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The Dayak under Pati Djaja Raja is a custom civilisation mod by EmeraldRange, with contributions from relic, Zharques and others.

This mod requires Brave New World.

Dayak People[]

The Dayak are one of the native groups of Borneo. It is a loose term for over 200 riverine and hill-dwelling ethnic subgroups, located principally in the central and southern interior of Borneo. The term encompasses a number of dialects, customs, laws, territories and cultures, although common distinguishing traits are readily identifiable. Traditionally the Dayak were Animist, although throughout history there have been mass conversions to both Islam and Christianity. The history of the Dayak is rooted mostly in an oral history tradition, although there are a number of written work upon papan turai (wooden records), as well as the passing down of common cultural practices. Among prominent accounts of the origin of the Dayak people is the mythical oral epic of "Tetek Tahtum" by the Ngaju Dayak of Central Kalimantan; it narrates that the ancestors of the Dayak people descended from the heavens before moving from inland to the downstream shores of Borneo.

Nan Sarunai and Islam[]

The independent state of Nan Sarunai was established by the Ma'anyan Dayaks in prior to the 12th century in southern Kalimantan, where it flourished. 1309 is traditionally seen as the period where the era of “established history” begins. Due to the oral history tradition of the Dayak people, there are very little technical historic references to Nan Sarunai. However, it is known that after suffering two major attacks by the Majapahit forces which led to the decline of Nan Sarunai, the kingdom was all but destroyed by 1389; the attacks are known as Nansarunai Usak Jawa (meaning "the destruction of the Nansarunai by the Javanese") in the oral accounts of the Ma'anyan people.

The kingdom of Kuripan, also known as Kahuripan, a name passed down in the oral tradition of the Dayak, is understood to have been related in some way to Nan Sarunai, whether they were the same kingdom but with different names, or with Nan Sarunai being Kuripan’s vassal. Either way, very little is known about this kingdom. The destruction of the Kingdom incident resulted in the Dayak Maanyan tribe being pushed and scattered, some of which entered the interior into the Dayak Lawangan tribal area. The next big flow occurred when the influence of Islam originated from the Demak kingdom with the entry of Malay traders (around 1520). Most of the Dayak tribes in the southern and eastern regions of Kalimantan who embraced Islam left the Dayak tribe and no longer recognized themselves as Dayak people, but called themselves or the Banjar and Kutai people. Meanwhile, the Dayaks who rejected Islam returned to the river, essentially being pushed further and further into the inland jungle. However, not all Dayak who embraced Islam rejected their Dayak identity.

The Banjar War[]

In 1838, British adventurer James Brooke arrived to find the Sultan of Brunei fending off a rebellion against his rule. Brooke aided the Sultan in putting down the rebellion, for which he was made Governor of Sarawak in 1841, being granted the title of Rajah. Brooke managed to suppress the twin practises of headhunting and piracy as practised by the Dayak in the region. Brooke's most famous Iban enemy was Libau "Rentap"; Brooke led three expeditions against him and finally defeated him at the Battle of Sadok Hill. Brooke had many Dayaks in his forces at this battle, and famously said "Only Dayaks can kill Dayaks. So he deployed Dayaks to kill Dayaks." Shortly after this, the Banjar wars, a conflict in the Banjar Sultanate, began. Taking place between, according to Dutch sources 1859-1863, but disputedly between 1859-1905, the conflict began when the Dutch obtained trade monopoly rights in the Banjar Sultanate, and began to interfere with royal affairs.

Pati Djaja Raja, known also as Tommengoeng Soera Pattie, held the title Pangeran Dipati as head of the Bakumpai-Siang Dayak tribe, sided with the Banjar during this war. Pangeran Hidayatullah and Pangeran Antasari, two resistance leaders, used a guerrilla war strategy by creating new kingdoms in the interior and building fortifications in the forests. Pati Djaja Raja's tribe was one to embrace Islam, and he tied himself to the cause of Pangeran Antasari by both marrying his son of to the offspring of Antasari, as well as taking an oath with his men and Pangeran Antasari had taken an oath together to fight against the Dutch colonialists. He was loyal to that oath. Using guerrilla tactics, the Banjar and Dayak would fight side-by-side for their homeland.

