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The Britons
Map by Grant
Map by Grant

The Britons led by Riothamus is a custom civilization by ExplosiveWatermelon, with contributions from TPangolin, Coiot, and Grant.


The Britons[]

The term Brythonic encompasses a wide variety of people who lived in Roman and Sub-Roman Britain, including Romans and native Celts. Various chieftains have earned the title of "King of the Britons," and this title survived into myth as the title of King Arthur. Now, the Brythonic peoples have dispersed into Wales and Brittany as ancestors to proud cultures. However, their homeland of England is retained by those of mainly Anglo-Saxon heritage.


Riothamus, or potentially Ambrosius Aurelianus, was a leader of the Romano-British. Much of his history is unknown, known only through letters. However, much of his history aligns with accounts of King Arthur, and scholars identify him as a counterpart to Ambrosius Aurelianus and the later King Arthur. Riothamus is a latinization of a Brythonic word, meaning either "Great King" or "Freest." From this, it can be surmised that Riothamus was a respected leader.

Dawn of Man[]

May kings kneel before you, oh great Riothamus of the Britons. It was a period of great strife that you took command of the Britons, as the fall of the Roman Empire became imminent. However, you served dutifully, righteously defending your cause against invading forces. Thus, your exploits live as the tales of a new king- the great King Arthur, last of the Romans.

Oh, Riothamus, your empire awaits your return! Your people are scattered across the globe, while Saxons retain your homeland. Can your prideful warriors fend off against the winds of war once more? Can you create a court that encompasses all the realms? Can you build a civilization that can stand the test of time?

Introduction: I greet thee as Riothamus, Last of the Romans and King of the Britons. Hm? You haven't heard of me? I'm quite sure that's not true...

Introduction: Whoso enter my court enters as an equal. My name is Riothamus, King of the Britons.

Defeat: Alas, that I ever bore this crown upon my head! May I find better peace elsewhere, for I am no longer welcomed.

Unique Attributes[]

The Britons (Riothamus)
Britons RiothamusIcon

Art by TPangolin

Son of Prophecy

Can grant population from the Capital to other Cities in exchange for Production. Earn +1 Happiness for every Building present in all Cities.

Laikaros Icon

Art by ExplosiveWatermelon

Laikaros (Swordsman)
  • Can expend Golden Age points to restore movement.
  • Can move after attacking.
Fanum Icon

Art by ExplosiveWatermelon

Fanum (Garden)
  • Replaces the Garden.
  • Buildings are cheaper when present in the capital, bonus increased for every Fanum.
  • No terrain dependency.
City List
  1. Camalet
  2. Londinium
  3. Isca Augusta
  4. Tintagel
  5. Maridunum
  6. Isca Silurum
  7. Eboracum
  8. Viroconium
  9. Isca Dumnoniorium
  10. Dorobernia
  11. Corinium
  12. Lindum
  13. Camulodunom
  14. Gobannium
  15. Aquae Solis
  16. Caer Caradog
  17. Luguvallium
  18. Mediolanum
  19. Venta Belgarum
  20. Glevum
  21. Segontium
  22. Cesaromagus
  23. Calleva Atrebatum
  24. Ratae Corieltauvorum
  25. Durnovaria
  26. Noviomagus Reginorum
  27. Isurium Brigantum
  28. Petuaria
  29. Pons Aelius
  30. Lactodurum
  31. Condate
Spy List
  • Emiya
  • Guinevere
  • Uther
  • Merlin
  • Olwen
  • Taliesin
  • Graham
  • Meliodas
  • Patsy
  • Cavall



Peace Theme War Theme
'Scarborough Fair' by Le Alvaro Galan 'Homeward Bound' by San Fernando Symphonic Assembly

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 3
Last Updated: 24 February 2021

  • Explosive Watermelon: Lead Author, Design, Code, Art
  • TPangolin: Art
  • Coiot: Art
  • Grant: Art
  • JTitan: UU Model
  • Alvaro Galan: Peace Theme
  • San Fernando Symphonic Assembly: War Theme
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