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The Burgundians led by Gundahar are a custom civilization mod by Grant, with contributions from Tophat.

This mod requires Brave New World.


The Burgundians[]

The Burgundians, an East Germanic tribe, may have migrated from the Scandinavian island of Bornholm to the Vistula basin in the 3rd century AD. In 406 the Alans, Vandals, Suevi, and possibly the Burgundians, crossed the Rhine and invaded Roman Gaul. The Burgundians settled as foederati in the Roman province of Germania Secunda along the Middle Rhine.

In 411 AD, the Burgundian king Gunther (or Gundahar or Gundicar) in cooperation with Goar, king of the Alans, set up Jovinus as a puppet emperor. Under the pretext of Jovinus' imperial authority, Gunther settled on the western bank of the Rhine, between the river Lauter and the Nahe, seizing the settlements of Borbetomagus (present day Worms), Speyer, and Strasbourg. Apparently as part of a truce, the Emperor Honorius later officially "granted" them the land. The Burgundians established their capital at Borbetomagus. Despite their new status as foederati, Burgundian raids into Roman upper Gallia Belgica became intolerable to the Romans and were ruthlessly brought to an end in 436, when the Roman general Flavius Aetius called in Hun mercenaries who overwhelmed the kingdom in 437. Gunther was killed in the fighting, reportedly along with the majority of the Burgundians.

After 443, the remaining Burgundians were resettled by Aetius to the Sapaudia (i.e. Savoy) region of present-day central France, again as foederati, in the Roman province of Maxima Sequanorum, where they established their capital at Lugdunum. Their efforts to enlarge their kingdom down the Rhone river brought them into conflict with the Visigothic Kingdom in the south. In 451, Gunderic joined forces with Aetius against Attila, leader of the Huns, in the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains. When Gunderic died in 473, his kingdom was divided among his four sons: Gundobad (king of all of Burgundy from 480), Chilperic II, Gundomar/Godomar and Godegisel. After the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476, King Gundobad allied with the mighty Frankish king Clovis I against the threat of the Ostrogothic king, Theoderic the Great. Gundobad was thereby able to secure the Burgundian acquisitions, and compile the Lex Burgundionum, an Ancient Germanic law code. Later, when Rome was no longer able to afford protection to the inhabitants of Gaul, the Sequani became merged in the newly formed Kingdom of Burgundy.

The decline of the kingdom began when they came under attack from their former Frankish allies. In 523, the sons of King Clovis campaigned in the Burgundian lands, instigated by their mother Clotilde, in revenge for Gundobad's murder of her father. In 532, the Burgundians were decisively defeated by the Franks at the Battle of Autun, whereafter King Godomar was killed and Burgundy incorporated into the Frankish kingdom in 534.


Gundaharius or Gundahar, better known by his legendary name Gunther, was the King of the Burgundians in the early 5th century. Gundahar is attested as ruling his people shortly after they crossed the Rhine into Roman Gaul. He was involved in the campaigns of the failed Roman usurper Jovinus before the latter's defeat, after which he was settled on the left bank of the Rhine as a Roman ally. In 436, Gundahar launched an attack from his kingdom on the Roman province of Belgica Prima. He was defeated by the Roman general Flavius Aetius, who destroyed Gundahar's kingdom with the help of Hunnish mercenaries the following year, resulting in Gundahar's death.

Dawn of Man[]

"O' legendary Gunther, grand ruler of the Burgundians and commander against the Huns! You led the fragile Burgundian people across the Germanic expanse and into the lands of Rome, where a falling empire gave rise to your and your brethren's kingdoms. Although but a lowly subject of Jovinus, the Emperor of the West, you worked with the Alans and the Eastern Goths to estable a safe haven for your people, in spite of Roman and Hunnic threats. At the old towns of Borbetomagnus and Ludgdum, you rose from the earth thriving cities of religion and culture, becoming the centre of the Christian West for centuries to come. Ultimately, you would fall at the hand of the Roman general Avitus and his band of Hunnic mercenaries, but your exploits would form the centre of many centuries of literature and folklore, even when your kingdom was lost to history.

Gundahar Diplo

Leaderscreen by Grant

Gundahar, the Song of the Nibelungs calls you back into the people's imagination, as a fearless warrior of old. Betrayed and subjected to barbarity the likes of which the Huns would not dare, the Burgundian spirit finds new strength in your legacy, to lead a strong and noble kingdom worthy of the legends. Can you strike back at the brutes which seek to extinguish the light of your people? Can you build a civilization that will stand the Test of Time?"

