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The Bedouins
Map by TPangolin
Map by TPangolin
Hamad Pasha Al-Sufi
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Expansive, Financial

The Bedouins led by Al-Sufi is a custom civilization mod by SilentForza and JakeWalrusWhale, with contributions from Grant and TPangolin.


The Bedouins[]

The Bedouins are a grouping of nomadic arabic tribes sharing a common culture and present in the desert regions of North Africa, the Arabic Peninsula, the Levant and Iraq. While many bedouins nowadays are sedentary, many others continued to live nomadic lives, much like their ancestors. They possess an unique clan culture named “asa’ir” and practice traditional music and dances. To this day, even sedentary bedouins practice those traditional activities, and camel riding and camping in the desert are still popular leisure activities to them.

In early history, Bedouins engaged in herding, agriculture and occasionally fishing. However, their mean source of income involve the taxation of caravans and tributes collected in non-bedouin settlements, alongside transportation of goods and people across the desert. The scarcity of resources, however, caused them to require to move constantly.

In modern history, Bedouins continued their sedentarisation process, due to population growth, national policies, and the strive for a better lifestyle. Governmental policies tried to provide Bedouins with the necessary comforts, like school, healthcare, law enforcement and so on, while other policies strived to take away lands.


Very little is known about Hamad Pasha al-Sufi, as bedouins don’t keep records of their sheiks. However, al-Sufi might be the closest figure we know that can be associated to the title of bedouin hero. As the sheik of the al-Tarabin tribe, he was one of the figureheads of politics regarding local bedouin communities identifying with the al-Tarabin. Among the things we know about him, we know for one that he was part of the economical growth of the city of Beersheba, and that his most recognisable feat is leading 1500 bedouins under turkish command for the attack against the Suez Canal.

Dawn of Man[]


Art by Grant

Be welcomed, Sheikh Hamad Pasha Al-Sufi of al-Tarabin and decendant of the Tribe of Mohammed. The Bedouin, nomads of the deserts from Arabia to Morocco, have always lived in the harsh environments which were given to them, and they thrived in the desolate dunes living from camel herding and trade with other mighty powers. Always ready to fight for their rights, your people remember you as the man who, allied with the Turks, led 1500 men to an attack against the Suez Canal, earning in the process the respect of your people.

Oh Sheikh, the Bedouins call you to unite them under one banner and lead them to victory like they have never tasted before. Will you take control of the desert and unite a nomadic empire from its peoples? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?

Introduction: "It seems you have stumbled upon our deserts, foreigner. My name is Hamad Pasha al-Sufi, sheik of the al-Tarabin bedouin tribe. Maybe you would like to share a coffee with us around the fireplace?"

Defeat: "You may have defeated me, but the bedouins have already made home of the desert, and you will not annihilate us. Now, savor your victory while you can."

Unique Attributes[]

The Bedouins (Al-Sufi)

Art by Grant


Receive a Traderoute trade route for every Bedouin Camp you control (1 per era, max 5). Receive +1 Gold Gold for each Bedouin Camp you own with a trade route. Units have additional movement in desert outside of friendly territory.


Art by Grant

Goum (Scout)
  • Never obsoletes but is more expensive
  • Can be expended to create a Bedouin Camp

Art by JFD

Bedouin Camp (Improvement)
  • Takes control of all unclaimed tiles in a 1-tile radius
  • +1 Gold Gold and +1 Food Food
  • Spawns a Goum every number of turns, depending on game speed
  • Can be turned into a city after the Industrial Era
  • Can only be built on Desert, Grassland, Plains, Tundra, or Hills, and not next to another camp nor next to a city

Art by Grant

Ghazi (Horseman)
  • Does not need Horses
  • Additional Moves movement in desert
  • No Moves Movement cost to pillage
  • Built faster in cities that are the destination of Traderoute trade routes
City List
  1. al-Tarabin
  2. Harb
  3. Banu Hilal
  4. al-Hadid
  5. Muzzienna
  6. 'Anizzah
  7. Banu Sulaym
  8. al-Howeitat
  9. Tuba-Zangariyye
  10. al-Duwasir
  11. Bani Khalid
  12. 'Azazwe
  13. Ghamid
  14. al-Khassawneh
  15. al-Mawasi
  16. Shahran
  17. Dulaim
  18. Shammar
  19. al-Majali
  20. al-Jaloudi
  21. Bani Tameem
  22. Subai'
  23. Beni Sakhr
  24. Banu Yam
  25. al-Hadid
  26. Maqil
  27. al-Wahiba
  28. Ruwallah
  29. Jihnan
  30. Jahalin
  31. Banu
  32. al-Murrah
  33. Tihaya
  34. Qara
  35. Mahra
  36. al-Sihran
  37. Harasis
  38. al-Hawazin
  39. Mutayr
  40. Sharafat
  41. 'Utayba
  42. Qahtan
  43. Rashaida
  44. Ansar
Spy List
  • Mehedi
  • Saleh
  • Faruq
  • Ghassan
  • Isma'il
  • Jafar
  • Aaliyah
  • Fatimah
  • Layla
  • Nurullah
Bedouin2 PNG


Peace Theme War Theme

Bedouin - Peace


Bedouin - War

'Sands of Arabia' by Brandon Fiechter 'Ancient Arabian Music - Bedouin Tribe' by Brandon Fiechter

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence

Unique Cultural Influence[]

"Our people are now living in camps and befriending camels. I worry the rest of the world will also succumb to the influence of your culture."

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 4
Last Updated: 22 June 2020


  • SilentForza: Design, Text, Research, Concept
  • JakeWalrusWhale: Code, Mod Support, Compilation, Making it Work
  • Grant: Art
  • TPangolin: Map

Notes and References[]

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