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The Sultanate of Sulu led by Azim ud-Din I is a custom civilization by PorkBean, with contributions from DarthKyofu, Senshi and Zharques.

This mod requires Brave New World.



The Sultanate of Sulu was a Muslim state that ruled the islands in the Sulu Archipelago, parts of Mindanao, Palawan, and north-eastern Borneo in the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries. A maritime power, Sulu was notorious for its so-called "Moro Raids", or acts of piracy directed towards Spanish settlements in the area. Moro pirates used swift, maneuverable vessels such as the garay and lanong warships equipped with large swivel guns, known as Lantaka. The sovereignty of the Sultanate effectively ended in 1851 when the Spanish launched attacks on Jolo island, forcing the state to become part of the Philippine islands under the suzerainty of Spain.

Azim ud-Din I[]

Muhammad Azim ud-Din I was Sultan of Sulu from 1735 to 1748, and again from 1764 until his abdication in 1774. He was briefly converted to Catholicism under the name Fernando until he returned to Sulu and reverted to Islam, dying as a Muslim. He had a reputation amongst his subjects as "an authority almost supreme," earning him the title "Chief of Pandita" for his erudite and precise explanations of the Qur'an. He revised the sultanate's legal code and its justice system, and initiated translation of portions of the Qur'an and several legal and religious into the local language. He strongly urged his government to observe their religion faithfully, and wanted all panditas to learn Arabic, initiating the drafting of a vocabulary of Islamic terms as a preliminary step into making Arabic the official language of the state.

Dawn of Man[]

Let glory be upon you, Azim ud-Din, learned ruler of the Sultanate of Sulu! From your early years bringing peace and prosperity between your Sultanate and the Empire of Spain through the treaty of 1737, you instated a regime of harmony and restoration. As "Chief of Pandita", your understanding of the Qur'an led you to preach a regime of tolerance and faith, reforming the sultanate’s legal code and justice system, and translating portions of the holy texts. However, your tolerance of other faiths was not appreciated by all. After giving assent to Philip of Spain to propagate Christianity in the southern Philippines, your own brother attempted to assassinate you. Fleeing the country, you converted your faith and name, becoming the Roman Catholic Don Fernando de Alimuddin. After being promised a restoration to the throne by the Spanish, you face tribulations when imprisoned after allegations of treason, only being freed after 10 years when the British captured Manila. After being restored to the throne, you were welcomed by your people and reconverted to Islam, to which you remained faithful after your abdication and until your death.

Scene Azim

Leaderscene by PorkBean

Oh glorious Azim ud-Din, you have earned your rest. But your people call out once more for a leader of tolerance and peace, who can be both faithful and fair. Will you once again take up the mantle as a man of peace and reform? Will you build a civilization to withstand the entropy of time?

Introduction: Welcome to the islands of Sulu. I am Sultan Azim ud-Din - or Fernando, if you prefer.

Defeat: With my defeat, let peace once again return to Sulu.

Unique Attributes[]

Sulu (Azim ud-Din I)
Azim Icon

Art by PorkBean

Baptism of the Sultan

Declared Friends who do not share your Religion join you in defensive wars. Expending Religious Units adjacent to your Cities grants a permanent +1% Production Production bonus towards Naval Units (max 15%).

Garay Icon

Art by PorkBean

Garay (Trireme)
  • Lower Strength Combat Strength (8 vs 10)
  • +1 Moves Movement
  • Gains FaithIcon Faith from pillaging naval Tile Improvements
  • Starts with Coastal Raider I
Lanong Icon

Art by PorkBean

Lanong (Privateer)
  • Performs a weak Ranged Attack before engaging in combat
  • +1 Moves Movement after entering combat for the first time
  • Starts with Boarding Party I

Note: If Azim ud-Din I founds or adopts Catholicism, he will become known as Fernando I.

City List
  1. Buansa
  2. Patikul
  3. Maimbung
  4. Indanan
  5. Tongkil
  6. Dungun
  7. Parang
  8. Panamao
  9. Kalingalan Caluang
  10. Taguima
  11. Pangutaran
  12. Sandakan
  13. Luuk
  14. Tong Talun
  15. Balabac
  16. Pata
  17. Siasi
  18. Bongao
  19. Marunggas
  20. Talipao
  21. Lugus
  22. Languyan
  23. Sitangkai
  24. Tawao
  25. Tandubas
  26. Sibutu
  27. Simunul
  28. Sapa-Sapa
  29. Pandami
  30. Tapul
  31. Tomborungan
  32. Mapun
Spy List
  • Bantilan ud-Din
  • Nasar ud-Din
  • Badar ud-Din
  • Mohammad Ismael
  • Ja'far
  • Juan de Arechederra
  • Khair ud-Din
  • Francisco José de Ovando
  • Azim ud-Din II
  • Salah ud-Din


Sulu Icon

Sulu is a hybrid religious/naval warfare civ that wants to maintain a strong religion at home. The Sulu Unique Ability, Baptism of the Sultan, forces Sulu's declared friends to join them in defensive wars - but only if they are not followers of the same religion as Sulu. It is therefore disadvantageous for Sulu to spread their religion far beyond their borders, as it will reduce the number of potential defensive allies and thereby weaken Sulu's position. They should instead focus on shoring up the faith in their own coastal cities, as doing so will grant a +1% naval production bonus whenever a religious unit is used up there.

Naval production is highly useful considering Sulu's twin naval unique units. The Garay replaces the Trireme, with a lower combat strength but higher mobility to compensate. It gains large amounts of Faith upon pillaging naval tile improvements and starts with the Coastal Raider I promotion - making it an excellent early game unit for quickly harassing enemy settlements before escaping to safety.

The Lanong is a larger warship that replaces the Privateer. It may use its Lantaka Cannons promotion to perform a weak ranged attack before engaging an enemy ship in combat. It also begins with the Boarding Party I promotion, making for an effective open-ocean skirmisher. Like the Garay, the Lanong is also highly maneuverable, however it must engage in combat before getting access to increased movement.


Peace Theme War Theme

Kulintang - Luntang


Kulintang - Kasulampid -Braided Hair-

"Luntang" by Harold Andre "Kasulampid" by Harold Andre

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence

Unique Cultural Influence[]

"Our people are now sailing your outriggers and playing the kulintang. I worry the rest of the world will also succumb to the influence of your culture."

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 27 December 2020

  • PorkBean: Design, Code, Lua, Art
  • DarthKyofu: Civ icon, colours, LS editing
  • Senshi: Map
  • Zharques: Pedias, Dawn of Man text
  • Wolfdog: Lanong model

Notes and References[]

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