The conflict unified the Banjar and Dayak people through a series of both marriage ties, as well as in a common interest – retaining their land. It is said that the bond between the Banjar and Dayak during this time led to the “status of pegustian and temenggung which became the means of unity and solidarity for the Banjar and Dayak”. Pati Djaja Raja during this time became essentially a warlord in the theatre known as the Barito War. The struggle continued after Prince Hidayatulla and Pangeran Perbatasari were captured and Pangeran Antasari died, less ferocity, with occasional attacks on the Dutch until the early 20th century.

Dawn of Man[]

Acclimations, resistance leader of the Dayak people, Pati Djaja Raja. As leader of your tribe, you fought a hard war for your people, alongside the Banjar against the Dutch. Through hard conditions you clashed, moving from place to place in order to remain undetected and hidden. Throughout the jungle you and your people roamed, never giving in, never giving up, fighting against the much better equipped Dutch. Your legacy echoes through the history of the Dayak.

Dayak LS

Leaderscreen by EmeraldRange

Pati Djaja Raja, your people once again need the grit and determination of such a bold leader. They hunger for the experience, wisdom and grit of one such as yourself. Will you once again lead your people to resist the besieging forces of those who would see your culture crumble? Can you build a civilisation that can stand the test of time?

Introduction: "I am the chief of the Bakumpai and I am the one who will be your demise if you wrong the Dayak Ngaju people. Tread carefully."

Defeat: "I may have failed but we won't stand still with our supposed defeat. We will strike from the jungles yet!"

Attacked: "A fight it is... don't come screaming for mercy later, you agrieved us first!"

Unique Attributes[]

Dayak (Pati Djaja Raja)
Dayak Leader

Art by EmeraldRange


After killing an enemy unit, the nearest city gains +1 Food Food and +1 CultureIcon Culture on Jungle tiles for a maximum of 4 turns. Enemies killed by melee units near Great Generals have a chance to create Greatwork Artifacts.


Art by EmeraldRange

Huma Betang (Aqueduct)
  • Carries 40% Food Food over
  • Has Greatwork 2 Great Work of Art/Artifact slots
  • Units trained in this city gain 10 Experience faster for each slot filled.

Art by EmeraldRange

Mandau Swordsman (Longswordsman)
  • Higher base Combat Strength (+2)
  • Starts with Woodsman Promotion.
  • Upgrades to Rifleman (Line Infantry with EE)
  • Can steal promotions from killed enemies as long as prerequisites for promotion has been met
City List
  1. Puruk Cahu
  2. Buntuk
  3. Marabahan
  4. Matarapura
  5. Saripoi
  6. Muara Muntai
  7. Skrang
  8. Muara Teweh
  9. Sintang
  10. Kawatan
  11. Melak
  12. Bangkanai
  13. Keningau
  14. Muara Montalat
  15. Pampang
  16. Mari Mari
  17. Sikan
  18. Putussibau
  19. Kalanaman
  20. Benung
  21. Amuntai
  22. Mamahak
  23. Mainau
  24. Kota Kinabalu
  25. Mancong
  26. Kapit
  27. Tewah
  28. Belaga
  29. Kutai Kertanegara
  30. Sungai Utik
  31. Balai Bertuak
  32. Long Lama
  33. Makulit
  34. Keragaan
  35. Nugu
Spy List
  1. Jilan
  2. Tjilik
  3. Tawi
  4. Lada
  5. Umar
  6. Puyu
  7. Mensea
  8. Gerinching
  9. Pandelela
  10. Ambun



Peace Theme War Theme
"Sape Uyau"; "Nikah Adat Dayak Kalimantan"

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Direct Download
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Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 25 December 2020



Full Credits List[]

  • EmeraldRange: Art, Design
  • Relic: Lua
  • Zharques: Text, Research
  • DarthKyofu: Leaderscene Help
  • Uighur_Caesar: Design
  • danrell: Model
  • HoopThrower: Research
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