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Bantu Peoples
Map by King Willian I
Map by King Willian I
Start Bias
Avoid Jungle
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The Bantu led by Baba is a custom civiization by Rise of Civilization produced by King William I (Darkmetalscorpian on Steam) It requires Brave New World


The Bantu[]

Bantu is used as a general label for the 300–600 ethnic groups in Africa who speak Bantu languages. They inhabit a geographical area stretching east and southward from Central Africa across the African Great Lakes region down to Southern Africa.  Bantu is a major branch of the Niger-Congo language family spoken by most populations in Africa. There are about 650 Bantu languages by the criterion of mutual intelligibility, though the distinction between language and dialect is often unclear, and Ethnologue counts 535 languages.


Baba is not a single person, but rather the Swahili word for father.  With a group of cultures as wide as the Bantu, there hardly seems to be one leader that can be used to encompass all of the Bantu people.

Dawn of Man[]

Greetings dear Baba, father of the Bantu! Your people await you.  The Bantu are an ancient people from Western Africa.  For reasons still debated, the began to migrate across the continent of Africa.  During this migration they intermix with the various tribes they encountered, creating a large area of people that can trace their ancestery to your people.  So many were your number that not even the Europeans, those destroyers of cultures could remove your influence from the land.

Dear Father, your people once again migrate to new lands and opportunities. Can you lead the Bantu in these new lands? Will you build a civilization that stands the test of time?


The Bantu are a cradle civ. As such, they have really strong early game bonuses. The UA allows you to build more cities faster. The Xhosa Warrior although replaces the Scout, it is better put to use to escort those speedy settlers. The Kraal can then be used to get more sources of food the grow those cities faster. A good course of action would be to build a bunch of cities then focus on religion. Pick two building beliefs and Sacred Sites to cruise on to a cultural victory.

Unique Attributes[]

The Bantu (Baba)
MigrationSettlers move at double speed. Begin with an extra Settler. -50% Unhappiness Unhappiness from number of Cities.
Xhosa Warrior (Scout)
  • 4 Moves Movement
  • Does not ignore terrain costs
  • Fights like an Archer
Kraal (Granary)
  • On top of normal Granary benefits, provides +1 Food Food on Cattle and Sheep

Unique Cultural Influence[]

Our people have intermarried with yours, thus turning us into a Bantu sub-group.  I fear the rest of the world will succumb to the power of your culture.

List of Cities[]

  1. Zimbabwe
  2. Zululand
  3. Gokomere
  4. Mabveni
  5. Malapati
  6. Phalaborwa
  7. Zaka
  8. Sofala
  9. Matola
  10. Khami
  11. Dambwa
  12. Gundu
  13. Lubusi
  14. Dambarare
  15. Kalundu
  16. Ingombe
  17. Kapwirimbwe
  18. Chondwe
  19. Kipushi
  20. Thandwe
  21. Kansanshe
  22. Luanzaf
  23. Bwana Mkubwa
  24. Mawudzu
  25. Kapeni
  26. Sanga
  27. Kamnama
  28. Nkope
  29. Kalambo
  30. Uvenza
  31. Kwale
  32. Mapungubwe
  33. Ivuna
  34. Manekweni

Full Credit List[]

King William I: Icons, Leader, Code, Map, War Theme: Baba Yetu

JTitan: UU Graphic