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Strathclyde led by Rhydderch Hael is a custom civilization mod by Grant.

This mod requires Brave New World.



Strathclyde was a Brittonic successor state of the Roman Empire and one of the early medieval kingdoms of the Britons, located in the region the Welsh tribes referred to as Yr Hen Ogledd (“the Old North"), which comprised the Brythonic-speaking parts of what is now southern Scotland and northern England. The kingdom developed during Britain's post-Roman period. It is also known as Alt Clut, a Brittonic term for Dumbarton Castle, the medieval capital of the region. It may have had its origins with the Damnonii people of Ptolemy's Geography. The language of Strathclyde is known as Cumbric, a language that is closely related to Old Welsh, and, among modern languages, is most closely related to Welsh, Cornish, and Breton. Scottish toponymy and archaeology points to some later settlement by Vikings or Norse–Gaels (see Scandinavian Scotland), although to a lesser degree than in neighbouring Galloway. A small number of Anglian place-names show some limited settlement by Anglo-Saxon incomers from Northumbria prior to the Norse settlement. Owing to the series of language changes in the area, it is not possible to say whether any Goidelic settlement took place before Gaelic was introduced in the High Middle Ages during the 11th century. After the sack of Dumbarton Rock by a Viking army from Dublin in 870, the name Strathclyde came into use, perhaps reflecting a move of the centre of the kingdom to Govan. In the same period, it was also referred to as Cumbria, and its inhabitants as Cumbrians. During the High Middle Ages, the area was conquered by the Goidelic-speaking Kingdom of Alba in the 11th century, becoming part of the emerging Kingdom of Scotland.

Rhydderch Hael[]

Riderch Hael was the king of Alt Clut, later known as Strathyclyde, from 532 to 612. Riderch was one of the great British leaders of the North who made a concerted push against both invaders and internal dissidents. He was an insecure King with many enemies, yet he managed to rule Strathclyde for several decades. Chief amongst his foes were Morcant, probably his brother King Morcant Mwynfawr, and his ally, Aedan mac Gabhran, King of Scottish Dalriada.

Early in Riderch's reign, these two conspired to expel him from the kingdom. Aedan torched the capital, Caer-Alclud, leaving "neither food nor drink nor beast alive". Other centres, like Caer-Riderch (Carrutherstown), also fell and Riderch was forced to flee to Ireland. Riderch was baptised a Christian while sojourning in the Emerald Isle and, upon his triumphant return, he wished to have his people evangelized. He called St. Kentigern (or Mungo as he was affectionately called) to his court and he established the first See of Strathclyde at Glasgow. The saint became a close confidant of the King's wife, Languoreth, whom he cured of her barrenness. She subsequently produced a large family of several daughters as well as Prince Constantine, the heir of Strathclyde.

During the AD 560s, Riderch allied himself with his cousins, Nudd and Morfael Hael, as well as Clydno Eityn of Din-Eityn, in order to invade Gwynedd in revenge for the killing of another cousin, Elidyr Mwynfawr. They devastated the country around Caer-Segeint (Caernarfon) but were eventually driven out by King Rhun Hir. Riderch's reputation as a 'bright and splendid hero' had begun to take shape. By AD 573, a dispute had arisen with his unwanted neighbour, King Gwenddoleu of Caer-Wenddoleu, over the township of Caer-Laverock. As the latter was an ally of Aidan mac Gabhran, an ideal opportunity for revenge had presented itself. With his new partners, Kings Peredur and Gwrgi of Ebrauc (York), moving up from the south, Riderch was able to attack his enemies in a pincer movement. The armies clashed at Arderydd (Arthuret), Gwenddoleu was killed and his troops crushed.[NEWLINE][NEWLINE]It was after this famous battle that Myrddin - the original of Merlin the Magician - first appeared at Riderch's Court. His sister, Gwenddydd, whom the King had by this time married, rescued him from a mad screaming frenzy in the Caledonian Forest and brought him to the safety of Caer-Alclud. In the latter years of his reign, Riderch became well known for rallying the Northern British forces against the Saxon invaders with Urien of Rheged, particularly the forces of King Hussa of Bernicia

Dawn of Man[]

