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The Cajuns led by Beausoleil is a custom civilization by RawSasquatch and Senshi, with contributions from Chrisy15, Leugi, Octoski and GPuzzle.

This mod requires Brave New World.


The Cajuns[]

The Cajuns, also known as Acadians, are an ethnic group mainly living in the U.S. state of Louisiana, consisting in part of the descendants of the original Acadian exiles - French-speakers from Acadia (L'Acadie) in what are now the Maritimes of Eastern Canada. In Louisiana, Acadian and Cajun are often used as broad cultural terms without reference to actual descent from the deported Acadians. Today, the Cajuns make up a significant portion of south Louisiana's population and have exerted an enormous impact on the state's culture. While Lower Louisiana had been settled by French colonists since the late 17th century, the Cajuns trace their roots to the influx of Acadian settlers after the Great Expulsion from their homeland during the French and British hostilities prior to the Seven Years' War (1756 to 1763). The Acadia region to which modern Cajuns trace their origin consisted largely of what are now Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island plus parts of eastern Quebec and northern Maine. Since their establishment in Louisiana, the Cajuns have developed their own dialect, Cajun French, and developed a vibrant culture including folkways, music, and cuisine. The Acadiana region is heavily associated with them.


Joseph Broussard, also known as Beausoleil, was a leader of the Acadian people in Acadia; later Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Broussard organized a Mi'kmaq and Acadian militias against the British through King George's War, Father Le Loutre's War and during the French and Indian War. After the loss of Acadia to the British, he eventually led the first group of Acadians to southern Louisiana in present-day United States.

Dawn of Man[]

Bon Courage, Captain Joseph Broussard! Or should I say, brave Beausoleil? As a militia captain, you were a hero to the Acadian people, renowned for not just your ferocity in battle, but for your charisma, as well. You were able to ally yourself with the native Mi'kmaq people, and fought the British alongside them to protect your shared homeland. You dedicated your life to the struggle over Acadia, resisting British colonialism throughout King George's War, Father Le Loutre's War, and the French and Indian War. But the British might was overwhelming -- you and your people were imprisoned and brutally expelled from your land, facing the hardships of the trail, the seas, and of unforgiving foreign lands. But you had not surrendered hope! Determined to lead your people home, you took 200 fellow Acadians to Louisiana, the very first settlers out of many. Home at last, your people took root, developing a new language, their own unique culture and cuisine, but never forgetting their origins -- growing, with time, into the Cajun People.


Art by Leugi

Beausoleil, your people and your allies clamor for your wise and steady hand to guide them once again, into yet another brave new world. Will you show the world how to celebrate the beauty of your culture, the Cajun lifestyle? Or will you once again take up arms against your foes, fighting them tooth and nail to secure your peoples' new home? Can you build a civilization to stand the test of time?

Introduction: Bonjour, fellow traveler! You look weary -- would you care to join our party of settlers?

Introduction: Ah, a foreign leader! My people are the Acadians, and we wander in search of a new home. I, Beausoleil, am their shepherd. You wouldn't mind if we settled in your lands, right?

Defeat: You have brought ruin to our land, and driven us from our homes, but my people shall never die! The Cajun spirit can never be tamed!

Unique Attributes[]

The Cajuns (Beausoleil)

Art by Leugi

Great Expulsion

Coastal cities reveal random sea resources when founded, increasing in number with distance from the Capital Capital. While a rival city is in Resistance Resistance, Citizen Citizens from it may migrate to your cities.


Art by GPuzzle

Mi'kmaq Militia
  • -12.5% Strength Combat Strength (21 vs 24)
  • +1 Moves Movement and Sight
  • Ignores enemy Zone of Control
  • Has a chance to retreat from melee combat
  • Causes enemy cities to enter Resistance Resistance when beginning turn adjacent to one at full health

Art by Octoski

(Great Musician)
  • Generated faster in the Capital Capital for every two sea resources worked
  • +1 Food Food and +1 CultureIcon Culture on Sea Resources when stationed in a city
  • Begins a WLTKD in all cities when expended
City List
  1. Lafayette
  2. Port-Royal
  3. Lac Charles
  4. Grand-Pré
  5. Houma-Thibodaux
  6. Beaubassin
  7. Nouvelle-Ibérie
  8. Rivière-aux-Canards
  9. Les Opelousas
  10. Pisiguit
  11. La Chapelle
  12. Cobequid
  13. Pont-Breaux
  14. Saint John
  15. St.-Pierre
  16. Louisbourg
  17. St. Croix
  18. Lafourche-des-Chitimachas
  19. Le Cran
  20. Ville Platte
  21. Chignecto
  22. Plaquemine
  23. Malpèque
  24. Poste-de-Pointe-Coupée
  25. Attakapas Poste
  26. Fausse Pointe
  27. Port Barre
  28. Amelia
  29. Grand Marais
  30. La Murière
Spy List
  • Pierre
  • Louis
  • Jacques
  • Metacomet
  • Philippe
  • Amos Moses
  • Jean-Louis
  • Francois-Marie
  • Vaudreuil
  • Bayou Billy




Peace Theme War Theme
House of the Rising Sun - Jamie Dupois House of the Rising Sun - London Symphony Orchestra

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Events and Decisions[]

Celebrate Mardi Gras[]

It's almost Fat Tuesday! We celebrate every year, of course, but perhaps this year we should promote the festivities and feasts more officially, through our government. Now, let's drink, eat, and party our hearts out before Lent arrives! Laissez les bons temps rouler!


  • Player must be The Cajuns
  • Must have entered the Renaissance Era
  • May only be enacted once per Era


  • All stored Food Food in all Cities.


  • A blob of FaithIcon Faith.

Hold an Acadian Congress[]

Our people live quite far apart from one another, and we must reinforce the familial bond between Cajuns and Acadians by hosting an Acadian World Congress; a festival to celebrate our culture and advance our society.


  • Player must be The Cajuns
  • Must have entered the Renaissance Era
  • May only be enacted once per Era
  • Must have at least 5 cities


  • 1 Magistrate
  • {1_Gold} Gold Gold


  • A We Love The King Day begins in every City
  • Receive a free Social Policy

Unique Cultural Influence[]

“Our people are now eating gumbo and throwing parades for Mardi Gras. I worry the rest of the world will soon succumb to the influence of your culture.”

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop Downloader
Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 1 April 2018


  • Senshi: Original Creator, most XML, SQL and Art
  • Chrisy15: Lua
  • Leugi: Leader Scene
  • GPuzzle: "Other Things"
  • Octoski: Creator of original Acadia mod
  • Sasquatch (aka Kramer): Actually finished the mod
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