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The Mamluks led by Shajar al-Durr are a custom civilization by Zharques, with contributions from DarthKyofu, DuskJockey, Agla, and JFD

This mod requires Brave New World.


The Mamluks[]

The Mamluk Sultanate, also known as Mamluk Egypt or the Mamluk Empire, was a state that ruled Egypt, the Levant and the Hejaz from the mid-13th to early 16th centuries. It was ruled by a military caste of mamluks, manumitted slave soldiers, headed by the sultan. The sultanate was established with the overthrow of the Ayyubid dynasty in Egypt in 1250 and was conquered by the Ottoman Empire in 1517. Mamluk history is generally divided into the Turkic or Bahri period and the Circassian or Burji period.

Shajar al-Durr[]

Shajar al-Durr was the regent and later sultan of Egypt, whose reign marked the end of the Ayyubid era and the start of the Mamluk dynasty. She was the wife of As-Salih Ayyub, the last Ayyubid sultan, who died during the Seventh Crusade against Egypt, and later of Izz al-Din Aybak, the first sultan of the Mamluk Bahri dynasty. Prior to becoming Ayyub's wife, she was a child slave and Ayyub's concubine.

Dawn of Man[]

"You must seize the initiative, oh sultan Shajar al-Durr, the beautiful Tree of Pearls who rose from slavery to establish one of the greatest dynasties of the age. A slave in the Levant, you bore the soon to be sultan As-Salih Ayyub a child and were married to him. But as his life left his body, the Seventh Crusade was battering your cities. Taking command, you took power and, along with some trusted advisors, beat back the Christians, capturing Louis IX in the process. You ruled in your own right, but the Abbasid and Ayyubid remnants would not accept this, so you instead married Izz al-Din Aybak, while still not abdicating all your power. It was your strength that Aybak feared, and he had your supporters murdered until you removed him. While chaos had reigned, you had stamped your authority to establish the Mamluk Sultanate from the ashes of the Ayyubids, as well as leaving an architectural legacy too.


Art by DarthKyofu

Oh formidable Shajar al-Durr, your greatest tribulations are to come. For too long you have been contained, but now, in this new world, you can be released to let the world bathe in the glory of your new dynasty. Can you rise from nothing to be the founder of a consequential dynasty? Will you build a civilization that can stand the test of time?"

Introduction: "Greetings, stranger. Are you here to try and seize my throne? You are not the first."

Defeat: "My name is etched in history. Will yours be?"

Unique Attributes[]

The Mamluks (Shajar al-Durr)

Art by DarthKyofu

The Tree of Pearls

Forts on featureless terrain provide +1 Production Production, which is supplemented with +1 Gold Gold during times of war. All units are healed upon receiving a Great Prophet.


Art by Agla

Salihi (Knight)
  • Receives the Leadership promotion if trained while at war with a civ of a different religion.
  • +15% Strength Combat Strength when fighting on the same continent as the Capital Capital.

Art by DarthKyofu

Sabil-Kuttab (Garden)
  • +1 Science Science for each defensive building built in the city.
  • Provides a Great Work slot which, when filled, provides FaithIcon Faith equivalent to the Science Science generated by this building.
City List
  1. Cairo
  2. Alexandria
  3. Damietta
  4. Rashid
  5. Mansoura
  6. Damanhur
  7. Minya
  8. Asyut
  9. Qus
  10. Tanta
  11. Faiyum
  12. Al-Kulzum
  13. Giza
  14. Mit Ghamr
  15. Al-Bahnasa
  16. El Mahalla El Kubra
  17. Akhmim
  18. Gideila
  19. Faraskur
  20. El Tor
  21. Beni Suef
  22. Atfih
  23. Taba
  24. Al-Ashmunayn
  25. El Qoseir
  26. Girga
  27. Aswan
  28. Edfu
  29. Luxor
  30. Al Wajh
  31. Arish
  32. Gaza
  33. Damascus
  34. Ain Jalut
  35. Tripoli
  36. Hama
  37. Aleppo
  38. Homs
  39. Jerusalem
  40. Dongola
  41. Antioch
Spy List
  • As-Salih
  • Shajarat
  • Zadu
  • Qutlughmalik
  • Khalil
  • Izz al-Din
  • Turanshah
  • Baybars
  • Al-Nasir Muhammad
  • Qaitbay



Peace Theme War Theme

Heavy Mamluk Cavalry - Music Video


Epic Music - Mamluk Sultan Baybars of Egypt and Mamluk Soldiers - دولة المماليك Genie's Bane-Deskant

"Heavy Mamluk Cavalry" by Military History Discipline. "Genie's Bane" by Deskant.

Mod Support[]

Unique Cultural Influence[]

"Our people are now capturing Crusader Kings and pretending their husbands aren't dead. I worry the rest of the world will succumb to the influence of your culture."

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 12 May 2023


  • Zharques: Design, Code (Core, Text)
  • DarthKyofu: Art (Leaderscreen, UB Icon, Leader Icon, Civ Icon)
  • DuskJockey: Art (Map)
  • Agla: Art (UU Icon)
  • JFD: Code (Lua)

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