Introduction: "A noble enters my prescence! I am Gundahar, leader of the Burgundians and fellow migrant to these fertile lands. If you do not wish to cower under the shadow of past empires, join me in spreading the word of God."

Defeat: "I hand my earthly titles to you, ruler. I wish only that you seek salvation and peace; to continue this destruction and desacration would be beneath the worst Gothic excesses."

Unique Attributes[]

The Burgundians (Gundahar)

Art by Grant

Lex Burgundionum

Melee Units that capture Cities or Encampments may be expended to write Political Treatises in friendly Territory. +2% Greatperson Great People Generation in Cities per Defensive Pact, Friendship Partner and Citystate City-State Alliance.


Art by Grant

Hendinos (Swordsman)
  • +42% Production Production cost (115 vs 75).
  • -1 Strength Combat Strength (13 vs 14).
  • +2 Moves Movement on Forested Hills.
  • Adopting Social Policies causes the unit to be promoted, regardless of experience.
  • While at war, one Hendinos may be upgraded into a Great General.

Art by Grant

Abbatia Homoios (Temple)
  • Unlocked at Theology.
  • Requires a Shrine to be constructed.
  • Has a Writer Specialist Slot.
  • +3 FaithIcon Faith, doubled if constructed in a city adjacent to a Mountain tile.
  • Generating Greatperson Great People in the city during wartime converts the city to your religion.
Burgundy 1
City List
  1. Lugdunum
  2. Borbetomagus
  3. Vienne
  4. Darantasia
  5. Valentia
  6. Ebrodunum
  7. Octodurus
  8. Genava
  9. Minnodunum
  10. Acunum
  11. Cularo
  12. Ursolis
  13. Divio
  14. Tegna
  15. Epaone
  16. Vapincum
  17. Segesteriorum
  18. Alaunium
  19. Dinia
  20. Arausio
  21. Obilinnum
  22. Romillia
  23. Bergusium
  24. Morginum
  25. Caturigomagus
  26. Bergoiata
  27. Boutae
  28. Alabonte
  29. Caturissium
  30. Catuiacia
  31. Mellosedum
  32. Ludna
  33. Bodgalio
  34. Vindasca
  35. Lunna
  36. Durotincum
  37. Bergintrum
  38. Turedunum
  39. Brioratis
  40. Venetonimagus
Spy List
  • Catulinus
  • Avitus
  • Sigeric
  • Godomar
  • Suavegotha
  • Godegisel
  • Gondioc
  • Gislaharius
  • Gebicar
  • Hesychius

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Events and Decisions[]

Integrate the Sequani
The kingdoms of antiquity have collapsed by the hands of us and other Gothic peoples, freeing tribes and populations who have been shackled for centuries. However, new threats are emerging from the horizon, and without an empire to shield them it falls upon us to integrate these tribes, who call themselves the Sequani, so that they may seek shelter and contribute to our noble kingdom.
  • Must be in the Classical Era or later.
  • Must have at least one puppeted or occupied city with Walls.
  • May only be enacted once per era.
  • Gold Gold.
  • 2 Magistrates Magistrates.
  • All puppeted or occupied cities with walls in your empire become fully-fledged cities.
  • Recieve +1 Happy Local Happiness when a defense building is constructed.
  • Note: The Gold Gold Cost decreases by 25 Gold Gold per Citystate City State captured or Barbarian Camp raided.
Hold an Arian Bishopric Council
The messages of Christ have come under great strain in recent years, with Christendom split between the teachings of Arius and Constantine on the divinity and relationship between the Saviour, the Lord and the Spirit. To avoid hostility between us and the Church authorities, we should hold a religious council in our kingdom to discuss affairs.
  • Must be in the Medieval Era or later.
  • Must have a Religion Religion or a majority Religion in the Capital Capital.
  • Must have an Abbatia Homoios in the Capital Capital.
  • May only be enacted once per era.
  • FaithIcon Faith.
  • 100 Gold Gold.
  • 3 Magistrates Magistrates.
  • Gain FaithIcon Faith from the number of Embassies and Diplomats assigned to foreign civilizations that share your religion.
  • Gain a free Great Writer when your Religion is enhanced.

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 4
Last Updated: 20 June 2020


  • Tophat: Coding (Button lua)
  • Wagner: Music themes
  • Grant: All else
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