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The Comanche led by Iron Jacket is a custom civilization mod by JakeWalrusWhale, with contributions from Engima_Conundrum, RawSasquatch, Arilasqueto, Zharques, and DuskJockey.

This mod requires Brave New World.


The Comanche[]

The Comanche are a Native-American nation from the Great Plains whose historic territory consisted of most of present-day northwestern Texas and adjacent areas in eastern New Mexico, southeastern Colorado, southwestern Kansas, and western Oklahoma in the United States, and northern Chihuahua in Mexico. The Comanche language is a Numic language of the Uto-Aztecan family. It was originally a Shoshoni dialect, but has diverged over time to become a separate language. The Comanche became the dominant tribe on the southern Great Plains in the 18th and 19th centuries. They are often characterized as "Lords of the Plains" and they presided over a large area called Comancheria, which came to include large portions of present-day Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Kansas. Comanche power depended on bison, horses, trading, and raiding. The Comanche hunted the bison of the Great Plains for food and skins; their adoption of the horse from Spanish colonists in New Mexico made them more mobile; they traded with the Spanish, French, Americans and neighboring Native-American peoples; and, most famously they waged war on and raided European settlements as well as other Native Americans.

Iron Jacket[]

Iron Jacket, born Puhihwitsikwasu, was a Comanche chieftain and medicine man whom the Comanche believed had the power to blow bullets aside with his breath. His name probably resulted from his habit of wearing a Spanish coat of mail into battle, which protected him from most light weapons fire. Not much is known about Iron Jacket's early life. He was born in the late 1780s or early 1790s, likely being son or nephew to Kwahadi chief Waakakwasi, who was likely also known as Iron Jacket for the same reason. It is believed today that he was a hereditary chief of the Comanche, and for decades the US and Mexican victims of his raids considered him a supernatural being because of his seeming invulnerability to any harm. Members of the Rangers, posses and the military on various occasions insisted that they shot the chief dead center without harming him. Little else is known about Iron Jacket, except that he led dozens of raids on settlers from the 1820s to the 1850s in Texas and Mexico. Iron Jacket's son was the famous Comanche War Chief Peta Nocona and his grandson was the last Comanche Chief Quanah Parker.

Dawn of Man[]

Let the blood of your enemies flow down upon the dirt, oh dauntless Iron Jacket, medicine man and chief of the Comanche. Born Puhihwitsikwasu, your bravery on the battlefield and Spanish mail armour led to whispers of legends of your ability to blow bullets aside with your breath as easily as the wind. You terrorised the colonial invaders of both Mexico and the United States, leading many raids and defences of your territory. But your fortune could not last, and in response to your raid, colonial authorities organised the Antelope Hills Expedition, culminating in the called Battle of Little Robe Creek, where your armour could no longer protect you. You were succeeded by your son, Peta Nocona, who continued the fight you had given your life for.


Art by RawSasquatch

Steely Iron Jacket, once again your people need your intervention. They need the resolution of a fierce leader, one who will continue the good fight against those who would see harm done upon them. They need your determination and grit, to rebuild anew your society. Can you be the strong leader your people need? Will you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?

Introduction: "I'm Puhihwitsikwasu, chieftain of the Quahadi Comanche. I'll give you one warning: stay off the Comanchería; it's our rightful land."

Defeat: "Impossible. I was supposed to be invincible!"

Unique Attributes[]

The Comanche (Iron Jacket)

Art by RawSasquatch

Comanche Moon

Razing cities grant Gold Gold per turn, and FaithIcon Faith to nearby cities if at peace with the original owner. Horse units can enter foreign territory, and pillage while at peace in foreign territory at the cost of FaithIcon Faith.


Art by Firaxis

Quickstinger (Cavalry)
  • Declaring war grants this unit +50% Strength Combat Strength permanently.
  • Each turn while at war loses 1 Strength Combat Strength for each player you're at war with until at original Strength Combat Strength.

Art by JakeWalrusWhale

Half-Moon Church (Temple)
  • During peace, trains units in this city faster depending on the FaithIcon Faith output of the city.
  • When making peace, spawn a missionary that can spread religion only once.
City List
  1. Quahadi
  2. Penateka
  3. Yamparika
  4. Jupe
  5. Kotsoteka
  6. Nokoni
  7. Kwahihuu Ki
  8. Pahnaixte
  9. Hupenuu
  10. Tenawa
  11. Teyuwit
  12. Pikaatamu
  13. Saria Tuhka
  14. Itehtah'o
  15. Ohnonuu
  16. Pahuraix
  17. Pohoi
  18. Tutsanoo Yehku
  19. Wianuu
  20. Tanimuu
  21. Titchahkaynah
  22. Suhmuhtuhka
  23. Pibianigwai
  24. Motso Tu
  25. Wa'wai
Spy List
  • Pahayoko
  • Naduah
  • Mukwooru
  • Uwat
  • Mow-way
  • Tekwashana
  • Qaletaqa
  • Tokala
  • Tosahwi
  • Gaho



Peace Theme War Theme

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence

Unique Cultural Influence[]

"Our people are now raiding villages and worshipping the Great Spirit. I worry the rest of the world will also succumb to the influence of your culture."

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 27 July 2021


  • JakeWalrusWhale: Art (Map; UB Icons), Text (Diplomacy Lines and Misc), Code, Design, Research
  • Engima_Conundrum: Research, Text (City List; Spy Names)
  • RawSasquatch: Art (Leaderscene; Leader Icon)
  • Arilasqueto: Art (Civ Icon)
  • Zharques: Text (DoM; Pedias)
  • DarthKyofu: Text (Religion Pedia), TSL
  • DuskJockey: Text (Sweat Lodge Pedia)

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