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The En Family
Map by RawSasquatch
Map by RawSasquatch
En's Manor
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The En Family led by En is a custom civilization mod by RawSasquatch, with contributions from BouncyMischa. Copyright owned by Q Hayashida, MAPPA, and Netflix.

This mod requires Brave New World.


The En Family[]

The En Family is a powerful group led by En that controls a large portion of the Sorcerer's world. Created by En during his youth, the first members were slaves from the magic factory that formerly enslaved En through his formative years, and which En destroyed. Having thereby released them, some decided to follow him out of gratitude and have been loyaly serving him ever since. The organization slowly took over most of the businesses in the Sorcerer Realm, becoming both a business organization and sort of a new world order in the lawless society of Sorcerers, creating a new hierarchy of power and making En the technical de facto ruler of the Sorcerer's World, aside from Chidaruma, who is the ruler of all Devils and sorcerers. Their base of operations is En's Manor, a huge independent estate with an adjacent private forest, and serves as the home of the Family's members, from the top Elite Sorcerers to the low ranking goons.


En is an elite Sorcerer and head of the En Family. En controls most of, if not all, businesses within the Sorcerer realm and is regarded as one of the strongest Sorcerers in the world. His terrifyingly potent magic allows him to turn anything or anyone into mushrooms, and he's able to produce enough magic smoke to swallow an entire city. En is also a close personal friend of Chidaruma, the Lord of Hell and leader of the Devils who rule the Sorcerer's World.

Dawn of Man[]

"May the Devils grant you strength, Boss En of the En Family! You escaped from Hell itself to exact revenge upon the factory owners who had enslaved you and so many others, and those who you rescued joined your side to fight for your growing Family. As the years passed and your power over the Sorcerers' world became more absolute, only one foe was ever able to get in your way. Regardless, you control almost all businessess in the sorcerer's world, an array of doors to Hole, beloved festivals like the Blue Night. No sorcerer nor human with their wits about them would ever dare go against you, lest they face your wrath or that of your skilled cleaners! But why would they? Second only to your Devil friends, your rule is the greatest the sorcerers have ever known!


Art by MAPPA and RawSasquatch.

Boss En, the sorcerers need your wise and glorious hand to guide them through these brave new worlds. Will your black smoke choke and envelop those pesky fools who stand in your way, be they humans or sorcerers alike? Or will your business acumen and high culture fuel a more peaceful means of achieving supremacy? Can you build a civilization to stand the test of time?"

Introduction: "What business do you have wandering the halls of my manor uninvited? If you're another assassin, I'll turn you into a mushroom! But if you're here on business... state it."

Defeat: "...Unforgivable... UNFORGIVABLE!!!"

Unique Attributes[]

The En Family (En)

Art by RawSasquatch.

Blue Night

During Goldenage Golden Ages, promoting units boosts Influence City-State Influence, and military units are produced faster. Units that reach Level 4 ignore enemy Borders.


Art by RawSasquatch.

Cleaner (Rifleman)
  • Gains +50% more Experience from Combat.
  • Newly-trained Cleaners begin with a random Promotion.

Art by BouncyMischa.

Mushroom Patch
  • Unlocked at Chemistry.
  • Consumes the Worker when built, but grants a lump sum of Goldenage Golden Age Points.
  • May only be built on flat land and not adjacent to another Mushroom Patch.
  • +2 Food Food and +1 CultureIcon Culture.
  • Deals minor Attrition damage to adjacent enemy units.
  • Yields doubled at Refrigeration.
City List
  1. En's Manor
  2. Mastema
  3. Zagan City
  4. Berith
  5. Abaddon
  6. Devas
  7. Kesbeel Park
  8. Hydra Forest
  9. Salmanazar Field
  10. Hole
  11. Flower Smoke
  12. Underground Hideout
  13. Club Big Boss
  14. Reaper
  15. Grim
  16. South Zagan
  17. Black Tent
  18. Devil Church
  19. Berith Onsen
  20. Hell's Prison
  21. Central Department Store
  22. Hell
  23. Black House
  24. Store
  25. Haru's Cabin
  26. Restaurant Tanba
Spy List
  • Shou
  • Noi
  • Shin
  • Fujita
  • Ebisu
  • Chota
  • Kikurage
  • Turkey
  • Matsumura
  • Tenjin



Art by RawSasquatch.


Peace Theme War Theme




"OPEN THE DOOR" and "Black Powder", by (K)NoW_NAME. "Damn It", by (K)NoW_NAME.

Mod Support[]

Unique Cultural Influence[]

"Our people are now exclusively eating mushroom-based products and seeking to become sorcerers. I worry the rest of the world will soon succumb to the influence of your culture."

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence

Full Credits List[]

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Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 2 June 2020


  • Creator, XML, Lua, Art: Sasquatch (AKA Kramer)
  • Mushroom Patch Model & Icon: BouncyMischa
  • Dorohedoro Copyrights: Q Hayashida, MAPPA, Netflix

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