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Dragon Cult

The Dragon Cult led by Alduin is is a custom fictional civilization mod by SharkyMcSnarkface. It is based upon The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

This mod requires Brave New World


The Dragon Cult[]

The Dragon Cult is believed to have originated as a sect of Atmoran animal worship, corresponding to Akatosh, the god of time. The Dragon Priests were believed to have kept the peace between men and their Dragon overlords. When the Atmorans had mirgrated to Tamriel, the Dragon Cult became much more authoritarian. It's believed this change came about when Alduin had abandoned destruction of the world for ruling over it instead.


Alduin is a dragon whose appearance signals the end of time, coming to destroy the world to create room for a new beginning. Though, he strayed from this path in favour of conquering all of Mundus under his own rule. Eventually though, one of Alduin's lieutenants and younger sibling, Paarthurnax, incited a rebellion against Alduin, siding with Men and teaching them in the use of the Thu'um. Alduin was unable to be defeated, however, and instead was sent forward in time with the use of the Elder Scrolls. This would not be permanent, and Alduin would eventually resurface to once again conquer.

Dawn of Man[]


Alduin Thuri! You are the almighty Firstborn of Akatosh, destined to bring an end to the world! Under your leadership, you have established a dominion over men unbreakable by all but the Elder Scrolls themselves.  Those who did not submit to you would be destroyed. Your power knows no bounds! Even long after you've been sent forward in time, many remained loyal to you until their very ends.

The time has come to restore your ancient dominion. You have come into a strange land. All ripe for the taking. Show them all who has a hunger to swallow the whole world! Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?

Introduction: "Zu'u lost daal."

Introduction: "Kel drey ni viik."

Defeat: "Zu'u unslaad! Zu'u nis oblaan!"

Unique Attributes[]

The Dragon Cult (Alduin)
The World-Eater Wakes

Can create several unique wonders with certain terrain requirements. Each one boosts all unit combat strength by 8%. Once all wonders are complete, may undertake a final wonder project in the capital to awaken Alduin.

Dragon Priest(Great General)
  • May act as a Great Prophet
    • Can engage in combat (Combat strength depends on the era The Dragon Cult is in).
  • Similar stats to the helicopter gunship
  • Does not require Aluminum aluminum
  • Requires the Trembling of the Red Tower wonder to be completed
  • No technology requirement
  • No bonus against tanks
  • May move after attacking
  • May capture cities
  • Cannot be purchased with Gold gold
City List
  1. Bromjunaar
  2. Skuldafn
  3. Ragnvald
  4. Forelhost
  5. Volskygge
  6. Valthume
  7. Shearpoint
  8. Vuldngrav
  9. Bleak Falls Barrow
  10. Vundeheim
  11. Ustengrav
  12. Shroud Hearth Barrow
  13. Dead Men's Respite
  14. Korvanjund
  15. Volunruud
  16. Angarvunde
  17. Ansilvund
  18. Ironbind Barrow
  19. Snow Veil Sanctum
  20. Geirmund's Hall
Spy List
  • Sahloknir
  • Viinturuth
  • Odahviing
  • Vulthuryol
  • Paarthurnax
  • Nahagliiv
  • Mirmulnir
  • Durnehviir
  • Naaslaarum
  • Voslaarum
Dragon Priest List
  • Ahzidal
  • Akiirdal
  • Arthosiis
  • Dukaan
  • Haldriin
  • Hevnoraak
  • Korthor
  • Krosis
  • Miraak
  • Morokei
  • Nahkriin
  • Otar
  • Ra'khajin
  • Rahgot
  • Vahlok The Jailor
  • Vokun
  • Volsung
  • Vosis
  • Zaan
  • Zahkriisos

The World-Eater[]

  • 160 Strength Combat Strength
  • 6 Moves movement
  • Immune to nuclear weapons
  • May move after attacking
  • Hovering unit
  • Ignores terrain costs
  • Cannot gain promotions
  • No defensive bonuses
  • May only be obtained through the Alduin's Awakening wonder


Icon Religion Civs
Dragon Cult The Dragon Cult

Dragon Cult Wonders[]

Every Dragon Cult wonder except Alduin's Awakening increases the combat strength of all Dragon Cult units by 8% each. The Trembling of the Red Tower wonder allows for the creation of the Dovah.

Wonder Build Requirements Wonder Quote

Chaos At The Eight Corners

N/A "When misrule takes its place at the eight corners of the world..."

- The Dragonborn Prophecy


Walking Of The Brass Tower

  • Must have completed the Chaos At The Eight Corners
  • City must be on the coast
"...When the Brass Tower walks and Time is reshaped..."

- The Dragonborn Prophecy


Trembling Of The Red Tower

  • Must have completed the Walking of the Brass Tower
  • City must have a mountain within its borders within 2 tiles
"...When the thrice-blessed fail and the Red Tower trembles..."

- The Dragonborn Prophecy


Fall Of The White Tower

  • Must have completed the Trembling of the Red Tower
  • City must have a courthouse
"...When the Dragonborn Ruler loses his throne, and the White Tower falls..."

- The Dragonborn Prophecy


Sundering Of The Snow Tower

  • Must have completed the Fall of the White Tower
  • City must be on or adjacent to tundra

"...When the Snow Tower lies sundered, kingless, bleeding..."

- The Dragonborn Prophecy


Alduin's Awakening

  • Must have completed the Sundering of the Snow Tower
  • City must be the capital

"...The World-Eater wakes, and the Wheel turns upon the Last Dragonborn."

- The Dragonborn Prophecy



The Dragon Cult is a hyper-aggressive civilization focused on a creeping, overwhelming power if allowed to fester. Your highest priority is to survive the beginning, as the Dragon Cult starts off with no bonuses whatsoever. Build up a decent production base before pursuing the ultimate end goal of the Dragon Cult wonders. Be warned, as you complete wonders, players will be alerted through wonder notifications that you are growing in power. Though, If you can manage to snag Alduin as unit before the invention of anti-air, it's all over for the world. The Dovah can be a horrifying presence on the battlefield if managed to be acquired considerably early, though it is rather expensive and the production may be put to better use elsewhere earlier on. Dragon Priests can found and spread a religion, meaning it's entirely possible to get an extremely early religion by going through the honor social policy tree and getting a Dragon Priest that way. In all, without a doubt the Dragon Cult is best suited for a domination victory, with all their uniques pointing towards overwhelming combat prowess.


Peace Theme War Theme




Mod Support[]

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Wish for the World

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Last Updated: 22 Feb 2022