Welcome Rhydderch, noble king of Ystrad Clud and paragon of generosity! You were a deeply pious man, and pioneered the dreams of holy men, among them Saint Kentigern, who you founded Glasgow for. But above all, you were a great defender of the Britons, forging a powerful alliance with Kings Urien, Gwallog and Morcant, overrunning the petty Anglian states of Bernaccia and Deira, briefly restoring the old British states of Bryneich and Deifr. Alas, it was not to last; Urien was assassinated, and the alliance crumbled. But you remained resolute, joining the Briton kings of the north in restoring the rightful king of Gwynedd to the throne. You build a fortress for your people that would stand for nearly half a millennium. Without you, the Britons of the north would have been lost to history.


Leaderscreen by Grant

Great swordfighter of the Britons, the Anglo-Saxons and their Gaelic conspirators have become weak and ignorant in their long years of domination. The time is ripe to remind them who really owns the land of Britain; the Britons themselves. Can you rebuild the fortresses that will protect your people? Can you unite the British cause behind you? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?

Introduction: "Welcome, noble traveller, to the valley of our countrymen! My name is Rhydderch, and the bards of Prydain praise my generosity. What brings you to the great rock?"

Defeat: "The pillars of Prydain crumble! Our countrymen are plucky folk, though, and we shall return to this fair land."

Unique Attributes[]

Strathclyde (Rhydderch Hael)

Art by Grant

Men of the North

Units on hills and adjacent to Mountains will receive additional Strength Defensive Strength according to your Cultural output. Religion Religious Units increase the border expansion of cities they proselytize.


Art by Grant

Llallogan (Great Prophet)
  • May conduct a Prophecy within 5 tiles of an enemy unit stacked with a Greatperson Great General, severely injuring the unit and killing the General.
  • If within 5 tiles of a defeat, may become a Barbarian and conduct Prophecies against you.

Art by Grant

Gwassenas (Horseman)
  • Can attack twice after a defeat.
  • +20% attacking Strength against Melee Units if on Hills or Forest, increased from nearby Greatperson Great People.
City List
  1. Alcud
  2. Guovan
  3. Cathures
  4. Cadzow
  5. Lanerc
  6. Clach nam Breatann
  7. Hodda Helm
  8. Caer-luel
  9. Ystrellyn
  10. Cair Brithon
  11. Arfderydd
  12. Dun Meldred
  13. Bannawg
  14. Strathcarron
  15. Cair Wenddolau
  16. Locus Maponicus
  17. Caer Llywarch
  18. Candida Casa
  19. Din Prys
  20. Cherchebi
  21. Dacor
  22. Aberkernan
  23. Tíriu
  24. Caer Vevenir
  25. Urbs Giudi
  26. Rathmannan
  27. Dùn Mhèad
  28. Tarbet
  29. Ardchattan
  30. Birrenswark
  31. Din Dyfnwal
  32. Peartnach
  33. Clachan Mòr
  34. Abrauannus
  35. Mygedawc
  36. Hoddom
Spy List
  • Languoreth
  • Dyfnwal
  • Gwenafwy
  • Teneu
  • Guipno
  • Neithon
  • Dumnagual
  • Rotri
  • Cynloyp
  • Eugein

Llallogan List
  • Myrddin
  • Suibhne
  • Llawfrodedd
  • Kynon
  • Gwyn ap Nudd
  • Gwyddno Garanhir
  • Corvus
  • Morken
  • Beli
  • Cynloup
  • Guipno
  • Tutagual
  • Ceodar
  • Cinhil
  • Medraut
  • Llidnerth
  • Gwenith Gwawd
  • Y Bergam
  • Dutigirn
  • Gofannon fab Dôn
  • Ganieda



Peace Theme War Theme
"Andro Maiwenn", by Stronibell "The Last Stand", from Total War: Thrones of Brittania OST

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 2
Last Updated: 16 July 2022


  • Peace Theme: Yr Hen Ogledd (Andro Maiwenn - Stronibell)
  • War Theme: The Last Stand (Total War: Thrones of Brittania OST)
  • Feedback: Darthkyofu, Arisqualeto, Hippolad / Loxodonta
  • Lua Snippets: TopHatPaladin, JFD
  • Grant: All else
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