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The Durotriges led by Iudnerth is a custom civilization by Grant.

This mod requires Brave New World.


The Durotriges[]

The Durotriges were a powerful tribal confederation in modern-day Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset and southern Wiltshire, bordered by the Atrebates and Belgae to their east and the Dumnonii and Dobunni to their west. Their name can be interpreted as 'people of the hard ground', a reputation gained from their massive hillfort building projects between the 4th centuries B.C. and the coming of Vespasian's legions in 43 A.D. While they eventually succumbed to Roman conquest, their economic and political prowess, with trading links to Brittany, with Rome directly, and with highly developed local industries along the south coast, such as in Dunium (Hengistbury Head), meant that they continued to remain as one of the key players of the emerging Roman Britain.


Due to Durotrigan coinage being absent of names and Roman records being silent, no rulers of the Durotriges are known. All that is known of their names come from early Christian memorial insciptions, all found in the Church of Saint Mary in Wareham, dating from between the 6th and 7th centuries A.D., at a time when the Durotriges, known to the Saxons as the Dornwarasaete and to the Britons as Dortrig, were likely a sub-kingdom of the kingdom of Dumnonia. Iudnerth, a name found on one inscription, means 'one with lordly strength', and his father is likely recorded as Quintilius, a Latin name of high status, was possibly a local chieftain of the Dortrig during the later 7th century (650 - 699), at a time when Dorset was not yet incorporated into Wessex, defended by the Wansdyke to the north and delineated by the Grim's Ditch to the west. Another Quintilius (circa 340 - 370) was the grandfather of Coroticus, king of the Damnonii in Scotland, so there was a precedent.

According to Nennius et al in the Historia Brittonum, one of the 28 Cities of Britain, flourishing in Arthurian times, was Caer Durnac, the Old Welsh rendering of Duronovaria. Together with South Cadbury-Camalet in Hampshire, which has been linked to a Dumnonian lord called Cadwy in the early 6th century, Caer Durnac appears to have been at the heart of the glory days of post-Roman Britain, when the lowlands were still ruled by Brittonic-speaking kings. Iudnerth, if he did indeed rule in Dorset, probably held power in Caer Durnac as a tributary to King Dungarth or Culmin of Dumnonia. Other inscriptions in Wareham have similar names, such as Catgug, a variant of Catuvocanos, which means 'glorious in battle' and Vidcumi, related to the Old Welsh Guidcu, meaning 'well-known kind one'.

Iudnerth probably did witness many major battles, such as a battle between Cenawalh of Wessex and Britons near Bradford-on-Avon in 652, the Battle of Peonnum / Penselwood (660) in south Somerset, which was a Saxon victory over the Dumnonians and Dortrigians which resulted in most of Somerset, up to the River Parret, falling to Wessex, as well as an unnamed battle in 682 between Centwine, the king of Wessex, and local Britons, 'driving the Britons into the sea', which suggests that Centwine drove the Dortrigians to somewhere along the Dorset coast.

Dawn of Man[]

Noble Iudnerth, lord of the Dornwara, may God and the angels deliver you everlasting glory! You were a respected churchman and chief south of Dornovaria, and fought to the last with words and with spears to keep the pagan Saxons, converted in name only, at bay. You regrouped your folk after the tyrant Centwine drove them to the cliffs, and maintained links by sea with the men of Defnas and Kernovia, maintaining the old Roman ways and the ancient Briton speech. Today, you are remembered only on a stone, the wall of the Church of Saint Mary, a holy place which you devoted yourself to God and ministered to the laity. Yet for your people, you will forever remain a Noble Judge, radiant with great strength and humility.

Durotriges Leaderscene

Leaderscreen by Grant

Lord! New men have begun to uncover the ruins of your ancestral cities, towns and dwellings, and have developed a newfound respect for you, stalwart guardian of the old traditions. Your name, incised upon that bare rock, tells a tale of resistance and persistence against the Saxon foe. Can you live these values once again? Can you avenge the forgotten Durotriges, from their distant origins in the north to their last days under Germanic heels? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of Time?

Introduction: "Greetings. I am a man of God, and I lord only over the faithful. If you worship wood, stone or dying animals, I have no place for you."

Defeat: "As is ever was, the Durotriges fade from the annals and the chronicles. Yet the hillforts loom still; watching over those whose greed would consume them."

Unique Attributes[]

The Durotriges (Iudnerth)

Art by Grant

Beyond Grim's Dyke

Gain FaithIcon Faith from damaging units adjacent to improvements constructed on hills. Fortified units damage nearby enemy units if attacked, and increase nearby border expansion from units killed this way.


Art by Grant

Iaosatae (Archer)
  • Weaker, but may attack twice on Forts and Citadels.
  • May be upgraded into a Swordsman, who will generate Greatperson Great Artist Points while healing.

Art by Grant

Emblemata School (Garden)
  • +2 Production Production, doubled after the birth of a Missionary or Prophet.
  • Holds 3 Great Work of Art Slots; when filled, a Religion Holy Site will be constructed on the nearest available hill or coastal forest.
City List
  1. Duronovaria
  2. Duropolis
  3. Lindinis
  4. Dunium
  5. Caer Guinnklād
  6. Moriconum
  7. Landa Sancti Maria
  8. Caer Cadwy
  9. Dun Anneth
  10. Bucknowle
  11. Bindon
  12. Gifle
  13. Freudubur
  14. Dun Coyt
  15. Caer Abat
  16. Caer Gwarin
  17. Pilsdun Pen
  18. Dun Eohhere
  19. Flower's Barrow
  20. Bulbarrow
  21. Lewesdon
  22. Dun Scod
  23. Gwig Penntor
  24. Dago Memoria
  25. Dun Anotun
  26. Gwig Frāmā
  27. Tribus Magli
  28. Dudsburh
  29. Maidun
  30. Vindilis
Spy List
  • Quibdus
  • Guidcu
  • Guidar
  • Auprit
  • Respueta
  • Gongoria
  • Conbivi
  • Catguc
  • Deniel
  • Gideo



Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 2
Last Updated: 16 July 2022


  • Grant: Code, Research, Art, Text, Design, Mod Support
  • TopHatPaladin: Lua utilities
  • JFD: Lua utilities
  • Chrisy15: Lua utilities
  • DuskJockey: Lua utilities
  • Danrell: Unit model
  • Total War Brittania: Music

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