United Kingdoms of Sweden and Norway
Map by Viregel
Map by Viregel
Oscar II
Start Bias
Religious Intolerance
Diplomatic, Philosophical
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Sweden-Norway led by Oscar II[1] is a custom civilization mod by JFD and Janboruta[2], with contributions from Viregel, Wolfdog, whoward69, and Andreas Waldeloft.

This mod requires Brave New World. It does not replace Gustav II Adolph's Sweden.



Sweden and Norway or Sweden–Norway, officially the United Kingdoms of Sweden and Norway, was a personal union of the separate kingdoms of Sweden and Norway under a common monarch and common foreign policy from 1814 to 1905, before Sweden accepted Norway's leaving the union. Both states kept their separate constitutions, laws, legislatures, administrations, state churches, armed forces, and currencies; the kings mostly resided in Stockholm, where foreign diplomatic representations were located. The Norwegian government was initially presided over by viceroys: Swedes until 1829, Norwegians until 1856. That office was later vacant and then formally abolished in 1873. Foreign policy was conducted through the Swedish foreign ministry until the dissolution of the union in 1905.

Oscar II

Oscar II, baptised Oscar Fredrik, was King of Sweden from 1872 until his death and King of Norway from 1872 until 1905. The third son of King Oscar I of Sweden and Josephine of Leuchtenberg, he was a descendant of Gustav I of Sweden through his mother. 

Dawn of Man

Hail to the last King of the union of Sweden and Norway, Oscar II. A distinguished artist, academic, and statesman, you oversaw the peaceful seperation of Norway from an almost hundred year union with Sweden, as well as the institution of the office of Prime Minister in both Stockholm and Oslo. Remarked for your love and patronage of the arts and sciences, and confided in for your acute diplomacy, your reign over Sweden and Norway was both enlightened and ceremonious, and you remain beloved in the hearts of Swedes and Norwegians alike.

Art by Janboruta

Respected King, the dual kingship of Sweden and Norway once more lies within your trust. Can you bring to both realms peace and harmony, and ensure prosperity and good health for your subjects? Can you build a civilization that can stand the test of time?

Introduction: "Greetings, my friend. I am Oscar II, King of Sweden and King of Norway. I must confess, I've been long awaiting our meeting."

Introduction: "Welcome to the United Kingdoms of Sweden and Norway. I am Oscar II, her King. Now, shall we adjourn to somewhere more comfortable?"


Defeat: "This humble King was not made for war and conflict. I trust you to offer the protection that my people need to survive this violent world."


Unique Attributes

Sweden-Norway (Oscar II)

Art by Janboruta

Nobel Prize

Gain 90 Influence.png Influence when gifting Greatperson.png Great People to City-States. When declaring friendship, Sweden-Norway and their friend gain a +10% boost to Greatperson.png Great Person generation empire-wide.

Art from the Community Balance Patch

Tordenskjold (Battleship)
  • May be used to build and repair Offshore Platforms and Fishing Boats (this does not consume the unit)
  • +25% Defense bonus 
  • -25% Attack penalty

Art from the Community Balance Patch

Royal Academy (Public School)
  • -1 maintenance
  • Has a slot for both an Artist and a Writer Specialist
Changes to Sweden (Gustavus Adolphus)

Art by Firaxis

Father of Modern Warfare

Infantry Units produce Great Generals faster when beginning next to a friendly Mounted Unit. Great Generals increase the starting Moves.png Movement of adjacent Siege Units by +1 and may be used to spread your religion.

City List
  1. Stockholm
  2. Christiania
  3. Gothenburg
  4. Trondheim
  5. Malmö
  6. Stavanger
  7. Sundsvall
  8. Tromsø
  9. Uppsala
  10. Kristiansand
  11. Linköping
  12. Fredrikstad
  13. Norrköping
  14. Tønsberg
  15. Helsingborg
  16. Porsgrunn
  17. Västerås
  18. Moss
  19. Gävle
  20. Arendal
  21. Umeå
  22. Bodø
  23. Eskilstuna
  24. Hamar
  25. Karlstad
  26. Larvik
  27. Borås
  28. Lillehammer
  29. Luleå
  30. Halden
  31. Täby
  32. Askøy
  33. Halmstad
  34. Molde
Spy List
  1. Sven
  2. Joakim
  3. Gustav
  4. Nils
  5. Stefan
  6. Ulrika
  7. Hedvig
  8. Sibylla
  9. Estelle
  10. Elsa


Peace Theme War Theme

Union of Sweden-Norway - Oscar II Peace


Union of Sweden-Norway - Oscar II War

'Winter' by Andreas Waldeloft 'Poverty' by Andreas Waldeloft

Mod Support

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Events & Decisions

Commission Self-Portrait
We should commission for ourself a self-portrait, by which we can be remembered in history as a modest and humble ruler.
  • Player must be Sweden-Norway
  • May only be enacted from the beginning of the Renaissance Era
  • May only be enacted once per game
  • 400 Gold.png Gold
  • Receive a free Great Work of Art
Innovate Open-Air Museums
An open-air museum is a type of museum whose exhibits are located outdoors. They often display collections of buildings or artefacts that otherwise would not fit indoors, some featuring actors living out the lives of people of the past. Oscar II innovated this kind of museum at his summer residence near Kristiania.
  • Player must be Sweden-Norway
  • May only be enacted from the beginning of the Renaissance Era
  • May only be enacted once per game
  • 1200 Gold.png Gold
  • +1 CultureIcon.png Culture on Great People Tile Improvements

Prize-winning Poetry

A collection of our poetry, published by Stockholm's finest academy, has been awarded second prize in a competition of fine literature.
Option 1: We are flattered, of course!
  • Gain 150 Gold.png Gold (50 Prestige.png Prestige (with Piety & Prestige))
Note: This event cannot fire unless there is an Royal Academy in the capital.

Arctic Expedition

A group of adventurers, eager to explore the frozen Arctic, have petitioned for us to become their sponsor and to fund an expedition north.
Option 1: Excellent. When do they leave?
  • Lose 300 Gold.png Gold (400/600 with Exploration Continued Expanded)
  • Gain a Great Admiral (Great Explorer/Adventurer with Exploration Continued Expanded)
Option 2: I have not the funds for this frivolous expense.
  • Nothing
Note: This event cannot fire before the Renaissance Era.

Exploration Continued Expanded

Colony List
  1. Christiansborg
  2. Carlusborg
  3. Annamabo
  4. Batensteyn
  5. Taccorari
  6. Apollonia
  7. Myggbukta
  8. Longyearbyen
  9. Eystribyggð
  10. Vinland
  11. Vestribyggð
  12. Olonkinbyen
  13. Bouvetøya
  14. Dronning Maud Land
  15. Tórshavn
  16. Klaksvík
  17. Hoyvík
  18. Argir
  19. Reykjavík
  20. Seyðisfjörður
  21. Skúlastaðir
  22. Vífilsstaðir
  23. Garðabær
  24. Vopnafjörður
  25. Kirkwall
  26. Stromness
  27. Lerwick

Unique Cultural Influence

"Our people are now reading your Nobel Prize-winning literature and listening to your romantic compositions. I worry the rest of the world will also succumb to the influence of your culture."

Full Credits List

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Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 20 April 2015

  • JFD: Coding, Design, Writing
  • Janboruta: Art (Leaderscene, Leader Icon)
  • Viregel: Art (Map), Research (City/Spy Lists)
  • Wolfdog: Graphics (Mikasa)[3]
  • Whoward69: Coding (PlotIterators.lua)[4]
  • Andreas Waldeloft: Music[5][6]

Notes and References

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