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The Aremorici led by Viridovix is a custom civilization mod by DMS, with contributions from Grant and DarthKyofu.

This mod requires Brave New World.



Armorica or Aremorica is the name given in ancient times to the part of Gaul between the Seine and the Loire that includes the Brittany Peninsula, extending inland to an indeterminate point and down the Atlantic Coast.

Pliny the Elder, in his Natural History, claims that Armorica was the older name for Aquitania and states Armorica's southern boundary extended to the Pyrenees. Taking into account the Gaulish origin of the name, that is perfectly correct and logical, as Aremorica is not a country name but a word that describes a type of geographical region, one that is by the sea. Pliny lists the following Celtic tribes as living in the area: the Aedui and Carnuteni as having treaties with Rome; the Meldi and Secusiani as having some measure of independence; and the Boii, Senones, Aulerci (both the Eburovices and Cenomani), the Parisii, Tricasses, Andicavi, Viducasses, Bodiocasses, Veneti, Coriosvelites, Diablinti, Rhedones, Turones, and the Atseui.


Viridovix was a Celtic chieftain who lived in the 1st century BC. He was known for his military prowess and strategic thinking, and was a key figure in the resistance of the Celtic tribes against the Roman conquest of Gaul.

Viridovix was born in the region of Gaul that is now modern-day France. He was a member of the Aedui tribe, which was one of the most powerful and influential Celtic tribes in Gaul at the time. Viridovix rose to prominence as a military leader, leading successful campaigns against other Celtic tribes as well as against the Romans.

The Romans, who were expanding their empire into Gaul at the time, saw Viridovix as a major threat to their ambitions. In 52 BC, the Roman general Julius Caesar launched a campaign against the Aedui, and Viridovix played a key role in the defense of his tribe. Despite being outnumbered and outgunned, Viridovix and the Aedui were able to hold off the Romans for several months before being ultimately defeated.

Despite his defeat, Viridovix's reputation as a formidable military leader and strategist continued to grow. He became a symbol of resistance against Roman rule, and his legend inspired other Celtic tribes to rise up against the invaders.

Today, Viridovix is remembered as a hero of the Celtic people and a symbol of their struggle against Roman domination. His legacy lives on in the histories and traditions of the Celtic nations, and he remains a revered figure in the region.

Dawn of Man[]

Hail to you, Viridovix, chief of the Unelli! The tribes of Aremorica have always been a force to be reckoned with on the seas, allowing the Aremoricans to resist Roman rule and assert their independence. But it is not only your naval prowess that makes the Aremoricans great. You have flourished in a land of coastal rocks and rolling hills, and with fierce warrior spirit and a keen intellect, with shrieking bards and boiling pots, the tribes of Aremorica have long dominated the seas.

DMS Viridovix scene

Leaderscreen by DMS

Viridovix, the time has come for you to lead your people to even greater heights. Will you continue to guide the Aremoricans towards prosperity and peace? Will you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?

Introduction: "Welcome, fellow chief. I am Viridovix and I represent the interests of all the tribes in the Aremorica region. I trust you have not seen any Romans skulking about, right?"

Defeat: "No, wait, what? We ran out of potion? B-but that cannot be!"

Unique Attributes[]

Aremorica (Viridovix)

Art by DMS

As the Tide Ebbs

Naval Units generate Production Production in the nearest Aremorican City and extra Food Food in all other Cities when near any besieged City. Coastal Cities converts excess Food Food to CultureIcon Culture.


Art by DMS

Robura Ship (Trireme)
  • May withdraw when attacked.
  • Practically immune to Ranged Attacks.

Art by Grant

Promontory Fort (Lighthouse)
  • Increases City Strength Defence slightly and Hit Points greatly.
  • Same Food Food and Production Production effects as the Lighthouse.
City List
  1. Darioritum
  2. Condate
  3. Coriallum
  4. Vorgium
  5. Condevincum
  6. Gesocribate
  7. Reginca
  8. Vorganium
  9. Fanum Martis
  10. Corbilo
  11. Portus Nemetum
  12. Ilfentig
  13. Aregenua
  14. Uxantis
  15. Cronciaconnum
  16. Vindinum
  17. Occismor
  18. Lexobia
  19. Gisacum
  20. Noemagus Biducassium
  21. Lemonum
  22. Juliomagus
  23. Suindinum
  24. Mediolanum Aulercorum
  25. Tolente
  26. Kerfeunteun
Spy List
  • Asterix
  • Obelix
  • Dogmatix
  • Getafix
  • Vitalstatistix
  • Impedimenta
  • Cacofonix
  • Geriatrix
  • Unhygenix
  • Fullyautomatix



Peace Theme War Theme
Astérix & Obélix Contre César OST - La Serpe D'Or by Jean-Jacques Goldman and Roland Romanelli. Astérix & Obélix Contre César OST - La Bataille Rangée by Jean-Jacques Goldman and Roland Romanelli.

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 31 December 2022


  • DMS: Code, Art, Design, Text
  • Grant: Art (UB Icon)
  • DMS: Art feedback
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