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Map by Regalman
Map by Regalman
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Seafaring, Inventive
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The Beothuk led by Nonosbawsut is a custom civilization by Colonialist Legacies.

This mod requires Brave New World.


The Beothuk[]

The Beothuk were an indigenous culture in Newfoundland, off the coast of northeastern Canada. The Beothuk culture originated in the sixteenth century, but its ancestors go back further still. Today, the Beothuk are extinct, as they fled their traditional hunting grounds and starved. The last Beothuk is believed to have died in 1829.


Nonosbawsut is the last known - indeed, the only known - leader of the Beothuk, leading a small group of Beothuk who lived near Red Indian Lake, in central Newfoundland. Though sometimes referred to as a chief, his position was more akin to that of a headman or simply a leader. He is known to have had at least two encounters with European expeditioners and fishermen, the last of which resulted in his death.

Dawn of Man[]

In the days before the coming of the white man, a splinter tribe of the Wabanaki found remnants of Viking technologies among the ruins of what would later be known as Newfoundland. Armed and empowered by these tools and relics, these people would build a new way of life and become known as the Beothuk. And they would be led by you, Nonosbawsut, the Great Red Chief!

At the dawn of the Colonial era, you, Nonosbawsut, refused the advances of the English. You chose to trust in the ways of the Beothuk, empowered by Viking metals, instead of caving to the pandering promises of a foreign people with foreign ways. When the English persisted and turned to violence in their eagerness for trade, you led your people away, into the darkness.

Nonosbawsut leaderscreen

Art by Specialize and TPangolin

But now, O Nonosbawsut, is a new day for the Beothuk. The secrets of the past and the pathways of a new land lie open to us. We need a shrewd leader to protect us. To shape us, as with iron tools, into a civilization that will stand the test of time.

Introduction: Who are you? What are you doing here? Who sent you?

Introduction: We are the Beothuk, and our ways are our own. Leave us in peace, and we will think of you as friends.

Defeat: You have made a grave mistake.

Unique Attributes[]

The Beothuk (Nonosbawsut)

Art by DJSHenninger

Rules of Acquisition

Antiquity Sites are visible from the beginning of the game, and yield +2 Production Production and +1 Science Science when worked by a city.


Art by Kujarim_Wuniver

Demon's Head (Catapult)
  • Does not need to be set up
  • Unlocked at Masonry
  • Has up to 3 ammunition that regenerates over time
  • When out of ammunition, becomes a Spearman

Art by Specialize

Mythic Emblems (Lighthouse)
  • Unlocked at Sailing
  • Has 6 variants, only one of which may be built in each city
Mythic Emblem Variants
Mythicemblem moon
Moon (requires a Pantheon)
  • +1 Food Food per coastal tile and worked bonus resource
  • +1 FaithIcon Faith from Antiquity Sites and whenever a foreign ship is within your borders
Mythicemblem song
Song (requires a Wonder in the city)
  • +1 Food Food and Production Production from coast tiles
  • Spreads borders to claim all coastal tiles within city limits
Mythicemblem council
Council (requires a Trade City Connection)
  • +1 Food Food per ocean tile and worked Fish source
  • +1% Greatperson Great Person generation rate per nearby Worker or Fishing Boat
Mythicemblem festival
Festival (requires a city demanding a sea resource)
  • +1 Gold Gold per worked naval luxury and +1 Food Food from water tiles
  • Grants a source of the demanded luxury
Mythicemblem ship
Ship (requires a nearby source of Fish)
  • +1 Food Food per ocean tile and worked Fish source
  • +5% Production Production towards Naval units per worked luxury sea resource
Mythicemblem hunt
Hunt (requires a nearby luxury sea resource)
  • +1 Food Food per ocean tile and worked Fish source
  • +2 CultureIcon Culture while training a sea unit in this city
City List
  1. Melgita't
  2. Megwe'saqsit Lnu
  3. Gwitn Tewje'g
  4. Brûlé
  5. Masqo'tasit Sitm
  6. E'jnt Maqamigew
  7. Boydsitm
  8. Lnu Elapit
  9. Matjoqtelign Sitmug
  10. Metewintoq
  11. Gloqontiejg Sitm
  12. Aqalasie'w
  13. Sitmug Mi'gmuessu
  14. Mnnoqong Sitm Saqawi'gann
  15. Gesigewe'g Eligua'laq
  16. Geleiwatl Gesaltimgewei
  17. Ozàwà Wàgosh
  18. Nika
  19. Amins'tue'g Jipu'ji'jg
  20. Ewi'gat Jipu'ji'jg
  21. Ne'wowei Amase'jijg
  22. Miti
  23. Gesigawtewesigeg
  24. Gopitewe'get
  25. G'ig
  26. Glamuejmnaqsi
  27. Lentug Epegwitg
  28. Tg'sn Sitm
  29. A-kw Sitm
  30. Tg'snugowa'j Sitm
Spy List
  • Tabios
  • Osaqana
  • Demasduit
  • Waunathoake
  • Shendoreth
  • Doodebewshet
  • Moomeshduck
  • Oubee
  • Shanawdithit
  • Kop




Peace Theme War Theme

The Beothuk - Nonosbawsut Peace


The Beothuk - Nonosbawsut War

'One Mouth Orchestra - Between Dimensions' by Michał Esz Szerląg 'One Mouth Orchestra - Trapped Soul' by Michał Esz Szerląg

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Events and Decisions[]

Observation over Integration[]

The foreign men want to enslave us, to make us dependent on their trade. We should refuse their advances and instead learn their ways through careful observation. This is the Beothuk way.


  • The player must be the Beothuk
  • The player must have entered the Renaissance Era
  • The player must not have any foreign Traderoute Trade Routes


  • 2 Magistrates Magistrates


  • Every ten turns, gain Science Science and Production Production from your Spies in foreign nations (you will not gain this reward if you have any trade routes with foreign nations. The bonus is increased by any bonuses to your trade routes)

Shapatuan Festival[]

It is a time in which great deeds have been done. We would be wise to gather all of the Beothuk together, that we may learn from each other.


  • Player must be the Beothuk
  • Player must have a Mythic Emblem in each city
  • One of the Mythic Emblems must be a Mythic Emblem - Festival


  • Magistrates Magistrate for every 4 Beothuk cities
  • [120 + 60 * # of cities] Gold Gold


  • Begins a 10 turn Goldenage Golden Age that lasts an extra turn for each Beothuk city
  • Gain a free food / growth building in every one of your cities

Unique Cultural Influence[]

“Our people are painting themselves red and carving emblems out of wood, I fear the rest of the world will succumb to such oddities.”

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop Downloader
Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 16 November 2015

  • TPangolin: Icons, Mod Support, Direction, leaderscreen touchups
  • Neirai: Lua, Decisions, Concept, Translation
  • Senshidenshi: Compilation
  • Reedstilt: Concept, City list
  • RawSasquatch: Unit graphics, leaderscreen touchups
  • Specialize: Leaderscreen, icons
  • Civitar: Unit graphics
  • Regalman: Map
  • DJSHenninger: Icons
  • Kujarim_Wuniver: Icons
  • SuperWaffle: Pedias
  • NameUndisclosed: Pedias
  • NiaoMeow: Pedias
  • Sukritact: "Special Thanks"
  • LastSword"Special Thanks"
  • Michal Esz: Music
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