbit




Peace Theme War Theme
"Corazón Del Sol" "La Battala"

Mod Support[]

Unique Cultural Influence[]

"Our people are now naming their children after your calendar days and seeking the advise of your oracular priestesses. I worry the rest of the world will soon succumb to the influence of your culture."

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

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Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 1 Feb 2021


  • Creator, XML, Art: Sasquatch (AKA Kramer)
  • Lua: GPuzzle
  • Civ Icon: DuskJockey
  • Research: Leugi

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