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The Hadza
Map by Grant
Map by Grant

The Hadza led by Indaya is a custom civilization by ExplosiveWatermelon, with contributions from Grant.


The Hadza[]

The Hadza are an indigenous African people centered in Tanzania, within the Rift Valley and neighboring Serengeti. After relatively recent contact with European powers, they have been the subject of a lot of studies due to being a genetic and linguistic isolate- having no related ethnic groups known. The Hadza operate in band societies, and ever since the 20th century have been in contact within the greater global scale. However, encroachment on their traditional lands threatens the Hadzabe people. The Hadza are officially restricted to a reservation, and their traditional lands have been reserved as private hunting grounds. Plenty of Hadzabe find themselves unable to sustain themselves due to an ever-changing political climate.


Although there's not many records on traditional leadership within the Hadza, a well-known cultural hero is that of Indaya. Although potentially mythical, Indaya is known for bringing goods and customs to the Hadza. Stories also record how, after his death, he went to the territory of the neighboring Isanzu people and returned. Yes, AFTER his death. While other recorded figures exist for the Hadza, Indaya seems remarkable as one who is solidly revered and helped form the basis of the Hadza cultural identity.

Dawn of Man[]

The people of the Hadza are inspired by you, oh great hero Indaya. Legend says that even in death you brought customs and goods to the Hadzabe from the far off Isanzu territory, providing the basis for a strong culture. Your contributions stand to this day in tribal oral tradition as a the foundations for a golden age. Recently, the great Serengeti once known for its bountiful harvests has come under threat of new ways of living and threaten to destroy the traditional way of life.

Oh, Indaya, your people are scattered, now. The once prosperous Hadzabe look to you for guidance once more, and may it continue even after death! Can you find other cultures from which you can craft your own? Can your people live off the vast territory surrounding them? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?

Introduction: Greetings, my name is Indaya. My people live in this valley, and have for many years. I'm sure if we get along well, we'll continue to live here together in peace.

Introduction: My name is Indaya, I speak as hero of the Hadza people. Please, enjoy some of our honey we've gathered- we don't usually have guests.

Defeat: I've been through Isanzu lands, I'm sure I'll make it through this defeat as well.

Unique Attributes[]

The Hadza (Indaya)
IndayaIcon 256

Art by Grant

Cradle of Civilization

Units have movement restored upon promotion, and this movement grants Science when spent. Units receive Experience from surplus food in their Origin City after Growth.

TanuWilliIcon 256

Art by Grant

Tanu-Willi Archer (Archer)
  • +1 Movement, and this movement is retained upon promotion.
  • Less Defense.
  • Trained up to 50% faster per Civilization you have met and aren't at war with.
HoneyguideForagerIcon 256

Art by Grant

Honeyguide Forager (Scout)
  • Grants Indirect Fire to nearby Ranged Units.
  • Generates Food on Plains, Hills, and Forest tiles, increasing for every category the plot falls under.
City List
  1. Siponga
  2. Mangola
  3. Tlhi'ika
  4. Dunduhina
  5. Han!abi
  6. Sengele
  7. Umbeya
  8. Bashana
  9. Sanola
  10. Balai
  11. Quetlako
  12. Tikichia
  13. Sedaiko
  14. Kisanakwipi
  15. Goandeka
  16. Gangidape
  17. Mayau
  18. Wamkwimba
  19. Tuwa
  20. Lelangidako
  21. Gola
  22. Hukumako
  23. Djona
  24. Deduako
  25. Isawa Bashani
  26. Mwonyembe
  27. Mongo wa mono
  28. Yaeda Chini
  29. Munguli
Spy List
  • Haine
  • Sengani
  • Ssaabo
  • Waonolakhi
  • !esengogo
  • !hongoscha
  • Ishoko
  • Onwas
  • Mariamu
  • Petro



Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 2
Last Updated: 20 September 2021

  • Explosive Watermelon: Lead Author, Design, Code, Art
  • Grant: Design, Art
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