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Syria led by Bashar al-Assad is a custom civilization by Zharques, with contributions from JFD, Fran, DarthKyofu, and Arilasqueto

This mod requires Brave New World.



Syria, officially the Syrian Arab Republic, is a Western Asian country located in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Levant. A country of fertile plains, high mountains, and deserts, Syria is home to diverse ethnic and religious groups, including the majority Syrian Arabs, Kurds, Turkmens, Assyrians, Armenians, Circassians, Albanians, and Greeks. Religious groups include Muslims, Christians, Alawites, Druze, and Yazidis. The modern Syrian state was established in the mid-20th century after centuries of Ottoman rule. After a period as a French mandate, the post-independence period was tumultuous, with multiple military coups and coup attempts shaking the country between 1949 and 1971. In 1958, Syria entered a brief union with Egypt called the United Arab Republic, which was terminated by the 1961 Syrian coup d'état. After the death of Hafez al-Assad in 2000, his son Bashar al-Assad inherited the presidency and political system centred around a cult of personality to al-Assad family.

Bashar al-Assad[]

Bashar Hafez al-Assad is a Syrian politician who is the 19th president of Syria, since 17 July 2000. In addition, he is the commander-in-chief of the Syrian Armed Forces and the Secretary-General of the Central Command of the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party, which nominally espouses a neo-Ba'athist ideology. His father and predecessor was General Hafez al-Assad. Bashar al-Assad's reign has been characterised by numerous human rights violations and severe repression. Early economic liberalisation programs worsened inequalities and increased the socio-political centralization of the loyalist Damascene elite of the Assad family; alienating the Syrian rural population, urban working classes, businessmen, industrialists and people from once-traditional Ba'ath strongholds. In 2011 he ordered a violent crackdown on Arab Spring protesters, which led to the Syrian civil war.

Dawn of Man[]

"The fate of Syria is in your hands, oh Bashar al-Assad, President of Syria and Secretary-General of the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party. Inheriting the Presidency from your late father, your regime got off to a muddled start, as you attempted to economically liberalise the country but only severed some of the traditional ties to the Ba'athist heartlands that were so essential for your father. Increasing corruption also plagued the country, and the Damascus Spring led to upstart protestors thinking they could run the country better than you. But you sure showed them when many rose again in the Arab Spring, fighting off the traitors. It may have plunged your country into civil war, with famine and chaos leading to refugee crises and starvation. But you will not let the terrorists win. You will defeat them.


Art by Fran

Oh determined Bashar al-Assad, you must find the right allies and defeat the right enemies. The vultures wish to feed on the carcass of Syria after murdering it. But you must be a beacon against the terror, standing as a paragon against the excesses of anarchy. Can you save your country from the brink, bringing it into a new age of prosperity. Will you build a civilization that can stand the test of time?"

Introduction: "Every brute reaction was by an individual, not by an institution, that's what you have to know... oh, hello, welcome to Syria."

Defeat: "History will see me as the man who protected his country from the terrorism and from the intervention, and saved its sovereignty and integrity of its land."

Unique Attributes[]

Syria (Bashar al-Assad)

Art by DarthKyofu

The Beast of Damascus

Upon a declaration of war, receive a boost of Production Production in the Capital Capital and cities which have previously been damaged increased for each declaration of friendship with another civilization on a different continent. Gun, Armour, and Helicopter units Pillage for Free.


Art by Fran

Republican Guard (Mechanized Infantry)
  • When Garrisoned in a City, generates +1 Happy Happiness.
  • Gains Experience faster based on the number of civilizations that have denounced you (max 3).

Art by DarthKyofu

Ba'ath Brigade (Bazooka)
  • +1 Range when in a City's Zone of Control.
  • Starts with Ambush II.
City List
  1. Damascus
  2. Aleppo
  3. Homs
  4. Latakia
  5. Hama
  6. Raqqa
  7. Deir ez-Zor
  8. Al-Hasakah
  9. Qamishli
  10. Sayyidah Zaynab
  11. Tartus
  12. Douma
  13. Manbij
  14. Idlib
  15. Daraa
  16. Al-Hajar al-Aswad
  17. Darayya
  18. As-Suwayda
  19. Al-Thawrah
  20. Salamiyah
  21. Al-Safira
  22. Al-Bab
  23. Maarat al-Numaan
  24. Jableh
  25. Tadmur
  26. Ayn al-Arab
  27. Al-Tall
  28. Mayadin
  29. Abu Kamal
  30. Baniyas
  31. Jisr al-Shughur
  32. Al-Rastan
  33. Arihah
  34. Afrin
  35. Qatana
  36. Ashrafiyat Sahnaya
  37. Talkalakh
  38. Al-Sanamayn
  39. Assal al-Ward
  40. Khan Shaykhun
Spy List
  • Hafez
  • Zein
  • Asma
  • Bushra
  • Muhammad
  • Imad
  • Hilal
  • Riyad
  • Zuhair
  • Najah
Syria (Bashar al-Assad)



Mod Support[]

Unique Cultural Influence[]

"Our people are now operating Mukhabarat and following Alawism. I worry the rest of the world will succumb to the influence of your culture."

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 20 February 2023


  • Zharques: Design, Code (Core, Text)
  • JFD: Code (Lua)
  • Fran: Art (Leaderscreen, Republican Guard Icon, Map)
  • DarthKyofu: Art (Leader Icon, Ba'ath Brigade Icon, Unit Flags)
  • Arilasqueto: Art (Civ Icon)

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