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The Guaycuru led by Eso is a custom civilization by TopHatPaladin, with contributions from Patum333.

This mod requires Brave New World.


The Guaycuru[]

The Guaycuru are a group of nomadic peoples native to the Gran Chaco region. Extant Guaycuru peoples include the Toba, the Pilagá, the Mocoví, and the Kadiweu. The Guaycuru traditionally lived a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, traveling seasonally between different regions based on the presence of resources: in some seasons they engaged in fishing, and in others they hunted game in the forests. The caraguatá plant, a type of bromeliad, was heavily used by the Guaycuru; its thread was used for nets, bags, ropes, slings, and clothing.

The Guaycuru peoples frequently raided each other, as well as other neighboring groups such as the Guaraní. This practice was greatly expanded after Europeans introduced horses to the Gran Chaco; horses allowed the Guaycuru to raid more widely and more effectively, giving them supremacy over the Chaco. The profit from these raids also allowed the Guaycuru to trade with the Spanish for other goods, such as metal knives and hatchets.


Eso was a warrior and chief in the mythology of the Toba and Pilagá, two prominent Guaycuru subgroups. He was famed for vanquishing a range of evildoers, primarily witches. In one incident, he slew a witch who attacked fishermen; in another, he killed a witch who attacked those who gathered honey. Eso is also credited with defeating the villainous Man With A Sharpened Leg, though Sharpened-Leg would meet his final defeat at the hands of another cultural hero, Carancho the hawk.

Dawn of Man[]


Art by TopHatPaladin

"Your people stand in awe of you, chief Eso! The Guaycuru were a people of gifted raiders, who were able to harvest resources - by trade and force alike - from land all around the Chaco. You were one of their greatest chiefs, vanquishing those who threatened your fishermen and gatherers, and doing it so effectively that you earned an immortal place in your people's mythology. The Guaycuru's raiding skills were only amplified by the arrival of the horse, which you captured from Spanish interlopers. With these animals on your side, you were able to resist the Spaniards for centuries, with the Guaycuru way of life surviving well past 1800.

Eso, though your people are now divided and under foreign rule, they still have fond memories of the time when the Guaycuru were the terror of the Gran Chaco. Can you gather an army that can outmaneuver and outfight anyone who dares approach you? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?"

Introduction: "You have stumbled into the land of the Guaycuru! I advise that you leave, before our raiders find you."

Defeat: "Kill me if you wish, but my people will resist you forevermore."

Unique Attributes[]

Guaycuru (Eso)
IconPNG Eso

Art by TopHatPaladin

Dance of the Scalps

Capturing Cities or clearing Barbarian Encampments reveals sources of Strategic Resources. Units that require Strategic Resources have +1 Movement while at full health, and provide a burst of Food Food to their cities upon birth.

IconPNG Haliaganek

Art by TopHatPaladin

Haliaganék (Horseman)
  • Upon killing a unit or clearing a Barbarian Encampment, restores the movement of adjacent friendly units
IconPNG Nemachaqa

Art by TopHatPaladin

Nemacháqa (Garden)
  • Requires a worked Strategic Resource in its city, rather than fresh water
  • Does not affect Greatperson Great People generation
  • +2 Food Food
  • +10 starting XP for newly trained units
City List
  1. Misión El Toba
  2. Sombrero Negro
  3. San Martín del Tabacal
  4. Laguna Martín
  5. Laguna Los Paces
  6. Jesús María
  7. Nuevo Pilcomayo
  8. Misión Pilagá
  9. Vaca Perdida
  10. Pescado Negro
  11. Buenaventura
  12. Misión Chaqueña
  13. Selva San Andrés
  14. Ledesma
  15. La Esperanza
  16. Rivadavia
  17. San Isidro
  18. La Mendieta
  19. Desmonte
  20. Embarcación
  21. Orán
  22. Salta
  23. Jujuy
  24. Bermejo
  25. Paraná
  26. Mocoví
  27. Mbayá
  28. Kadiweu
  29. Abipón
  30. Payaguá
Spy List
  • Carancho
  • Kosodót
  • Asin
  • Peritnalik
  • Nedámik
  • Weda'ik
  • Aleixo Garcia
  • Tayolique
  • Child-Born-In-A-Pot
  • Kopilitare
IconPNG Guaycuru


Peace Theme War Theme
Link Link
La Juguetone (Chacarera) by Kuki Errante Chacarera del Violin by Kuki Errante

Mod Support[]

Additional Achievements[]

I Qom, I Saw, I Conquered

  • Win the game on any difficulty setting as the Guaycuru.

They Must've Been Ecoterrorists

  • As the Guaycuru, discover a source of Oil or Uranium by clearing a Barbarian Encampment.

Unique Cultural Influence[]

"Our people are now wearing your bracelets and attending your nimatáq feasts. I worry that the rest of the world will also succumb to the influence of your culture."

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 31 October 2020


  • TopHatPaladin: Design, Code, Art, Text
  • Patum333: Unit Model
  • Kuki Errante: Music
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