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The Cayuga under Deskaheh is a custom civilisation mod by EmeraldRange, with contributions from Jarcast.

This mod requires Brave New World.

As Civ 5 does not support all the characters of the Gayogo̱hó꞉nǫʼ language, they have a modified writing in game. This wiki reflects that modified spelling.

The Cayuga[]

The Cayuga people known as the Gayogohó꞉non', the people of the Great Swamp and Pipe, are one of five original members of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. Their ancestral homelands lie in the Finger Lakes Region of what is now called New York State. The Cayuga lived around Lake Cayuga, primarily on its northern shores. Today many Cayuga live in the Six Nations Reservation in Ontario and in the Seneca-Cayuga Tribe of Oklahoma. The game engine is incapable of displaying the Gayogohó꞉non language properly and approximations like the use of -non have been needed

As settlers and explorers from Europe began to arrive in North America, the Haudenosaunee entered into relations with incoming peoples and power. Most notably includes the Two Row Wampum between the Haudenosaunee and the Dutch establishing a treaty in 1613 to share the use of the Hudson River. However, at the time of the American Revolution, the Great Law of Peace was tested as different Haudenosaunee groups and bands sides with the two different sides. As a long-time ally of the British, the Cayuga fought against American Revolutionaries.

Although the United States entered into the Treaty of Fort Stanwix to recognize the boundaries of the Haudenosaunee, settlers encouraged New York Governor Clinton to break the treaties. General George Washington commissioned John Sullivan and James Clinton to commit genocide to assert their sovereignty in the face of the treaty hoping a decimated population would sell land for less later. The Sullivan-Clinton Campaign destroyed many villages, orchards and crop fields before the winter and forced the Cayuga to flee to Ohio, Canada, and Buffalo. It is for this that the Cayuga term for the President of the United States is Town Destroyer.

In 1794, Cayuga that remained in traditional lands brokered a treaty with the United States in Canandaigua establishing the explicitly Federal power of the United States over the State of New York and concession of much of Haudenosaunee lands. The Treaty established a Cayuga reservation within their ancestral lands. However, New York State once again conducted a series of illegal land transactions and treaties to rid the land of Indians. The state rapidly arranged the sale of more than 5 million acres of land at inexpensive prices. New York continues to claim that the Cayuga cannot establish a reservation in opposition to the Treaty of Canandaigua.

In 1784, Joseph Brant of the Mohawk and the Haldimand Proclamation created the Six Nations of Indians on the Grand River for Indians that fought on the side of the British. Six Nations, or Ohsweken, is the largest reservation of Haudenosaunee today. The Cayuga who had fled genocide towards Ohio were afforded land in Oklahoma together with Seneca Indians. In 1812, the Cayuga in New York once again fought with their own kind from Canada. After which the Cayuga alliance with the British was tested.


Deskaheh, or Levi General, was raised and educated in a traditional Cayuga lifestyle in Ohsweken on the Six Nations Reserve. His mother was an Oneida which would have traditionally placed him within the Oneida Nation. However, he participated actively in ceremonies growing up in the Cayuga Longhouse and was raised within the Cayuga Nation. By 1914, Deskaheh had been on what white neighbours would regard as a successful reservation life.

However, his sincerity and ability as an orator elevated him to the status of Head Speaker on a delegation to the Canadian government. At the outbreak of the First World War, Canada disregarded treaties and attempted to assimilate the Indians that they had treated as sovereign before. Deskaheh patiently explained that the Canadian government had no jurisdiction and that conscripting young men from a foreign ally that had already volunteered in proportionally greater numbers. Deskaheh and the Haudenosaunee delegation won this argument and protected their sovereignty while participating valiantly in the First World War.

This was not to last as in by 1923, the Canadian government decided to invade the Six Nations with the mounted police emboldened by Winston Churchill's apathy. White sympathizers warned Deskaheh of an impending raid by the RCMP giving him time to flee into the United States as Canada occupied the Six Nations. Deskaheh attempted to appeal to the League of Nations about the injustices and breaking of treaties but was only heard by a large mass of people as Britain barred him from actually presenting at the League out of the fear of embarrassment.

Rematriation and Civil Conflicts[]

In 1980, the Cayuga Nation of New York filed action to get monetary restitution for the illegal land grabs of New York and/or to re-establish Cayuga territory as promised by the Treaty of Canandaigua. These proceedings continue to this day, but the Cayuga have regained monetary compensation and landmark decisions on which to move forward with enforcing the Treaty. In 1996, the Cayuga reclaimed their first land in New York at Seneca Falls beginning rematriation efforts. Clan mothers planted a pine tree to welcome the people back. In 2005, the SHARE Farm was established in Aurora increasing land held by the Cayuga that continues to go unrecognized as sovereign. The SHARE Farm and other Cayuga initiatives have been at the forefront of communicating Haudenosaunee ideas and knowledge to the broader public.

