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The Mayans (Lady Xoc) was created by MC and Leugi, with the contribution of Pouakai, TopHatPaladin, Darth, JakeWalrusWhale, DuskJockey and Zharques. It was released as part of the Civ V 10th Anniversary event.

This mod requires Brave New World.



Primarily inhabiting regions of present-day Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize from the 3rd to 10th centuries AD, the Maya people lived in a network of independent kingdoms sharing a common culture and religion. While their true origin is shrouded in mystery, numerous theories exist as to the early development of Maya civilization. According to archaeological records, the first distinctly Maya settlements were established around 2000 BC. Growing from pre-agricultural communities into vast urban centers, the Maya city-states came to rely on sophisticated farming techniques for both sustenance and trade. Although many of their settlements suffered from an unexplained collapse late in the 1st millennium AD, numerous cities still thrived until the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors in the 16th century.

Lady Xoc[]

Lady Xoc was a Maya Queen consort of Yaxchilan and is considered to have been one of the most powerful and prominent women in Maya civilization. She was the principal wife and aunt of King Itzamnaaj Bʼalam II, who ruled the prominent kingdom of Yaxchilan from 681 to 742. She is believed by many to have been the sister of Lady Pacal.Lady Xoc is best known for adorning Structure 23 in Yaxchilan with 3 lintels (Lintel 24, Lintel 25, and Lintel 26) that depict her performing rituals. Royal Maya women are often depicted via texts and iconography like lintels. However, other women of Maya culture are not depicted in this manner. Also, Lady Xoc appears in the images performing ritual sacrifices, which women were not typically seen doing in ancient Maya art. It is through Lady Xoc and her lintels that we understand just how involved royal women were with Maya rituals and politics.

Lady Xoc's lineage is what led Itzamnaaj Bʼalam to his throne; for this reason, she was his principal wife even though she bore him no sons. He was considered to be a great ruler of Yaxchilan. He was seen as a war leader of his time as he led many ritual battles with the surrounding city-states. He also erected many temples in Yaxchilan. Given that he was such a prominent and popular king, it is interesting to see that his principal wife, Lady Xoc, was one of the few women depicted in ancient Maya carvings. This fact alone speaks to Lady Xoc's popularity in Yaxchilan

Dawn of Man[]

Glory to you, Lady K'ab'al Xook, powerful Queen consort of Yaxchilan. As a popular ruler of the Mayan people, you were not just another queen, but a figure of great importance in your own right. Performing religious ceremonies which were typically reserved for men, you provided blood as nourishment for the gods and allowed the divine to unify with your being. Your central roles in ritual life earned you reverence from your husband, your ritual partner, with your religious activities connecting him with his ancestors. It is your role in religious and political life that has allowed your memory to be preserved for thousands of years.

Oh great Queen consort, the Mayan people call out once again for a leader that can keep the darkness at bay. They call out for someone who can provide guidance from the Gods, someone who will keep their people from ruin. Will you be the one? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?

Ladyxoc leaderscene

Art by Leugi

Introduction: Greetings, wayward one. I am Lady Xoc, Queen of Yaxchilan. The stars foretold your arrival.

Introduction: Who approaches the Queen of Yaxchilan? Make yourself known.

Defeat: The black cloud has arrived. What lies ahead is hidden even to me.

Defeat: Evil has finally triumphed. I woe for the world.

Unique Attributes[]

The Mayans (Lady Xoc)

Art by Leugi

Cenote of the Vision Serpent

Cities founded on jungle tiles are automatically connected to fresh water. May sacrifice units in cities following your religion to start a We Love the King Day.


Art by Leugi

Hadzab (Swordsman)
  • Removes heresy when promoted adjacent to a city.
  • +25% Strength Combat Strength when fighting in forest or jungle tiles.
MCLeugi DzibIcon

Art by Leugi

Dzib Actun (Observatory)
  • Requires an adjacent jungle tile instead of a mountain.
  • Provides +25% Science Science instead of +50%, but this increases to +35% Science Science during a We Love the King Day.
  • Jungle tiles provide +1 Science Science.
City List
  1. Yaxchilan
  2. Palenque
  3. Tonina
  4. Xunantunich
  5. Copan
  6. Tikal
  7. Chichen Itza
  8. Uxmal
  9. Coba
  10. El Mirador
  11. Calakmul
  12. Yokib
  13. Quirigua
  14. Uaxactun
  15. Kaminaljuyu
  16. Ucanal
  17. Izapa
  18. Comalcalco
  19. Lamanai
  20. Dzibilchaltun
  21. Edzna
  22. Sacul
  23. Becan
  24. Sayil
  25. Mayapan
  26. Dos Pilas
  27. Bonampak
  28. Kabah
  29. Seibal
  30. Izamal 
  31. Altar de Sacrificios
  32. Rio Bec
  33. Machaquila
  34. Xtampak
  35. Chinkultic
  36. Xpuhil
Spy List
  1. Camazotz
  2. Coyopa
  3. Gukumatz
  4. Gukumatz
  5. Huracan
  6. Hunahpu
  7. Ixchel
  8. Ixtab
  9. Kukulkán
  10. Xbalanque
Maya (Lady Xoc)



Peace Theme War Theme

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence

Unique Cultural Influence[]

"Our people have now adopted your calendar and predict catastrophes for the near future. I worry the rest of the world will also succumb to the influence of your culture."

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: September 24, 2020


  • Leugi: Design, Art
  • Pouakai: Code, Design
  • TopHatPaladin: Code
  • Darth: Art
  • JakeWalrusWhale: Art
  • DuskJockey: Art, text
  • Zharques: Text
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