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The Finns led by Kirmukarmu is a custom civilization mod by Grant.

This mod requires Brave New World.


The Finns[]

The first people arrived in Finland about 9,000 years ago. They probably represented several groups and tribes, including the ancestors of the present Sami. Lured by the plenitude of game, particularly fur-bearing animals and fish, they followed the melting ice northward. The first people perhaps came to hunt only for the summer, but gradually more and more of them stayed over the winter. Apparently berries played a significant role in their diet. Another group probably arrived some 3,000 years later from the southeast. They possibly spoke a Finno-Ugric language and may have been related to the ancestors of the present Finns, if they were not actually of the same group. Other peoples—including the ancestors of the Tavastians—followed from the southwest and central Europe, eventually adopting the Finno-Ugric tongue.

During the 1st millennium BCE several more groups arrived, among them the ancestors of the present Finns. The nomadic Sami, who had been scattered over the greater part of Finland, withdrew to the north. Most other groups intermarried and assimilated with the newcomers, and settlement spread across the south of Finland. The population was still extremely sparse, but three loose unities seem to have crystallized: the Finns proper, the Tavastians, and the Karelians. These each had their own chiefs, and they waged war on one another. Even before the beginning of the Viking Age (8th–11th century CE), Swedes had settled on the southwestern coast. During the Viking Age, Finland lay along the northern boundary of the trade routes to Russia, and the inhabitants of the area served as suppliers of furs. The Finns apparently did not take part in the Viking expeditions. The end of the Viking Age was a time of unrest in Finland, and Swedish and Danish raids were made on the area, where Russians and Germans also traded.


Kirmukarmu or Kirmu was a semi-legendary pagan warlord of the Tavastian Finns in the Hämäläinen area. Ruling in the early 13th century in resistance to Swedish rule, he established his base on the hillfort of Kirmukarmun, now in the Vesilahti munincipality. To Germanic peoples, he was known as Germund, which translates as 'spear guardian'. As a child with prodigal abilities, he quickly grew to become the dominant pagan warlord leading the resistance against Christianization and the Swedes, but his sights were set much further afield; to Novgorod, where Kirmu launched an expedition and managed to attack the city several times. The period 1000 - 1300 were rife with Baltic and Finnic pagan warlord violence towards the new Christian states, but none were as successfull as Kirmukarmu. Some sources refer to him as Wormhound, and not without reason. Upon encountering Bishop Henry, the leading missionary in Finland, known in folk tales as the 'Lord of the Veils' or the 'Lord of Humnu', he tied and stripped him to a tree. The Bishop managed to escape, but not before Kirmu cut both of his hands off. After torturing the Lord of Hunnun in different ways, Kirmukarmun finally managed to kill him. If the stories are true, their surprisingly long survival could be understood as teaching and defending Christianity.

His hubris got the better of him, however, and after a risky expedition to Novgorod not long after Bishop Henry's murder, he was captured by the Novgorodites and began to renounce his pagan deities while imprisoned, if reluctantly and under threat of execution. Regardless, Kirmukarmu was the last of an ancient Finnish line of chieftains belonging to the Tavastian finns, as evidenced by the extensive archeological history of Kirmukarmun, dating back to before the birth of Christ and littered with Vendel/Merovignian era artefacts and royal burials. Various references to Kalev or Caelic, a title equivalent of Caesar or Baesilus in Anglo-Saxon and Norse accounts, which from 600 - 1200 dealt mostly with the Kvenland (Ostrobothnia) and Tavastian regions of Finland and encountered the most resistance there, indicate that a Tavastian or Ostrobothnian chief held as much sway as Novgorod or Sweden did at points. The proximity to Novgorod indicates that the Kirmukarmun chiefs, therefore, might have assumed for themselves the title of Kalev.

Dawn of Man[]

>To the world, you were born in the purple - but you know yourself that you were forged in the blood of war. Great Kirmukarmu, the wormhound of the Finns, truly the Church shivers in your wake! Inheriting an ancient dynasty dating back before the time of Caesar, you rallied the Tavastians to great victories in the east and west, storming towards the empire of Novgorod. For a time, you and your people were unbeatable. You treated Christian missionaries with no mercy, tying them to the rotten trees their saviour was crucified on. Even as a child, you bested the most formidable Finnish chiefs in combat. It was only when you came too close to the walls of Novgorod were you defeated for good, and cast behind bars for the rest of your life. While you cursed the gods for your defeat, you never lost your fighting spirit.


Leaderscreen by Grant

Mighty Wormhound, the Finns are now free from Swede and Russky alike. But they are a young nation; in need of some old leadership. Can you summon your warriors from deep inside hillforts? Can you call to Ukko to guide them to victory? Can you cross the fiery lake to the blessed north? Can you build a civilization that can stand the test of Time?

Introduction: "Gaze upon me, traveller. I am Kirmukarmu, the lord of the hills and lakes. You'll be pleased to know there's that nothing makes you feel alive more than the thought that I could put you out of your misery at any moment."

Defeat: "I come before you in chains. I might give another look at your faith, my gods have done me no good."

Unique Attributes[]

The Finns (Kirmukarmu)

Art by Grant

Crown of Worms

Forts on hills damage enemy missionaries and yield Goldenage Golden Age Points from killing them. Units requiring Iron yield FaithIcon Faith when trained and upon victory, damages the nearest city according to their religious Religion Followers.


Art by Grant

Kainulainen Huntress (Composite Bowman)
  • May attack twice if on a coastal hill.
  • Requires Iron Iron to train, but can be trained if hills are around the city during a Goldenage Golden Age.
  • Attacking Greatperson Great People and naval units will damage the city from which they have been trained..

Art by Grant

Giant's Church (Shrine)
  • Provides Goldenage Golden Age Points for every Stone resource within city limits.
  • Workers may build Hills around Finnic cities with a Giant's Church.
City List
  1. Kirmukarmun
  2. Rapolan
  3. Kalliomäki
  4. Rikala
  5. Tiurinlinna
  6. Vanaja
  7. Salmenkylän
  8. Veitakkala
  9. Paasonvuori
  10. Kauttua
  11. Huttalan
  12. Hiukkasaari
  13. Junkarsborg
  14. Lammela
  15. Kiika
  16. Meskala
  17. Kapatuosia
  18. Isolinnamäki
  19. Pukinvuori
  20. Borgboda
  21. Pentti
  22. Kokemäki
  23. Kirvunlinna
  24. Pirunlinna
  25. Touchemlya
  26. Pisamalahti
  27. Hämeenlahti
  28. Vanionmäki
  29. Varjakka
  30. Ruavinjarga
  31. Sutarkulla
  32. Nakolinna
  33. Huntila
  34. Rutajärvi
Spy List
  • Uljas-Urtti
  • Osmo
  • Waimund
  • Fornjotr
  • Mielikkitytär
  • Thengill
  • Torro
  • Ahti
  • Faravid
  • Louhi



Peace Theme War Theme
"Skyforger", by Amorphis "Kalevala", by Antti Martikainen

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 29 April 2021


  • Grant: Code, Research, Art, Text, Design, Mod Support
  • DuskJockey: Lua snippet(s)
  • DMS: Lua snippet(s)
  • TopHatPaladin: Lua snippet(s)
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