On February 22, 2020, traditional Cayuga citizens awoke to the destruction of their schoolhouse and longhouse ordered by Clint Halftown, who is recognized by the Bureau of Indian Affairs as the democratic leader of the Cayuga. The BIA ignores the Cayuga Nation Council of Chiefs who follow the Great Law of Peace in favour of American-style representative democracy and continues to support Clint Halftown as he attempts to evict Cayuga citizens from their homes in 2021. This internal conflict continues to create devastation on top of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Learn more and donate to support the traditional leadership at

Dawn of Man[]

Desgahe:' Denshagwanonhon:yon'. We thank a great Chief of the Cayuga people, Deskaheh, and honor this great Haudenosaunee patriot for his brave and tireless fight against the Canandian occupation and destruction of the Six Nations Confederacy. Your oratorial skills saved the Haudenosaunee once during the First World War. Then, in the face of vicious forced acculturation and invasion, you saw fit to argue the case for the existence of your people at the League of Nations to all the peoples of the world.


Leaderscreen by EmeraldRange

Great One of the Gayogohó:nonʼ, People of the Pipe and the Great Swamp, the world has begun to recognize the treacherous treatment of the Cayuga people. Will your spirit re-ignite to to fight for your nation? Can your speechs rally nations to your cause again? Then, shall your spirit rest as you build a civilization to stand the test of time?

Introduction: "They call me Deskaheh, one of the Chiefs of the Gayogohó:nonʼ. On behalf of the my nation I welcome you to our lands."

Introduction (to King's Candada): "You would call it Canada. We do not. Welcome to our territory of the Six Nations Confederacy...I pray you are not here to invade"

Defeat: "Your treachery truly knows no bound. Our apppeal is for all those which are animated by the spirit of justice; we ask them their benevolent help."

Attacked: "I must affirm I am against the most cruel indifference, my appeals have not been heard and you only seek war."

Unique Attributes[]

Cayuga (Deskaheh)
CayugaLeader Icon

Art by EmeraldRange

By Right of Our Treaties

Gain 15% Greatperson Great People Generation for each player a declared friend and the Cayuga have both denounced. Trade Units generate Greatperson Great Merchant Points when starting their turn in Cayuga territory.

CayugaUU Icon

Art by EmeraldRange

Hoyaneh (Great Merchant)
  • Plural: Hadigowanens
  • May enter the territory of other players and may conduct Trade Missions for 50 more gold per era.
  • After Radio, may conduct the unique mission Hoiohoga't to gain +1 World Congress vote (max 5 on Standard Map Size) in the territory of players the Cayuga have denounced.
CayugaUB Icon

Art by EmeraldRange

SHARE Farm (University)
  • Normal University Bonuses
  • +1 Science for Marsh Tiles
  • +2 Science on Lake Tiles
  • +2 Gold for every Declared Friend the Cayuga have
  • Allows the city to purchase a random resourceless tile owned by other players. Purchased tiles provide +2 extra Food.
  • Replaces Academy with EE
City List
  1. Goiogouen
  2. Ohsweken
  3. Tiohero
  4. Onnontare
  5. Chonodote
  6. Gahnawiyogeh
  7. Dahsgaowen
  8. Tanawade
  9. Gadagrahsgenhen
  10. Ganedagon
  11. Ganonhgwatro
  12. Gayagaanha
  13. Gwesahsneh
  14. Tganahwai
  15. Dagenhyat
  16. Deyoyadaen
  17. Ganedageh
  18. Gyononhsadegeh
  19. Tganadahae
  20. Onehsagon
  21. Gyodrowen
  22. Neodakheat
  23. Sgihendih
  24. Tayendanegen
  25. Gadaseteigon
  26. Ganadase
  27. Onendago
  28. Gewauga
  29. Gahennagon
  30. Gyohnegano
  31. Oneniote
  32. Niganajuuh
  33. Tgaondo
  34. Ganonnyo
  35. Sanborn
  36. Sganyadaes
  37. Ganehsadageh
  38. Hanadaganyahsgeh
Spy List
  1. Kaiagon
  2. Donwanensha'
  3. Kanenha'ens
  4. Dionisko
  5. Kanawitha
  6. Kadagwase'
  7. Hadondaheha
  8. Dionondoken
  9. Ka'oniagwegon
  10. Akwirae's
  1. Haga'enyoh
  2. Gaji'nonda'wehe'
  3. Gadagwasen'
  4. Soyonwis
  5. Hagya'dronhne'
  6. Deyonhyongo
  7. Deyotowehgonh
  8. Deyohonweton'
  9. Hadondaheha'
  10. Ourehouare
  11. Ojageght
  12. Hadwenoneh
  13. Hagaenyok
  14. Dyohyogoh
  15. Jinondawehon
  16. Shoyonwes



Peace Theme War Theme
"Friendship Song"; "Stadium Pow Wow"

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Direct Download
Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 1 July 2021



Full Credits List[]

  • EmeraldRange: Design, Lua, Art, Text
  • Jarcast: UI Lua and assorted other code
  • Ari: Colour Scheme
  • Firaxis: Model
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