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The Huron led by Kondiaronk are a custom civilization by Lungora, with contributions from SkiesOvercast, Jarcast, EmeraldRange, TopHatPaladin, Zharques, and DarthKyofu.

This mod requires Brave New World.


The Huron[]

The Huron, also called Wyandot, Wyandotte, or Wendat, are Iroquoian-speaking North American natives who were living along the St. Lawrence River when contacted by French explorer Jacques Cartier in 1534.

The Huron were divided into matrilineal exogamous clans, each headed by a clan chief; all the clan chiefs of a village formed a council, which, with the village chief, decided civil affairs. Villages were grouped into bands (each of which had a band chief and a band council, consisting of village chiefs, to deal with civil matters affecting the entire band), and all the bands together constituted the Huron nation. A large council of band chiefs and their local councils dealt with matters concerning the whole tribe. Women were highly influential in Huron affairs, as each clan’s senior women were responsible for selecting its civil leader.

The earliest written accounts of the Huron were made by the French, who began exploring North America in the 16th century. News of the Europeans reached the Huron, particularly when Samuel de Champlain explored the Saint Lawrence River in the early 17th century. Some Huron decided to go and meet the Europeans. Atlanta, the principal headman of the Arendarhonon tribe, went to Quebec and allied with the French in 1609. The total population of the Huron at the time of European contact has been estimated at 20,000 to 40,000 people. From 1634 to 1640, the Huron were devastated by Eurasian infectious diseases, such as measles and smallpox which were endemic among the Europeans. So many Huron died that they abandoned many of their villages and agricultural areas. Such losses had a high social cost, devastating families and clans, and disrupting their society's structure and traditions.

The Huron gradually reestablished some influence in Ohio and Michigan, but the U.S. government eventually forced tribal members to sell their lands. They subsequently migrated to Kansas and then to Indian Territory (present-day Oklahoma). By the mid-19th century, their population numbered at around 600 people, but early 21st century population estimates indicated some 4,000 individuals of Huron descent.


Kondiaronk, known by the French as ‘Le Rat’ in reference to the many ruses he uses to achieve his goals in negotiations with adversaries, was a Tionontati or Petun Huron chief at Michilimackinac. He was one of the main brokers responsible for signing the Great Peace of Montréal in 1701 after several decades of military and diplomatic efforts to defend his nation.

Dawn of Man[]

"Salutations, Chief Kondiaronk of the Huron, known to the French as Le Rat. Noted as a brilliant orator and a formidable strategist, you led the pro-French Petun and Huron refugees of Michilimackinac against their traditional Iroquois enemies. But this could not last, and in a diplomatic capacity you concluded the Great Peace of Montreal between France and other tribes of the Great Lakes, which ended the Beaver Wars. But this great peace that you had negotiated through your valour, prudence and fine mind was one which you were not destined to enjoy yourself, as, during negotiations, you became gravely ill and died. A Christian convert, your body was buried at Montreal's Notre Dame Church after a majestic funeral, where both native peoples and the French attended in harmony.


Art by Lungora

Chief Kondiaronk, the time has once again come to negotiate. Your people are once again struggling, as the nature of modern politics is treacherous and difficult to navigate. They call for a diplomat and a warrior, one who can both fight and compromise. Will you build the Huron back to their glory once more? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?"

Introduction: "A new friend, or perhaps foe should you not conduct yourself well, I see. I am Kondiaronk and my people are the Huron. Come to my longhouse and we will smoke and introduce ourselves properly."

Defeat: "The dead of the Huron stall forever be still, in graves you shall likely forget. Such a travesty will never be committed worse."

Unique Attributes[]

The Huron (Kondiaronk)

Art by Lungora


Upon completing a Traderoute Trade Route, the origin city enters a We Love The King Day. Ranged Units trained during a We Love The King Day have a chance to retreat from melee attacks.


Art by Lungora

Ruffian Musketman (Musketman)

Art by Lungora

  • -5 Strength Combat Strength (19 vs. 24).
  • +15 Production Production cost (165 vs. 150).
  • Receive two Ruffian Musketman every time one is trained.
  • Defeating enemy Gun units upgrades the Ruffian, granting it +9 Strength Combat Strength.

Art by Lungora

  • Unlocked at Trapping.
  • +2 Gold Gold.
  • +2 Production Production at Economics.
  • May not be built adjacent to each other, does not remove features but may only be built on Forests or tiles with Fresh Water.
  • Spawns a source of Beavers adjacent if constructed in a City celebrating a We Love the King Day.
City List
  1. Ossossane
  2. Arente
  3. Toanche
  4. Touaguainchain
  5. Quieunonascaran
  6. Tequenonquiaye
  7. Carhagouha
  8. Wenrio
  9. Tondakhea
  10. Ekarenniondi
  11. Arontaen
  12. Teaneostayae
  13. Taenhatentaron
  14. Onnentisati
  15. Cahiague
  16. Waubaushene
  17. Isiaragui
  18. Anonatea
  19. Teandeouiata
  20. Karenhassa
  21. Ihonatiria
  22. Penetanguishene
  23. Etharita
  24. Oenrio
  25. Ehwae
Spy List
  • Big Jaw
  • Walk-In-The-Water
  • Round Head
  • Taratouan
  • Splitlog
  • Sangwati
  • Leather Lips
  • Warpole
  • Blind Chief
  • Ochastequin<




Peace Theme War Theme

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 11 July 2021

  • Lungora/FionaDanger - Art, Design, Dialogue
  • SkiesOvercast - Lua
  • Jarcast - SQL, Lua
  • EmeraldRange, TopHatPaladin - Lua fixing
  • Zharques - Civlopedia text and DOM
  • DarthKyofu - Second pass on the art
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